Safety Features You Should Consider When Buying a New Garage Door


Modern Safety Features That Are Equipped on New Garage Doors

If you’re interested in purchasing a new garage door Las Vegas, you should be on the lookout for safety features that will keep your door from malfunctioning while also protecting you and your vehicles from injury or damage. Garage doors can weigh at least 130 pounds and as much as 400, which is why safety features should be of paramount concern when shopping for a new door. There are a variety of modern safety features that can be outfitted on a garage door, which include auto-reverse mechanisms and motion detection.

Auto-Reverse Feature

The auto-reverse feature is nowadays included with the vast majority of garage doors. When this feature is equipped on a garage door, a couple of sensors will detect any instance when a person or item is positioned within the trajectory of the garage door. In the event that an obstruction is identified, the door will stop closing and will instead reverse to the open position until the obstacle has been removed and you’ve signaled the door to close again with your garage remote.

Manual Control

A manual control feature can be more important to your safety than you might realize. Even though most modern garage doors are motorized, manual controls can be beneficial in a variety of scenarios. If there’s a power outage in your home from a recent storm, the presence of a manual control system will allow you to open your garage door and get to work or run errands without needing to call a taxi. Manual control features usually work by having you disconnect the electronic system from the door, which will allow you to open the door by hand.

Motion Detection

Motion detection sensors are commonly placed in modern garage doors to detect whenever someone enters the garage with their vehicle. The garage lights will turn on when the sensors are activated and can stay on for several minutes, which can provide you with home security while also helping you see at night.

Tips on Choosing the Best Garage Door Materials

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Choosing the Best Garage Door Materials

Your garage door is the sole protection for your vehicle. If it’s time for you to replace your garage door, or if you’re building your first garage, don’t settle for substandard materials. Fixing a garage door is a job for experts, so be sure to consult experts specialized in garage door repair in Henderson. Here are a few of the best materials for a garage door.

Choose Vinyl for Durability

Vinyl garage doors are extremely solid and not as susceptible to cracks or damage as garage doors made from other materials. Also, they require minimum washing and can be cleaned easily. It’s unlikely to dent, even if you accidentally hit the garage door with your car. Another benefit of vinyl is that the color will take a long time to fade, even after a summer of sunny days. You won’t have to worry about repainting your garage door frequently.

Select Wood to Maintain a Classic Look

Traditional garage doors are usually made of wood. You can choose from painted wood or stained wood. Wood is an insulating material, so it’s superior to metals such as aluminum or steel in this regard. If possible, consider wood composite because it’s less likely to split or rot than wood.

For the Most Flexibility, Consider Steel

Steel garage doors are very low maintenance. They don’t require painting, staining or any kind of regular upkeep. Since steel isn’t a strong insulator, your best bet is to go with thick 25-gauge double-layered steel garage doors. Another benefit of steel is that it’s cheaper than wood. If you’re concerned about an industrial look, there are some steel textures that have a wooden appearance.

What Causes Garage Doors to Open and Close Without Input


Why Is My Garage Door Opening on Its Own?

Garage doors are only supposed to open when you click your remote or press the button on your garage wall. However, there are rare occasions when the door can begin to open and close on its own for no apparent reason. When this occurs, it’s important that you identify what’s causing the problem so that you can focus on getting it fixed. When a garage door is opening and closing on its own, it can be unsafe to use it until the issue has been corrected.

Beam Misalignment

If you have a garage door that was manufactured before 1993, it’s possible that the issue with your garage door opening and closing could be based on a misalignment of the photoelectric sensor beams in the door. These beams are designed to ascertain when an object is situated underneath the door so that the door can reverse instead of closing on the object. If ever the two sensors become misaligned, the beam can cut off, which triggers the reverse mechanism in your garage door. This problem can be fixed by having the beams realigned, which can be effectively completed by a repair company that offers services for garage repair in Henderson.

Button Issues

Another cause for your garage door opening and closing on its own is because the button that is supposed to trigger your door to move becomes stuck. A light on your opener unit should flash when a button has become stuck. If you’re unable to find the exact button that’s not working properly, a professional technician can test each individual remote to better identify which one is the problem.

Weather Problems

During heavy winter storms, you may find that a substantial amount of ice or snow is building up at the bottom of your garage door. If the components in your door are particularly sensitive, this buildup of weather particles could cause the door to reverse its position. The electrical wiring in your opener may have also been damaged from a recent storm.

Dress Up Your Garage Door With a Mural


Decorate and Protect Your Garage Door with a Mural

You’ve just had contractors install a new garage door and you really want it to last and remain as good as new. You can protect it in a similar way many people protect their car’s paint job – with a vinyl wrap.

How It Works

First, contractors install a framing system. It fits onto the garage door. The base attachment lets you change murals as often as you desire. Most people choose to do so seasonally to match their door decorations and yard ornaments.

