Many people looking to get a new garage installation in Las Vegas are intimidated by the process. However, it is quite simple and straightforward. It has three main stages. A professional comes out your house and inspects the garage door. They will then give you an estimate. Next, they will install the new garage door. After they’ve installed the garage door, they will carry out routine maintenance agreed upon beforehand.

Getting an Estimate

The first part of the garage door installation process is getting an estimate. Any reputable garage door professionals will give you a free estimate. They will come out to your place, take a look at your garage, take a few measurements, and talk to you about the kind of garage door you want. They may be able to come up with an estimate on the spot, or they may have to go back to the office and check on the price and availability of certain parts. Either way, this part of the process should be fairly smooth and easy.

Having the Installation

Once you and your garage door installation company have agreed which garage door you want and you have approved the estimate, it is time for the installation process to begin. Most the time installations will take one day, but if there are complications it can take up to two days. Installing a garage door is a fairly simple process. It simply requires taking the old garage door out and sliding in the new one in. Of course, it must then be tested to ensure that it works properly.

Handling the Maintenance

You may not think of maintenance as part of the garage door installation process, but every reputable professional will schedule maintenance with you while they’re installing your door. Routine maintenance is important to every garage doors healthy operation, even brand-new garage doors. Generally, a garage door should be inspected at least once a year to ensure that there aren’t any parts broken and no rust is building up. Rust builds up even if the garage door is operating properly, and it will result in the whole mechanism becoming stuck.