Main Features to Look for in Your Garage Door


What to Look for in Your New Garage Door

When you’re ready to purchase a new garage door for your home, it’s important to find a product that is both functional and attractive. Many different components of garage doors determine their overall quality and appeal. When you’re ready to replace your current door, there are a few features to consider when selecting a new product to install.


Low-maintenance doors are ideal to own and are often cheaper to care for over the years. Look for a garage door material that isn’t prone to rotting, cracking, or warping in different weather conditions. You don’t want to worry about replacing or repairing the garage door in the future if it has a high level of durability and doesn’t wear down easily. Durable doors also reduce the risk of garage door repair in Henderson. Some of the most durable garage door materials include steel, aluminum, vinyl, and wood or wood composite.

Style Consistency

The garage door that you select for your home should complement the style of your house to ensure that it blends in well with the property and doesn’t become an eyesore. If you have a Craftsman bungalow, you can consider a garage door that features trim details and window grilles. Those who own modern homes can benefit from the use of garage doors that have clean lines and plenty of glass features or windows. Glazing is often used on glass features to increase the level of privacy that is provided without blocking the natural light from coming into the garage.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of the garage door will influence your energy usage throughout the year. Choose a garage door that has plenty of insulation to ensure that you don’t have to pay as much on your energy bill each month. The garage door should also have durable weather stripping to ensure that air can’t enter the garage from the outside of the building.


Which Is Better: Single Panel or Sectional Garage Doors?


How to Know If You Should Get Single Panel or Sectional Garage Doors

Single panel and sectional are what you can choose from when it comes to garage doors. Most make use of sectional garage doors as suppliers sell more than the single panel ones. Single panels still offer benefits that can be hard to see at first glance. We’re going to explain the differences between single panel and sectional doors so that you can make the best purchase on a new garage door in Las Vegas.

Single Panel and Sectional Garage Door Costs

Homeowners often think of price as the deciding factor when choosing a garage door. Although scarcity increases the cost of single panel doors a bit, they usually cost less overall than a sectional door. A single panel door will generally run a lot lower in price than a sectional counterpart made of the same materials. If you’re going to install the garage door yourself, single panel doors have fewer “moving parts” to handle. The money you save on installing a single panel garage door yourself can be nice.

Different Appearances

Each type of garage door comes in many appealing designs and materials. Sectional doors need to be designed in a way that allows the door to work with the segments. Single panel garage doors have just one section with a multitude of aesthetic alternatives. Those who have older homes can enjoy single panel garage doors for the way it lets your home look historically accurate. Other homeowners with homes built more recently simply love the vintage feel.

The Functionality of Both Options

Single panel doors will provide enhanced appearance and cost options than sectional counterparts. A sectional door can come with modern features such as increased safety than single panel doors due to their exclusion of extension springs. If you do not apply the proper maintenance to extension springs, breakages and subsequent injuries and even unauthorized access can occur.


Garage Door Repairs to Do Yourself


DIY Garage Door Maintenance to Do Yourself

When it comes to maintaining your home and keeping it functional, the garage door is an important feature that often needs attention periodically. The feature has many different parts and needs to be maintained to avoid repairs or issues that can occur over time. If you want to perform a bit of the maintenance without the help of a professional, there are a few tasks that you can do yourself without training or experience required.

Lubricate and Tighten the Parts

One of the most important steps to take to maintain your garage door is to tighten the bolts and lubricate the parts. Use garage door lubricant on the hinges, springs, and rollers to ensure that the parts don’t wear down quickly and can continue to function well each time that the door opens and closes. Motor oil can also be applied to the springs every few years. The garage door opener chain should also be lubricated with a light oil.

Perform a Visual Evaluation

Evaluate the garage door visually to determine if any of the springs have rust on them or if they’re damaged. You also want to see if any of the fasteners are worn down or if the rollers are crooked to ensure that you can hire a professional who performs garage door repair in Henderson to fix the issue. You can also expect to replace the springs every five to 10 years.

Test the Door

Testing the different functions and mechanisms of the garage door is necessary to determine if problems are present or are developing. Begin by testing the automatic reversal system to ensure that the door doesn’t close if an object is in the way. The door should immediately reverse once it comes in contact with a block that is placed on the ground. The emergency manual release features should also be tested. The feature should move easily without much force and not get stuck partially when it’s opened or closed.


Transforming the Look of Your Garage Door


How to Transform the Look of Your Garage Door

The garage door is not only a feature that improves the functionality of the property, but it’s also a product that contributes to the style of the home. When you want to boost your home’s curb appeal, you can consider giving your garage door a facelift. Here are a few ways to transform the exterior of your garage door and allow it to stand out in the neighborhood.

Choose a Different Color Shade

Your garage door’s color shade is one of the most significant features that influence how well it blends in with the rest of the home and if it looks contemporary. Consider painting it a different color shade to ensure that it looks updated and modern. Some of the top color shades for garage doors include black, white, and gray. You can even add extra contrast to the door by using two different color shades for added visual appeal. Gel stain is a great product to use that is durable and will withstand the elements.

