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Damaged Garage Door? Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs

A well-maintained garage door should last for decades, but damage can still happen at any time. That is why it is so important for homeowners to keep an eye out for any early warning signs that their garage doors might need to be repaired in the near future. Here is a closer look at a few common garage door issues that you should never ignore.

Grinding or Banging Noises

These devices are always going to make some noise, but you shouldn’t hear an unbearable racket every time that you open or close the door. Luckily, this issue doesn’t usually require any specialized tools. Most of the time, those noises are the result of rattling parts that need lubrication. With a can of synthetic lubricant, you should spray down the rollers, hinges, bearings, and pivot points. If you still hear noises, then you will need to hire a contractor who specializes in garage door repairs.

The Door Opens or Closes Unevenly

This is another common issue that homeowners should never ignore, and it is usually the result of an old or damaged spring. Replacing a spring might seem like a straightforward project, but those devices are under an incredible amount of tension. Trying a garage door spring repair without the proper tools could result in serious injuries. As a general rule, you should check your garage door spring for any signs of damage at least once a month.

Door Won’t Open At All

This problem is almost always caused by dead batteries in the opener or a misaligned safety sensor. If you have checked for both of those issues and the door still isn’t opening, then you could have a bad motor. Replacing that device is a major job, but a modern garage door motor should last for a few decades with the proper maintenance.