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Simple Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips for Las Vegas Homeowners

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Generally speaking, garage doors are a godsend that make life a lot easier for Las Vegas residents young and old. For the most part, you don’t really have to worry about them provided they’ve been properly installed. Regardless, even the best models tend to malfunction at some point. Before you call in the experts, you should do the following to save yourself time and money.

Check the Tracks for Loose or Misaligned Parts

If your garage door isn’t operating correctly, kill the power and try to run it by hand. If you encounter an obstruction, you know that it isn’t the motor. Thanks to metal expansion and extraction due to heat, parts like rollers and brackets can get out of whack in spite of the quality of the components. Tighten up nuts and bolts before you freak out.

Make Sure the Sensors Are Set Up Properly

If there are no obstructions, your next best bet when a malfunction occurs is to look at the sensors at the bottom of the doors. Today’s high and even middle-end doors rely on fairly accurate sensor alignment to work correctly. Sensors should be in line with each other and free of debris. Give your sensors a good rubdown and make sure that they can see each other.

What to Do When Simple Fixes Don’t Cut It

The advice presented here will probably solve about 50% or more of your garage door problems. When those quick fixes don’t work, it’s time to find a good company that specializes in garage door repair in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. They’ll have the know-how and the tools necessary to address the unique challenges that homeowners with garage doors face in the harsh Nevada desert.

How to Diagnose the Problem With Your Garage Door

garage door repair in hendersonIt is easy to overlook the condition of a working garage door, but, when a problem arises, your life may come to a standstill. For example, your car may be stuck in the garage, or you may not be able to close the garage door for security when you leave. These are only a few of the issues that you may face when you need Henderson garage door repair services. The first step in any repair process is to diagnose the problem, and you can take a few steps to complete this process.

A Quick Visual Inspection

Initially, some homeowners may think that they can repair the damage to their garage door on their own if only they can figure out what is wrong with it. You can do a quick visual inspection of the garage door to determine if you can spot the problem. In some cases, simply lubing the track or taking other basic steps may resolve the issue. However, a garage door is a heavy component, and the spring is intensely pressure-loaded. It can be dangerous to work on a garage door on your own, so a professional diagnosis is often a better idea in most cases.

A Professional Diagnosis

Professional garage door technicians often will arrive at your home with the parts and tools necessary to complete many repair jobs on the spot. This means that your professional diagnostic appointment may also turn into a professional repair service call, and you can get the work done so that you can overcome the issue in no time.

Make the Call Today

In some cases, a broken garage door may be a bothersome inconvenience, but in other cases, it can borderline on an emergency. Now is a great time to contact a professional for assistance, and you can get a diagnostic service performed to learn more about the timing and cost associated with the repair work as a first step.

Common Garage Door Repairs

Precision Garage Door Repair Las VegasYour garage is more than likely the heaviest moving part of you home. Garage systems have a symphony of parts that all must work in harmony in order for your garage to work properly. Through the years, your garage will go through thousands of cycles of opening and closing. Over time, garage parts can wear out or break and need repair. Here are some of the more common reasons garage doors need repair.

Broken Springs – The springs on a garage door contract and relax every time you open your garage door. Although springs are design for heavy duty workloads, eventually they can wear down and break often due to age or rust. Springs are under extreme tension and should only be replace by professionals.

Rollers and Cables – Of the many moving parts of automatic garage doors, rollers and cables must work in sync to properly open and close your garage. If you hear a loud screeching noise, it could mean your rollers are malfunctioning and should be replaced. Nylon rollers are excellent for quiet garage operation and are long lasting. Also , if your garage is out of balance and seems to lean to one side, your cables could be the culprit.

Garage Door Openers – Openers can stop operating and keep you from leaving or entering your garage. Many times an opener can be repaired, saving you money on a full replacement. However, newer openers can have a lot more functionality than older openers, so you may want to consider a full replacement. For example, there are new openers that you can control with you smart phone, computer, or tablet giving you piece of mind about whether or not you left your garage door open. These systems can also link up with the lights in your home so you never have to come home to a dark house again.

We highly recommend contacting a garage door repair specialist at Precision Garage of Las Vegas if you experience any problems with your garage. Repairing a garage can be a dangerous proposition so it’s best to leave repairs to the professionals. If you have any questions please contact us today!

Protect your home against damage from high winds.