These vinyl murals come in different sizes. The common widths available include 177 inches and 196 inches. The most common heights available include 86.5 inches and 96.5 inches. Vinyl wraps provide a useful alternative to painting since they’re weather proof and tear proof. They also include UV inhibitors to keep the mural and what’s underneath from fading.

Design Choices

Choose from numerous designs including beach scenes, bi-planes, the Italian countryside, winter scenes, wine cellars, or wildlife like galloping horses. You’ll be able to find pre-made designs covering all seasons and non-seasonal graphics. You can also have a custom garage door wrap made to suit your exterior décor.

Contractors who provide garage door repair Las Vegas can help you with creative ideas to make your home investment pay off better. Use an interchangeable vinyl garage door mural to beautify and protect your new garage door or make your old garage door look new.

Garage Door Materials That Are Ideal for Rental Properties

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Quality Garage Door Materials to Use for Rental Properties

Owning a rental property can be a great way to make money both now and in the long-term. However, it is important to maintain the property so that people will feel comfortable making a rent payment each month. Part of maintaining a home is making sure that the garage door looks good and works as it should at all times.

Steel Doors Are Durable and Versatile

Steel doors are ideal for rental homes or apartment complexes because they won’t experience many dents or dings. They also won’t require a lot of maintenance other than a yearly inspection to ensure that metal rollers and springs are in working order. Steel doors are also worth looking into because they can fit into almost any budget. If necessary, you can have a professional add insulation to help it keep a home warm. This material can also be painted to give the door and the property a unique feel.

Composite Wood Can Also Be a Good Choice

Composite wood doors are effective at resisting damage from water, sun or pests. If properly treated, it can also resist some fire damage. If damage does occur, a Las Vegas garage door repair firm may be able to help fix it.

As with real wood, it can be painted or stained to create a property owner’s ideal look, and it is one of the most affordable garage door materials available on the market. However, this type of material may need to be refinished on a regular basis.

Any Door Could Experience Damage

While wood or steel doors can withstand a lot of what nature throws at it, they aren’t immune from dings, scratches or dents. Taking care of the issue in a timely manner can keep repair costs to a minimum while helping your tenants feel secure where they live.

Getting a No-Hassle Garage Door


How to Get a Hassle-Free Garage Door

No one wants to think about their garage doors. By getting optimal service, no one has to worry about the details involved. It’s the details that come together to help homeowners overlook the intricate science they use every day. We call those details convenience in garage door repairs. We know that it’s a job-well-done when homeowners don’t think about their repairs in Henderson. It takes a mix of things to make it easy to forget. Let’s a take a closer look at those areas that make life with Henderson installations a happy experience.


Metal is a durable material. This is also true for certain plastics and treated woods in new Henderson garage doors. Materials combine to provide the initial structure of a garage door and what will protect it from outsiders, from vehicle impacts, and the elements in the region you live in.


Safety is improved with the use of delicate sensors that can tell if something is in the way of your door or if you forgot to fully close it. Sensors trigger the door to open if they believe you haven’t safely used the assembly. Once you close that door, a secure lock keeps everything in place. This lock can be opened with remotes, and no one else will have access. Only the homeowner has the control keys that can be shared with family and friends.

Daily Routines

Automation is a feature that makes us forget how often we use our doors. Installed sensors recognize your vehicle and the person driving in after a Henderson garage repair. When this happens, the garage door opens without the driver interfering. They only need to drive in while the door safely closes behind them. These parts enable the comfort garage doors offer and why we forget how often we use them. Convenience means everything, and you now have a better understanding as to why.

Common Garage Door Controller Issues


Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Working?

Chances are that you use a garage door opener when you drive into or out of your garage. Garage door openers are a tremendous convenience, especially when you live in an area like Las Vegas where high temperatures year-round can make getting out of a temperature-controlled environment like the inside of your car or the inside of your garage very uncomfortable. Your remote entry device is actually a small radio transmitter, and if it begins to malfunction, a technician that does garage repair in Las Vegas can fix it for you.

How Does Your Garage Door Controller Work?

Your garage door has a radio receiver that typically operates on a frequency between 300 and 400 megahertz. The controller itself contains a radio transmitter attached to an antenna that transmits a radio signal that’s keyed to a randomly generated number. The receiver in the garage door will only be activated if the correct random number is generated. This prevents your garage door from responding to transmissions that were not initiated by you. The generation of these random numbers is controlled by a transistorized computer chip. Once the garage door receives the signal, an electric motor is activated that engages the track and pulley system that opens or closes it. Garage doors are also equipped with photo eye sensors that prevent them from closing when an object is within the door’s parameters.

Batteries and Photo Sensors

Garage door controllers are battery operated, and so is the receiver on your garage door. The most common reason for garage door controller malfunctions is actually dead batteries. If your batteries are okay, and you can open your garage door, but you can’t close it, the problem may lie with misaligned or dirty photo eye sensors. While you can safely clean your photo eye sensors with a microfiber cloth, it’s best to leave alignment to a trained technician.

