Different colors of garage doors can make a big impact on how your home looks and even on its energy efficiency. Keep the impact of the color in mind when you are shopping for a replacement garage door for your home.

Three Great Colors for Your New Garage Door

When you are shopping for a new garage door in Las Vegas, you will have many choices to make. In addition to considering the material that the door is made from and whether or not to select a garage door with windows, you will also have to choose a color. Garage doors are available in many different colors to coordinate with the exterior of your home.


White is the classic and most basic color for a garage door. Nearly every style of garage door is available in white. A white garage door is a good choice for homes with just about any color of paint or siding. If your home is currently tan, and you are thinking of painting it a different color in a few years, having a white garage door means that the new paint color of your house will not clash with the garage. White also reflects most of the sun’s heat, which will help to keep the inside of your garage cooler in the summer.


A beige, tan or camel color looks great with a house that has a wooden or brown exterior. These neutral shades also complement brighter home exteriors such as brick red and colonial blue. A tan garage door will not show dirt as much as white. These lighter colors also reflect a lot of the sun’s rays.

Deep Red

If your home is a neutral color and you would like a pop of color, a deep red garage door may be a good choice. This color hides dirt and dust well. Many people find that a red door is a welcoming sign for guests. Before choosing a vivid color such as this, make sure that there are no regulations from your homeowner’s association about the color or style of replacement garage doors.