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How a Skylight Can Benefit a Garage


Why a Skylight Is Necessary for Your Garage

There are various ways in which you can install your skylight and multiple designs for your light. Some of them may include windows that can be opened to enhance ventilation or reinforced glass skylights to improve its strength against issues like falling branches or rain that is accompanied by hail.

Despite the various designs, these skylights offer almost the same advantages.

Skylight Offers Natural Lighting

Your garage door will be provided with natural light from outside. The natural light can act as an excellent replacement for the bulbs, especially during the day. You will save on the costs of electricity when you use the natural light as there will be less consumption. When you use natural light, it means that your bulbs will also have an extended lifetime as they will not be used often.

You may come across noisy and irritating garage door bulbs, and you will avoid the irritable noise these bulbs bring.

Formation of Mildew Will Be Reduced

When your garage lacks natural light, it tends to dampen and maintain dark conditions. Mildew thrives well in these conditions. Apart from being disturbing, it will attach to the various material you have stored in your new garage door Las Vegas. What’s more, you may encounter respiratory troubles when exposed to the toxins associated with mildew. Sunlight disinfects this toxin at no cost.

Improved General Health

You should consider that sunlight is a source of vitamin D. studies show that when you are exposed to sunlight, your blood pressure will not be strained and your mood will be lightened. Moreover, natural lights don’t bring a strain on your eyes as compared to using bulbs.

Skylights Bring an Aesthetic Appeal

When your garage door is installed with panels that let natural light in, they bring out an intricate design. When you get to the point of selling your home, your house will have a high market value.

When carrying out garage door installations, you should consider installing natural light panels on them or skylights on your garage door. You should also enlist professional advice for instance if you live in a city like Las Vegas, various garage door installation professionals could help you further.

How to Choose a Garage Door Opener

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Tips for Picking a Garage Door Opener

Picking the right garage door opener for your garage can actually make a huge difference in your day. When your garage door system operates exactly as it should, you can go about your day a lot more easily. This article will show you some of the best tips for picking the best garage door opener.

The Location of Your Garage

Where is your home garage located in relation to your home? Is your garage attached to your house? Is it detached? A lot of differences exist between attached and detached garages. For example, if your garage sits below your bedroom, you will want a garage door opener that is really quiet.

The Amount of Space You Have

One of the first things that you will need to do is measure the space over your garage door. You will need to do this so that you can buy the right type of equipment. If you want to install a garage door opener that has a central trolley, you will need a minimum of 2 available inches above your garage door. If you don’t have this amount of space available, an expert in garage repair Las Vegas can come to your house and discuss your particular situation.

The Shape of Your Ceiling

If your garage has a cathedral or sloped ceiling, you still have the ability to put in a trolley-type door opener. You will just need to make sure the tracks are properly inclined. You will also have to measure the height of your door so that the garage door trolley is the right length.

A lot more factors and options exist for you and your home garage. By talking to your local garage door repair technician, you can really get a sense of the best garage door opener for you and your home situation.

What to Do About Alignment Issues With Your Garage Door

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What Causes a Garage Door to Become Misaligned?

A garage door can become misaligned for any number of reasons, and it can result in a wide range of problems that make it difficult to use the garage normally. These problems can continue to occur at the most frustrating times unless you are able to identify them and get them fixed. While garage doors are made to be sturdy, even the smallest of issues can cause a door to slip off of its track, which can be dangerous if left unrepaired. The professionals who do garage door repair in Henderson can help you get your door back on track literally and figuratively.

Common Causes of Misalignment

Garage doors can become misaligned with age or because of some accidental damage. Gradual degradation of the door is a common cause of misalignment and can occur due to the fact that the door has been repetitively opened and closed hundreds or thousands of times. It’s also possible for singular events, like a vehicle hitting the door, to create a misaligned track as well as other damages.

Signs That Your Door Is Misaligned

It’s possible for your garage door to have only a small misalignment, which can be difficult to identify until the problem worsens. In most situations, you’ll hear a loud rubbing noise when the door moves along certain areas of the track. These sounds will grow louder if you don’t get the problem fixed. You might also be able to see a space between the rail and the rollers. It’s possible for the track to warp or bend as well. All of these issues worsen over time.


If there are signs that your garage door is misaligned, you should call your garage repair service. Their trained technicians can realign the door without causing any further problems that would just exacerbate the problem and cost more money in the long run. When you are searching for a reputable company that will provide these services, make sure that they offer some form of service guarantee on their work.

Situations in Which it Pays to Have a New Garage Door Installed


When Should You Buy a New Garage Door?

Having a garage door that operates effectively is important for a number of reasons. Not only does this door serve as a primary portal in and out of your home, but it also adds a certain special something to your home’s overall appeal that shouldn’t be overlooked. While repairing a door is often cheaper, you should definitely make the right choice and simply replace your old garage door if any of these situations crop up:

Damaged Beyond Repair

Obviously, if your old door is just plain broken, a new installation is the best way forward. The best door is one that works, and qualified garage technicians in the Las Vegas area can get you hooked up with a new model if repairs are out of the question.

Aesthetic Improvements

New garage door benefits also include more trivial concerns: You might want to install a garage door in your home simply because it looks good. Nothing puts more pep in your step when you get home from work than a bright new door to greet you, and a fashionable garage door can make your home the talk of the neighborhood.

Preparing for Sale

If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon, you’ll want to consider garage installation in Las Vegas as a serious option. While many homeowners overlook this fact, installing a new garage door could significantly improve your home’s resale value. Also, people who are house hunting are heavily driven by curb appeal, which is the way your home looks from the street, and your garage door makes up a big part of your home’s appearance.