Check the Position of Your Antenna

Faulty transmission can be another source of trouble. Make sure that nothing is blocking the antenna that contains the radio receiver your garage door relies upon in order to operate. If the antenna is damaged in any way, you will need to call a technician to come and replace it.

Why the Wall Button Isn’t Opening Your Garage Door


Why Your Garage Door Wall Button Isn’t Working

If you’ve ever pushed the wall button of your garage door and it didn’t close or open, these tips can be tried to figure out what’s malfunctioning. These are what experts in the in the industry who regularly handle garage door spring repairs would try.

Test to See If the Button’s Bad

You’ll have to disconnect the wires from it to determine if the button’s bad. Touch the bare end of each of the wires together after that. When the door operates, then it either means the button was faulty or the wires weren’t tight enough. Be sure to push-in the connectors or screw in the wires just to ensure the wires aren’t the issue. When the wires have already been tested, then you’ll know if the button has to be renewed. You can either use the equivalent kind of button you have installed currently or get a doorbell one to take its place.

Remove the Power From the Opener and Wall Mount

Before working with the garage door opener or wall mount, take away any source of power. This can be done by flipping the switch of the breaker box that gives power to these two elements. Go ahead and remove the power source from the opener in order to stay on the safe side as well.

Inspect the Wiring to See If It’s Loose

To verify if the wires are somewhat loose, you can pull on them gently. Be aware that you’re not loosening them up or pulling them out. A lot of openers use more than a single set of wires, so must check each set. If you believe they’re loose, then you’ll need to utilize a screw to make the wires tighter. You might have to push in the connectors with regards to the kind of opener you use.

Figure Out If the Wiring Is Faulty

To find out if the wires are bad, unscrew and touch the head of a screwdriver to the two screws on the connector. When you have the type of connectors that are push-in, you’ll have to take out the wires and link it to the terminals. You’ll know the wires have to be replaced if the door opens when you do this.

Why a Steel Garage Door May be Best for Your Home in Vegas


The Advantages of Steel Garage Doors

You may be mulling over the idea of installing a steel garage door for your Las Vegas home. You’re on the right track as the material has a wide variety of advantages. These are the top benefits that allow steel garage doors to be a great pick for any house looking for a Las Vegas garage door repair.

Outstanding Life Expectancy

Steel comes with a level of durability that’s almost unparalleled. This particularly comes in useful when garage doors receive massive amounts of impacts throughout the year. From little dents due to reckless drivers to bumps and severe damage affected by storms, steel doors can be some of the most rugged doors. Steel garage doors are usually extremely resistant to forces to allow for a perfect option for those who are on the lookout for that added durability advantage.

They Have an Impressive Look

What is so amazing about steel garage doors in Vegas is how versatile they are when it comes to design choices. A myriad of style and color variations are on the market from trustworthy brands. You’ll be able to customize the garage door to coordinate with the styling of the home’s exterior. Some styles can be used with different thicknesses or insulation alternatives. This means even more options are available for the more demanding homeowners in Las Vegas.

Lower Maintenance Demands

Steel is renowned for its strength to weight proportion and its superior lightness. This means you will not need to worry about routine maintenance all that much. The paint will last for years and the exterior will resist scratches, chips and dents with ease. Aside from the occasional polish and clean, the garage door will not require a lot of attention.

How to Handle a Snapped Garage Door Cable in Henderson

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What to When Garage Door Cables Snap

Automatic garage doors have cables on both sides to lower and lift your door easily. The cables are sturdy, but can eventually break down due to wear and tear to create lost tension in the cables ending in fraying or snapping. To give you the knowledge to bypass more damage or personal injury, take these tips into account if your garage door cable snaps in Henderson.

How Garage Cables Work

Henderson garage doors use different cables for various kinds of springs. Lift cables are placed in garage doors in Henderson through torsion spring technology. The cables are connected to the door’s bottom corners and brought through to the torsion springs on the top of the door.

Retaining cables are located in garage doors with extension springs. The cables are placed inside the springs and run vertically along the right and left ends of your garage door in Henderson. The idea surrounding retaining cables is to stop the springs from hitting the other side of the room if breakages occur. This means fewer garage door repairs in Henderson.

They’re heavy-duty twisted cables made of several strands of galvanized metal. They normally operate for years without a hitch, but issues like faulty pulley bearings, excessive amounts of moisture by the bottom of your garage door or poor track placement can accelerate rust, wear and corrosion. With regular inspections, you can have a better chance of preventing a frayed cable from snapping in Henderson.

Stop Using the Door and Call a Garage Door Service

Broken cables cause more tension to be transferred to your other cable. This places tremendous pressure on it. It can create the conditions for your garage door to lift unevenly and cause it to become unbalanced and crooked. That means if your garage door is shaking, operating strangely or squeaking, it could be the sign that your cable has snapped in Henderson.