Belt, chain and screw drives all make effective garage door openers, but each offers advantages that might make homeowners choose one over the others.

How Garage Door Opener Chain, Screw and Belt Drives Differ

There are usually three types of garage door openers Las Vegas homeowners have available to them: belt, chain or screw. These terms reference the type of mechanism that draws the garage doors open and pushes them shut. Each is an effective option, but a particular model may also provide certain benefits that you find more desirable.

Chain-Driven Openers

Chain drives are the original garage door opening mechanism. They continue to be an excellent option because they’re relatively inexpensive and simple to maintain. That means the total cost of ownership will generally be low, and any required repairs usually aren’t substantial. This is also the easiest type of drive for the average homeowner to repair himself or herself. The biggest potential downside to a chain drive is that these mechanisms can be quite loud.

Belt-Driven Openers

A belt drive is quite similar to a chain drive, except that it employs a rubber belt rather than a metal chain. The advantage here is that the rubber belt doesn’t make much noise, allowing quieter drive operation. These belts also require less maintenance than a chain. On the other hand, they wear over time, so routine replacements costs might add to the total cost of ownership.

Screw-Driven Openers

Garage doors with screw drives are the most technologically sophisticated. Their solid-steel, direct drive makes them quite powerful, and it eliminates the need for belts and chains. That means they’re durable and require less regular maintenance. Generally, they’re also more expensive up front and harder to fix, which can mean substantial repair costs when something does go wrong.

The Right Choice for You

As a general rule, a rubber belt is the ideal choice for the homeowner who desires quite operation. Chains require the least investment up front and provide a good all-around value. Screw drives are a more substantial investment but can offer the lowest total cost of ownership over time.