While Las Vegas is protected from hurricanes and tornadoes are rare for the area, we do experience some extremely high winds from powerful thunderstorms from time to time. These winds can cause serious damage to your garage, home, and property as well as put you and your family at risk. Taking a few steps to wind-proof your home can reduce the chance for damage and help keep your family safe.

During high wind conditions, wind can quickly change direction and wildly fluctuate in speed. This can cause stress on all parts of a building and test the strength of construction of your home. Having a well-sealed house can help prevent damage from wind inside your home and debris that is carried by the wind.

Since our specialty is garage doors, let’s start there. Garage doors (particularly two-car) are vulnerable to damage from high winds. A partially open garage door during high winds is especially susceptible. If you suspect your door is not secure, it’s probably a good idea to have it inspected by a professional. For an existing door, there are fitted bracing kits available to provide additional support. There is also the option of having a new, stronger door installed which is not only more secure, but can add value to your home as well.

Your roof is another part of your home that may be vunerable to high winds. It’s important that your roof is properly secured to the walls of your home. Winds hitting the walls of your home create an uplift effect that can be strong enough to tear the roof off your house. Have your home inspected by building professional to see if specially designed connectors should be installed.

Also make sure the sheathing of your roof is secure. Enter the attic to check to make sure the nails penetrate the trusses and rafters. Additional nailing may be required.

Windows are the next obvious areas that wind can penetrate. For anyone whose home is exposed to high winds consistently should consider having impact rated windows installed to protect against flying debris. In extreme conditions, temporary plywood covers could be used.

Make sure the doors to your home are strong and hinged properly. Glass sliding doors, and French doors should be of concern during windy times and stayed clear of during high winds.

Lastly, take note of the the trees or objects that may be dislodge or broken during high wind. Stow away any yard furniture, barbecue grills, tools, toys, and anything else that could become a flying missile. If you are planning to plant new trees in your yard, make sure they are tied down and try to choose varieties that can withstand high winds.

Remember, if your garage door is damaged by wind or other elements, contact the experts at Precision Garage Door for garage door repairs or new door installations.

Las Vegas Garage Door Repair

Why do homeowners choose Precision over 1000 times a day to repair their garage door in Las Vegas, NV?

  • Expertise
  • Trust
  • Convenience

When you choose Las Vegas Garage Door, you are choosing peace of mind and the convenience of a professional technician. Our technicians are trained, certified, and field tested by the best in the industry at one of our two, state-of-the-art training facilities prior to servicing your door. This allows us to ensure that you receive the most reliable service every time your garage door is repaired by us.

In order to keep the trust of our customers, we always provide a written estimate that is signed before doing any work. This estimate is where everything is explained completely, so it can be clearly understood. This helps build and keep the trust of our faithful customers. Following the completion of our job we take the time to walk through the exact improvements and repairs that we’ve made.


For more information on how your Las Vegas Garage Door Company can help, contact us today at: 702-637-2700

Garage Door Openers: Las Vegas Garage


Las Vegas Garage Door Openers

Professional Garage Service

Add some ease and convenience by making sure your garage door will always be running smoothly. We have specialized garage door openers that fix perfectly with home and garage type. We make sure we take the time to help you choose what’s best for your needs. Our guaranteed service and our fast garage door opener repairs, means you can take care of everything in your day, without spending a lot of time for home repairs.

People always want to know how to get the best garage door opener for their home. Precision Garage Door takes the time to educate our customers so they can be informed while making their decisions. The choice is easy, use Precision for all your garage door or entry door needs and you will be informed and well taken care of! Make sure you leave a comment below and let us know how we can help you!

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Our Garage Door Service in Las Vegas provides a complete range of garage door services. Our professional technicians can fix, replace or upgrade virtually any garage door, garage door part or opener.

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Here are some of our specialties:

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  • Child safety systems
  • Remotes and accessories


Home Improvement – New Garage Door

garage door repair, installation, openers, replacementConsider installing a new garage door to upgrade the value of your home. Your garage door offers a first impression and can add curb appeal to your home.  Precision Garage Door Service of Las Vegas offer many options for installing or replacing you current garage door. Our technicians can install any type of  garage door, such as steel, wood, copper, stainless steel, or glass.  We strive to make sure your new garage door installation is done properly and will last for years to come. If you are considering improving the value of your home, contact Precision Garage Door Service today!