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How to Get Rid of Garage Door Rust

  Unless the warranty prohibits you from doing so, you can remove garage door rust yourself. Rust makes a shiny metal garage door look old and worn. It also eats away at metal, eventually compromising structural integrity if not dealt with properly. Removing rust can both improve curb appeal and extend the life of your [...]

How to Get Rid of Garage Door Rust2021-09-07T18:18:48+00:00

How to Fix a Pitted Garage Floor

  Even the smoothest of concrete surfaces can eventually succumb to wear. A pitted garage floor can yield more than a jagged appearance. If left alone, these small holes can grow in size and number. Fortunately, a concrete garage floor can be cleaned and resurfaced in a day; most of the time, it can even [...]

How to Fix a Pitted Garage Floor2021-09-02T21:10:18+00:00

7 Easy Garage Organization Ideas

A lack of garage organization can drastically reduce your its’ usefulness. Besides, no one is proud of their garage if it’s a cluttered mess. But rather than neglecting your garage, there are easy organization ideas that will turn it into the functional space it can be.   When carefully planned, a garage organization project can [...]

7 Easy Garage Organization Ideas2021-08-05T18:36:25+00:00

Garage Door Buying Guide

Buying a garage door can be much more complex than on the surface, which is why we’ve created the Garage Door Buying Guide. A garage door must be the perfect fit for your home. It is both a driver of functionality and curb appeal. Since a garage door can take up a third of the [...]

Garage Door Buying Guide2021-07-22T19:32:58+00:00

7 Easy Garage Ideas to Add More Function

Achieving a more functional garage may be easier than you think; here are a few garage ideas to turn this wasted space into a hidden gem. Most people see their garage as a simple place to store their car, tools, or outdoor gear. But even a small garage has much more potential than that. With [...]

7 Easy Garage Ideas to Add More Function2021-07-14T17:32:09+00:00

The Secret to Converting Your Garage into More Living Space

The garage is typically the best place to look for extra space in a crowded home. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost to convert a garage in 2021 ranged from $5,957 to $22,892. Converting a garage can be complicated and trading a usable space for more living quarters comes with risks. A garage [...]

The Secret to Converting Your Garage into More Living Space2021-06-10T13:39:53+00:00

What Causes Garage Doors to Randomly Open?

One of the most common problems with garage doors is when they randomly open or reverse while closing. Many homeowners ask the pivotal question, “Why would my garage door randomly open?” There are a few possible answers. If a garage door opens on its own, and doesn’t obey your commands, here are some [...]

What Causes Garage Doors to Randomly Open?2021-05-26T12:34:25+00:00

The Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

A broken garage door can seem like a sudden and unexpected occurrence. But oftentimes the damage is caused by common underlying issues, most that result from everyday wear and tear. By knowing what parts most often break down, you can address issues before they lead to safety concerns and expensive repairs. Causes of [...]

The Most Common Causes of Garage Door Damage2021-05-07T14:26:55+00:00

6 Surprising Reasons Why a New Garage Door Can Be Cost-Effective

Investing in a new garage door is a big decision. But when repair costs add up, there’s no guarantee how much longer the door will last, and when your old system is unsafe or inefficient, it’s time for a replacement. Homeowners often balk at the idea of replacing a garage door. But doing [...]

6 Surprising Reasons Why a New Garage Door Can Be Cost-Effective2021-04-23T19:21:38+00:00