Many people like to create a work area in their garage for projects. There are lot of things to consider when building a garage workspace. The ability to organize the area and safety are key factors to keep in mind during the process. Here are a few basic suggestions to help create a productive work area.

First step you want to do is to clear the clutter. Having a garage sale and discarding all of the things you never use are good ways to help clean out your garage. You may want to paint the garage floor with acrylic paint as well to help repel oil stains or spills and help make cleaning up easier.

Next step is to take measurements and mark off the area that you want to establish as your work area. Take note of where you power outlets are or have outlets installed near the spot where you want to work. Take into consideration where your cars will be parked in relation to the area. Lighting will be essential so make sure the area you choose has sufficient lighting.

Adding wall mounted organizational elements should be the next step. Shelving, cabinets, hooks, and pegboards are great ways to help keep your tools and equipment organized. There are many ideas on how to design shelves and cabinets for storage on the internet, so we encourage you to do some research to find what will work best for you.

Which brings us to what most consider the most important part of the workspace, the workbench. Of course you want your workbench to be sturdy and strong, but there are some ways to save space. Building a fold-down work bench is one way to save space, especially for smaller garages. Another great idea to keep your workbench mobile is to build a rolling workbench with lockable casters. This is helpful when the garage has limited power sources.

Of course these are just basic suggestions but hopefully they help you keep in mind what to consider when building a garage workspace. Again, the internet is chock full of great ideas on how to utilize garage space. Happy building!