Choosing the right garage door for your home can be an easy and simple process if you take the right steps.

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

The garage door on your home should not only look beautiful and complement the architecture of your house, but it should also function well despite being used every day, sometimes several times a day. When it’s time to install a new garage door, you’ll want to select a garage door style that will benefit the value of the property for many years to come. Hiring a professional to perform a garage installation in Las Vegas can help you be sure to make the best choice for your home.

Consider the Materials

When it comes to what a garage door is made of, there are many different materials to choose from. Aluminum garage doors are low maintenance and lightweight, whereas steel garage doors are available in a variety of colors and are extremely durable. Wooden garage doors are an option for traditional homes but require regular maintenance, including annual painting and staining. Fiberglass garage doors can also be installed and have an affordable price point.

Select a Style That Complements the Home

Choosing the wrong style of garage door for your house can make the entire property look awkward. Find a style that looks beautiful with the architecture of your home, whether that is Victorian, Colonial, or modern. You can also select a door that looks right at home on a ’50s ranch-style house or one that follows the sleek and modern design of a newer home.

Use Finishing Details

There are a number of finishing details that will add an extra design point to a garage door, completing the look. Decorative hardware, paneling and decorative strapping are all popular choices that can boost your home’s curb appeal and will cause the door to look high-end. Choosing a door that features windows can also add extra charm to your home’s exterior and will create a classic look to make the house welcoming.

Find the Right Color

The color of the garage door can significantly influence the look and curb appeal of your house. The color shouldn’t be overly bold and is best if it blends in with your home’s exterior color scheme. If you own a brick home, consider choosing a beige or tan shade that matches the mortar in the brick. You might also consider choosing a garage door color that matches the trim on the windows or the siding of your house, making everything blend together.