Install Wood Overlay

If you want to make your garage door look transformed without installing a new product is to add a wood overlay. You can create a carriage house overlay design and choose different color stains that complement the style of your home. Adding faux painted hardware will also transform the style of the garage door with a decorative touch that is upscale.

Add Faux Windows

Although it may be difficult to install new windows on garage doors in Henderson, you can create the illusion of having windows with the use of paint. Faux windows will work as a decorative element that requires exterior primer and blue tape. Create a cross on each window before applying all-surface enamel, which will glide on smoothly. Paint the new windows on a sunny day to ensure that it dries well and doesn’t get wet. Painting on the windows can allow the feature to last longer instead of using an adhesive material.


Ways to Operate Your Garage Door Safely


Most Useful Garage Door Safety Tips

Most residents use their home’s garage door on a daily basis to access their vehicle, sporting equipment, and tools. Although most garage doors are easy to use by both children and adults, there are a few safety concerns to be aware of to avoid potential accidents that can take place. If you want to remain safe and protect yourself, there are a few useful garage door safety tips to practice.

Inspect the Sensors

The sensors that are installed in the garage are designed to detect any objects that stand in the way of the door as it opens and closes. Place a broom or a brick on the floor of the garage before pushing the garage door opener. If the door fails to reverse when coming in contact with the object, then you’ll need to hire a professional to perform garage door repair in Henderson. You can also adjust each sensor to determine if it’s not aligned with the other sensor correctly.

Watch Your Fingers

Children are often prone to suffering from injuries that are related to garage doors because they often stick their fingers under the door or get too close to joints near panels. Approximately 7,500 accidents related to fingers and garage doors occurs annually, making it necessary to teach children to stay away from the parts and avoid playing with the door by opening or closing it. You can also install a new garage door that features pinch protection to prevent any issues for added peace of mind.

Protect Your Passwords

Many burglars can break into garage doors if they get access to a password that is in place. Although it may be convenient to give the password to your family members and friends if they need to access the garage or the home, it can also put you at risk of the password getting into the wrong hands. Newer smartphone apps are available to ensure that you can have complete control of the feature and operate it from your smartphone or tablet.


Why You Should Have an Automatic Garage Door


Reasons You Should Install an Automated Garage Door

Garage doors have been used for many decades on residential properties as a convenient way of protecting the contents inside of the garage. Many older homes have garage doors that must be opened and closed manually, which can be inconvenient for the homeowners and also more dangerous to use. If you want to improve the quality of your house, there are a few reasons to install an automated garage door.

Boost Your Home Value

One of the main benefits of installing an automated garage door is how it will increase your home’s value. The product is advanced and will allow your home to be in more demand once it’s time to sell the property instead of using a manual garage door. The feature may be an investment to purchase and install but can allow you to earn a higher profit once you list the house on the real estate market.

Avoid Frequent Repairs

Installing an automated garage door that is new means that you won’t have to worry about frequent repairs that are needed throughout the year. Older garage doors that are manual can have parts that wear down quickly, which can cause you to spend more for Las Vegas garage door repair. An automated door will function better and also doesn’t require as much maintenance.


Homeowners favor automated garage doors due to the high level of convenience that they offer each day. Whether you’re parking your vehicle inside of the garage or are working on projects with your tools in the space, it’s easier to get in and out of the building with an automated feature that is present. You don’t have to worry about having enough strength to lift the garage door or shutting it gently each time when you’re in a rush, which can allow you to save time and energy. They also have more advanced safety functions that reduce the risk of an accident or injury due to the technology is included.


Winterizing Your Home’s Garage Door


How to Winterize Your Garage Door

The winter season is the coldest time of the year when rain and snow are common in different parts of the country. Unfortunately, the garage door can suffer from damage when exposed to the elements. If you want to winterize your garage door to avoid repairs or damage, there are a few crucial steps you’ll want to take as the homeowner.

Upgrade the Weatherstripping

The weatherstripping is a small but significant part of the garage door and is in place to prevent water and pests from coming into the garage. Consider replacing this component, especially if you notice that it’s separated from the garage door or is peeling. A weather seal will also prove to be useful to keep insects, rain, and dirt out of the building. PVC stop molding is considered to be extremely durable and is ideal to use on the sides and the top of the door. Caulking around the garage door on the perimeters of it is also a great way of protecting the door and is an easy DIY project. Garage door seal retainers can also be installed on the edges of the garage door and are easy to replace.

Install a Heater

One of the most effective ways of regulating the temperature in your garage is to install a heater. The product may be an investment but will prevent damage from occurring to items that are stored in the garage and can make it easier to spend time in the space. A heater will also prevent damage from occurring to the garage door when the temperatures drop.

