For those with a new garage or wanting to learn more about better garage care, here are eight ways for homeowners maintain the garage in their home.

Eight Ways You Can Care For Your Garage Door

Most homeowners hardly think about their garage door unless there’s a problem. But if you don’t take care of your garage, you will need to pay for expensive repair services. To avoid this, follow these eight tips for proper garage door maintenance.

Garage Door Tips

Tip 1: Every time you use your garage, look and listen to it. Does it jerk when it’s in motion? Does it grind or scrape? Do the pulleys and springs act out of symmetry? If so, call a professional for garage door repair in Henderson.

Tip 2: Your garage door will move over 1,000 times a year. This can cause the hardware to go haywire. Take a socket wrench and tighten the bolts and roller brackets as needed.

Tip 3: Checking for the door’s balance is crucial. Pull the red cord to shut off the garage door opener. Move the door half of the way up. If the door goes back down, the springs aren’t balanced. Leave this job to the garage door professionals.

Tip 4: Get your garage door rollers inspected two times a year and replaced every 7 years. Immediately replace damaged rollers or call the professional experts.

Tip 5: Replace your garage door’s weatherstripping to keep the elements out of your home. You can get replacement weatherstripping at your local hardware store.

Tip 6: Once a year, take 10 minutes to lubricate the parts of your garage door. Lubricate the screw and chain of your garage door opener with white lithium grease. Use a spray to grease the overhead springs in your garage.

Tip 7: The cables in your garage have the capacity for serious injury. Look for a damaged roller bracket or broken strands, then call in an expert to do cable repairs if needed.

Tip 8: Clear the garage door tracks of any debris you may find. However, major track repairs should be professionally done.

The Importance of Maintenance

While you can do some minor maintenance and repair, you should leave most of the garage repair duties to an expert. But regular upkeep can ensure that you won’t have to outsource garage repairs more than necessary.