Reasons Why You Should Not Buy a Used Garage Door

There are times when homeowners may need to repair or replace an old or broken garage door. Price is often a factor when choosing a replacement, but buying a used one should not be an option. There are several points you should consider when purchasing a garage door, and garage door repair professionals will tell you that a used one is not a good idea. If you still decide to buy one, we have some tips for you.

Points to Consider

One point to consider when looking at a used garage door is the size. If it is not the exact size of the opening for the garage door in your home, it will not fit. You must also make sure there is enough clearance space for adding an electric door opener as well as the space above the door. If the clearance is not the same, you will have to install new hardware, as the old one will become a possible hazard for humans and vehicles alike. Garage specialists will tell you that a used garage door is not recommended for purchase, especially if it is going on the front of the house. Not only is it a safety and functional hazard, but it is also not pleasing to the eye.

If You Still Decide to Buy One

If you still decide to buy a used garage door, make sure that it is less than ten years old because standard safety features and designs will not be included in older garage doors, bringing about a potential danger. You will also be required to change anything that is old, such as worn rollers and rusted screws or hinges, as well as any weatherstripping that is damaged. If the garage door is made of wood, you could paint it and repair cracks, but this requires time and money. Metal doors are more difficult to paint and repair unless you are a professional, and it’s more expensive to do so.

Are the Savings Worth It?

You should consider that most Las Vegas garage door repair technicians will say that you will get nearly all of your money back in value if you buy a new garage door. A used garage door also has no guarantee or warranty on the product or its components, which may force you to shell out more money later in repairs. You may want to consider the peace of mind you will have with a garage door that works properly versus saving a few dollars in the short run.