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How to Storm-Proof Your Garage Doors

Are you in search of hurricane proof doors for your garage? Extreme weather events happen all across the country, especially during the changing of seasons. Whether it be hurricanes, tornados, dust storms, or just high winds, turbulent weather systems can wreak havoc on homes and businesses.  While most homeowners are familiar with hurricane-proof doors and [...]

How to Storm-Proof Your Garage Doors2022-01-18T20:13:50+00:00

The Untold History of Garage Doors

The overhead garage door has been an integral part of our culture for generations. From its inception in the late 1920s to today’s all-electronic models, there have been countless innovations and improvements developed to make life easier and to keep our homes more secure. Let's take a look back at the long history of garage [...]

The Untold History of Garage Doors2022-01-05T15:51:51+00:00

The Hidden Benefits of a Glass Garage Door

The garage door has changed a lot over the years, going from manually operated to motorized and now you can control your garage door opener with your smartphone! Over the last two decades, the materials that garage doors are crafted from have also evolved. Today, you can choose from a whole host of aesthetically pleasing [...]

The Hidden Benefits of a Glass Garage Door2022-01-05T15:49:53+00:00

What to Do With a Broken Garage Door Spring?

Homeowners rarely give their garage doors a second thought, and often not realizing the true importance of regular garage door maintenance. Of course, it can be easy to overlook the more detailed inner workings of the creature comforts we have at home. That said, garage doors have a lot of moving parts, doing a lot [...]

What to Do With a Broken Garage Door Spring?2021-12-21T18:59:23+00:00

4 Reasons Your Garage Door Safety Sensor Isn’t Working

Garage door safety sensors play a huge role in ensuring your garage door can be operated safely with minimal risk to yourself, your family, pets, and property. They have been mandated by the U.S. government since 1993. Every electric garage door opener built since then has photo-eye sensors that reverse it when obstructions are detected. [...]

4 Reasons Your Garage Door Safety Sensor Isn’t Working2021-11-02T14:38:46+00:00

Why You Should Check Your Garage Door Seal

The garage door seal is an important component, but most homeowners overlook its importance. The simple construction of a singular long rubber strip, running along the underside and the perimeter of the door makes it easy to overlook. To understand why you should check this seal, we’ll look at the reasons it’s so important. What [...]

Why You Should Check Your Garage Door Seal2021-11-02T14:37:02+00:00

How to Install a Garage Door Lock

Let’s face it, you never want to be faced with the problem that someone opened your garage door. Many homeowners struggle with how to reset a garage remote. But there’s often a more significant underlying factor—the security of your garage door lock. Garages are a common entry point for burglars. A good lock can keep [...]

How to Install a Garage Door Lock2021-10-05T14:24:36+00:00

How to Get Rid of Garage Door Rust

Unless the warranty prohibits you from doing so, you can remove garage door rust yourself. Rust makes a shiny metal garage door look old and worn. It also eats away at metal, eventually compromising structural integrity if not dealt with properly. Removing rust can both improve curb appeal and extend the life of your garage [...]

How to Get Rid of Garage Door Rust2021-10-05T13:43:59+00:00

How to Fix a Pitted Garage Floor

  Even the smoothest of concrete surfaces can eventually succumb to wear. A pitted garage floor can yield more than a jagged appearance. If left alone, these small holes can grow in size and number. Fortunately, a concrete garage floor can be cleaned and resurfaced in a day; most of the time, it can even [...]

How to Fix a Pitted Garage Floor2021-09-02T21:10:18+00:00