Garage Door Panel Installation & Repair in Las Vegas

Garage Door Panel Installation & Repair

Is one of your garage door panels beginning to warp? Or, did you accidentally back into the door? Unless there are multiple panels damaged, or if the door itself is damaged beyond repair, replacing your garage door’s panels is a cost-effective way of erasing all signs of damage ever having occurred.

Garage door panel replacement is one of many types of service your garage door may need over its lifetime. The panels represent the most significant part of the system in terms of aesthetics, integrity, security, and safety. Wear and tear or an impact by a car, bicycle, or baseball can take a toll over time. But do you need to replace the entire door, or can a single panel be repaired? That all depends on the damage, the age of your garage door, and the individual model.

The Checklist

Before we replace any of your broken or damaged garage door panels, we will need to know the following information, which you can supply or we can gather during evaluation.

  • Manufacturer & Model Number
  • Color of Your Garage Door
  • Width & Height of Garage Door Section
  • Insulated or Non-Insulated?

With this helpful information now in our database, our certified technicians will be able to efficiently aid you in matching your garage door’s panel, with the same size and style replacement panel. It is crucial to match the panel with the previous one to ensure compatibility. The wrong manufacturer or model may not fit, or it could reduce the structural integrity of your garage door. A panel’s dimensions must precisely match the original as well. Otherwise, replacing it may cost much more than it has to.

Matching the color of the new panel with your garage door retains aesthetics and curb appeal. A panel that’s just a shade off from the rest will stand out. Garage door insulation is another important consideration. If your garage door is insulated, the replacement panel should have the same insulating qualities to ensure your home remains comfortable and energy efficient.

Should I Replace or Repair My Garage Door Panel?

Sometimes a panel can be repaired if the damage isn’t serious. Minor dents, rust, rot, and small holes may be fixable. Our technicians at Precision Door Service of Las Vegas provide a thorough inspection to determine the best course of action. Some people even try to fix the problem themselves, but this is risky, since it requires sanding it down to bare metal and completely eliminating holes, dents or rust without causing more damage.

The decision whether to replace or repair garage door panels is best made by a professional. Repairing the damage may seem more convenient, time-saving, and affordable. However, it depends on the extent of the damage and the age of your garage door. Your should consider installing garage door replacement panels if the current ones are:

  • Cracked: A cracked garage door panel probably has damage below the surface as well. If it has lost its structural integrity, sealing or patching up a crack will not help.
  • Peeling: A stained or painted finish protects the panel, especially if it’s made of wood. If the finish has broken down, wood may be rotting due to exposure to moisture and UV light.
  • Bent: If a garage door panel is bent out of shape, there’s no guarantee it will hold up much longer. It’s therefore strongly advised to replace it to ensure your garage door is reliable.
  • Sagging: Common in poorly maintained wood, sagging is noticeable as gaps when the garage door is closed. You might get away with replacing a bottom panel but may be best off with a new garage door.
  • Struck by an object: Whether you backed into the panel with your car or a tree fell and hit it during a storm, a damaged garage door panel should be quickly replaced.

Can I Replace Just One Panel of My Garage Door?

Replacing one panel is possible if your garage door has been properly maintained and is in relatively good condition. We’ll find a panel that matches the specifications of your garage door. Our technicians will also check the structural integrity of the door and function of the garage door opener, track, and other parts to ensure there are no performance or safety issues. But if panels are severely peeled, dented, rusted, or faded, you may need to replace the entire door.

This is not a DIY project!

The DIY approach works only if you have extensive knowledge of garage doors. Considering that the garage door panels make-up the main sections of the door, replacing them can be quite difficult and downright inconvenient, for any unseasoned homeowner. And you must consider whether springs are attached to the damaged section, which is a possibility if the bottom panel is affected. Want help from the best? Precision Garage Door Las Vegas has the proper know-how, parts, and tools necessary to get the job done quickly and without affecting the rest of your garage door!

We stock a large selection of quality garage door replacement panels, in a variety of materials and designs, and all from the most trusted manufactures in the industry today. Broken or damaged panels can be an eye-sore to look at; but we can help. We can be out when you need us; 24/7 and with same day availability; to safely and quickly repair your garage door’s panels. In addition, all parts and labor come with our full guarantee!

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