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What Causes a Garage Door to Become Misaligned?

A garage door can become misaligned for any number of reasons, and it can result in a wide range of problems that make it difficult to use the garage normally. These problems can continue to occur at the most frustrating times unless you are able to identify them and get them fixed. While garage doors are made to be sturdy, even the smallest of issues can cause a door to slip off of its track, which can be dangerous if left unrepaired. The professionals who do garage door repair in Henderson can help you get your door back on track literally and figuratively.

Common Causes of Misalignment

Garage doors can become misaligned with age or because of some accidental damage. Gradual degradation of the door is a common cause of misalignment and can occur due to the fact that the door has been repetitively opened and closed hundreds or thousands of times. It’s also possible for singular events, like a vehicle hitting the door, to create a misaligned track as well as other damages.

Signs That Your Door Is Misaligned

It’s possible for your garage door to have only a small misalignment, which can be difficult to identify until the problem worsens. In most situations, you’ll hear a loud rubbing noise when the door moves along certain areas of the track. These sounds will grow louder if you don’t get the problem fixed. You might also be able to see a space between the rail and the rollers. It’s possible for the track to warp or bend as well. All of these issues worsen over time.


If there are signs that your garage door is misaligned, you should call your garage repair service. Their trained technicians can realign the door without causing any further problems that would just exacerbate the problem and cost more money in the long run. When you are searching for a reputable company that will provide these services, make sure that they offer some form of service guarantee on their work.