Any homeowners installing a new garage door or needing to replace their current opener may want to consider a modular system for the various ways it can enhance their garages.

The Modular Alternative to Conventional Garage Door Openers

Modular garage door openers are a recent industry trend and an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional garage door opener in Las Vegas. Modular openers can require a larger initial investment and more consideration during the buying process, but that time and cost can often pay for itself in terms of features, usability and total cost of ownership.

Modular vs. Conventional Garage Door Openers

A basic garage door opener has one job: open a garage door automatically on command or on a schedule. The most popular openers on the market aren’t so basic, however. Many of them include ancillary features, including interior lighting, that enhance a garage environment. The advantage of a modular system is that you can select which features you want for your garage. If you change your mind later or a need crops up, adding a component to the system is simple and cost-effective.

Modular Components for Your Garage

Additional interior lighting for a garage is one of the most common opener modules. Other options include CO sensors, which can detect elevated CO in an area that’s a danger zone; Bluetooth speakers, which can transmit audio from a smartphone or an audio system inside the home; and park assist, which provides a high-tech alternative to hanging a tennis ball from your garage ceiling.

Repairing and Replacing Your Garage Hardware

In a modular scenario, your garage door opener serves as a convenience hub for your entire garage rather than just an opener. An advantage of this approach is that the lights, fans, sensors, speakers and other gadgets you add to your garage can be moved, replaced and installed with ease.

All Accessories Branded and Under a Singular Warranty

Another advantage is that all components share the brand with the hub. Compatibility is guaranteed, and components will often share the garage door opener warranty. That means that if a defect in the hub or an individual component damages other parts, you can have the entire system replaced.