Lubricate the Parts

Lubricating the garage door parts is essential to prevent the springs, rollers, and the track from getting stuck or wearing down once the temperatures drop. Failing to lubricate the parts can often lead to the need for garage installation in Las Vegas. Use a lubricant product that is designed for garage doors. Avoid using products that contain silicone and petroleum or any type of product that is clear. The parts can be lubricated once every year before the winter season arrives.


Different Styles of Garage Doors to Consider


Various Styles of Garage Doors for Your Home

The garage door takes up one-third of your home’s exterior and significantly influences the look of your property. When you’re ready to purchase a new door, you’ll want to be aware of the different styles that are available to ensure that you choose the right fit for your house. When you’re looking to boost your home’s curb appeal, there are a few styles of garage doors to consider.

Barn Doors

Barn doors add a rustic touch to residential properties and are favored for the touch of character that they add to homes. Barn doors are known to slide to the side, which is ideal if you want to keep the ceiling clear. Sectional roll-up barn doors also have the same design and are more functional if you don’t want to compromise on the style of the feature. Barn doors also feature black hardware on the exterior of the door for a touch of detail.

Traditional and Contemporary

Traditional and contemporary garage doors are commonly seen on most homes and feature details like panel and trim for a high level of dimension. They can often be sturdier than other styles if they’re built with authentic frame-and-panel construction, which can allow them to last longer and reduce the risk of Henderson garage repair over time. Glass panels may also be used for windows, which look upscale and allow natural light to flood into the garage.

Sleek Garage Doors

Modern homes often feature sleek garage doors that are both minimal and upscale. The door often features sleek lines and dozens of windows that are clear or frosted. Retro-modern garage doors with slab doors are also increasing in popularity and can have a single panel that is opened compared to having to open the garage door as an entire unit. Slab doors are built with an automatic opener and can be more convenient and advanced to use each day.


How Garage Repair Can Help Sell Your Las Vegas Home


How Repairing Your Garage Could Sell Your Las Vegas Home

Selling a home in any real estate market can be a challenge. If you are looking for ways to improve your chances of a quick sale and at a good price, repairing your garage could be a great investment. Here are several reasons why repairing your Las Vegas garage could prove to be a great investment.

Improves Curb Appeal

One of the main benefits of having your garage repaired is that it will improve your curb appeal. The curb appeal of your property will be the first thing someone notices when they pull up to view your property. If you have a garage that looks old and in need of repair, it will hurt the overall appearance and impression of your entire property. When receiving a garage repair in Las Vegas, property owners could see an immediate improvement in their curb appeal, which could translate to more demand from buyers.

Provides Added Level of Security

Buyers of properties today are more concerned with home security than ever before. While there are plenty of advanced home security systems that can help to make a property more secure, a quality garage door will always be the first line of defense. When you hire a professional for Las Vegas garage repair, you can be assured that the garage will be more sturdy and secure. This enhanced security will appeal to new home buyers.

Reduces Repair Responsibilities for Buyer

When a buyer is looking to purchase a new home, the last thing they will want to do is worry about making costly and time-consuming repairs. If you are in need of Vegas garage repair, having it handled by a professional will reduce the amount of work that a new buyer will need to take on. This could make your home more attractive to a buyer that is looking to purchase a move-in ready home.

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What to Look for in an Eco-friendly Garage Door

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How to Choose an Eco-friendly Garage Door

When you’re searching for a new garage door in Las Vegas, you could consider an eco-friendly door that will allow you to save money on your monthly energy bills while also helping to protect the environment. If you want your home to have a sustainable design, there are a variety of factors that you should think about when looking for the right garage door to have installed in your home. You’ll need to consider the materials used to create the door, how well the door will hold up to extreme weather conditions, and how efficient the door manufacturing process was.

Use Sustainable Materials and High Quality Components

If you want a sustainable garage door, look for one that’s made from recycled materials. Many steel doors are built from recycled materials. If you’re really in the mood for a wood garage door, make sure that the wood is sourced directly from suppliers that meet specific environmental regulations for wood harvesting, which means that trees should be re-planted in areas where the original trees were harvested. Along the frame of the door, the components inside must also meet certain standards to be considered eco-friendly. The materials and components you choose should be highly rated and strong enough to withstand any kind of weather.

Focus on Insulation and Weatherproofing

Two ways for you to bolster the energy efficiency of your new garage door include weatherproofing and insulation. A weatherproofing strip that’s placed at the bottom of the door will keep warm air in and cool air out during the colder winter months. Some doors are equipped with high amounts of insulation, which allow you to better maintain the interior temperature of your home.

Main Benefits of Eco-friendly Doors

The main benefit of selecting an Eco-friendly door is that it will save you money on your monthly energy bill. If the door works as intended, it should lessen the amount of repair and maintenance costs that you need to make over the years. Eco-friendly doors should also boost the curb appeal of your home and heighten its resale value.