Signs That Your Garage Door Springs Are Damaged

Your garage door plays an integral part in your home’s comfort and protection. While they may look like simple devices, these complex doors contain numerous parts that must work together for effortless functionality. One of the most common issues with garage doors is the springs. They have limited lifespans. Spring issues can affect the efficiency and safety of your garage. Here are some telltale signs of garage door spring damage.

Garage Door Falls Down Fast

One of the main purposes of the springs is to counteract the effects of gravity. High-quality doors can be hefty. Springs utilize tension to make the doors feel lighter for your opener. If your door appears to fall down fast when it is closed, this indicates that the springs aren’t balanced. This issue renders the door’s safety mechanisms useless and may result in injury. It’s important to contact a professional garage door spring repair company as soon as possible.

Garage Door Feels Heavy

Often times, homeowners will notice that their garage door is not operating the way it is supposed to. While many people blame an automatic opener, springs may be the culprit. If you have a difficult time opening the door manually, the springs are likely damaged. Torsion springs in the back of the garage may also show signs of physical damage. Garage doors can weigh several hundred pounds when they’re not balanced by springs. If you can feel the entire weight of the doors when you try to open it, you need to seek professional assistance for repairs.

Jerky Motions When Opening or Closing the Door

Extension springs are mounted vertically on the sides of the garage and work independently from one another. Jerky motions or a crooked appearance as the door is being lifted may indicate that one of the springs is damaged. The door is being supported on a single side, resulting in the uneven motions on the track. The garage door malfunction you’re experiencing will only get worse with time. The single spring will be subjected to enormous pressure, which could lead to damage and injury.