Causes of Your Garage Door Getting Stuck

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Reasons Why Your Garage Door Can Become Stuck

One issue with garage doors that can be frustrating to deal with is when the door becomes stuck when it’s opening or closing, which can make it impossible to actually use your garage until the issue has been fixed. This problem can be even worse in situations where your car is inside the garage when the door becomes stuck. In order to understand how to deal with these issues, you should first be aware of why they happen in the first place.

Issues Caused by Poor Weather

During the colder winter months, one of the most common causes for your door becoming stuck is poor weather. It’s possible that ice has built up around some of the garage door components like the springs, which can cause your door to have difficulties with opening and closing to the point where the door won’t move at all. If a spring is broken because of the bad weather, you need to obtain services for garage door repair in Henderson instead of attempting to fix the problem yourself. Professional technicians have the expertise necessary to replace the spring without damaging the rest of the door.

Track Problems

It’s common for issues with the track of your garage door to cause the door to become stuck. These issues include the presence of a track obstruction that causes the rollers to stop moving, the garage door being off the track entirely, and a damaged track, the latter of which can occur with even a small bend in the metal. Most track problems will require experienced professionals who understand how to work with the door components.

Jammed Pulley

The spring and pulley system in your garage door must operate smoothly in order for the door to be pulled upwards and lower properly. When the pulley system becomes jammed, your garage door will likely become stuck until the issue is fixed. These are just a few of the many problems that can cause a garage door to become stuck, all of which require a repair company to fix.

How to Handle a Garage Door That Won’t Close

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Dealing With a Garage Door That Won’t Close

You rely on your garage door to keep your belongings safe and secure. This means that when the door won’t close properly, you need to act quickly to maintain your security and keep delicate items safe from wintry or wet weather. There are several common causes for an improperly closing garage door, and understanding the problem can help you to resolve the issue more quickly. The troubleshooting you do could help when you call a Las Vegas garage door repair company.

Simple Electrical Concerns

If you use a remote opener, the problem could be very simple. In many cases, the remote opener has batteries that are dead or dying. This means the opener can’t send the proper signal to close the door. Keep extra batteries on hand to try a quick replacement when this issue first arises. Similarly, if you can hear the motor running but the door won’t close, you may want to check your disconnect switch. When this emergency switch is flipped, the door won’t move.

Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

Motorized garage doors run on a track. If the track gets out of alignment, the door can get stuck and be prevented from opening or closing properly. A misaligned track can do long-term damage to the door as well as cause serious inconvenience to the homeowner if the door doesn’t open or close properly. If a misaligned track is not repaired, the door can become warped, bent or damaged.

A Chill in the Air

Cold weather can also play a role in keeping your garage door from closing properly. Loose connections are particularly vulnerable to the mechanical effects of cold weather. A professional can help to sort out the problems that could be interfering with the proper operation of your garage door in winter.

Traditional Remotes Make Way for Garage Door Apps


How Garage Door Apps Are Replacing Remote Garage Openers

Common garage repairs in Las Vegas often involve garage door openers and the remotes used to control them. Many homeowners have moved away from the traditional remote control unit and are using their smartphone instead. A number of manufacturers offer dedicated apps now, and there are mobile apps that can work with your equipment regardless of the brand, model or other characteristics.

Infrared Is an Option

Some homeowners believe that a phone-based solution isn’t an option because their garage door opener only supports infrared and not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But infrared actually isn’t a deal-breaker. In fact, many smartphones have infrared technology built in to control televisions and other home theater equipment. If yours doesn’t, you can add it with an IR blaster that connects via microUSB. Many even offer pass-through so that you can charge the phone without removing the attachment.

It’s Even Easier with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Your options are broader if your opener supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth or some other wireless communication standard. Most smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices support all of these as well. If both devices support the same wireless communication protocol, the solution is as simple as finding an app that pairs them.

Proprietary and Universal Apps

If available, a proprietary app is generally preferable. After all, it is made specifically for that opener and will provide user interface elements for brand- and model-specific features. Nevertheless, universal apps generally work just as well and are often highly customizable.

Remote Communication Also an Option

Using your smartphone also gives you the option to close your garage door from afar. If you’re halfway down the street or already at work when you realize your mistake, not a problem. Such features are generally associated with smart openers, a smart home device. However, other options like the dedicated IR blaster can be connected to your LAN to control your garage door from anywhere.

The Elements of an Estimate


How to Read Your Estimate

Generally, when you contact a company that does garage door repair in Henderson, you will receive a price quote prior to starting a repair project. The quote gives you an estimate of how much it will cost to have the work done, and you may be able to discuss financing and payment terms as part of the estimate process. As a general rule, quotes are created by taking into account the cost of parts and labor. Let’s take a look at what that means to you as a consumer.

Contractors Have to Acquire Supplies

Just like you need to buy groceries to make dinner, contractors have to buy materials to perform repairs to your garage door. Supplies could include springs, tracks or items needed to repair a garage door opener. It may also be necessary to buy new doors or paint to refinish them. The cost of parts will generally be passed on to you as part of the overall cost of performing a repair.

Employees Need to Be Paid

When you hear a contractor talk about the cost of labor, he or she is referring to paying their employees. If the owner of a company is going to be working on the garage personally, that person will also need to be compensated for the time spent completing a project. Labor costs could be calculated using a flat fee or by charging an hourly rate.

How to Handle Unexpected Developments

It is possible that a contractor will find additional damage to the garage or otherwise need to increase the scope of the project. As a general rule, it is a good idea to take care of any additional problems even if it costs more. It can reduce the odds that more significant repairs will need to be made later. Your contractor can make it easier to diagnose and fix problems quickly and accurately.

Protecting Your Garage Door From the Elements


How to Protect Your Garage Door from the Elements

The garage door is one-third of your house and should be maintained well like the other features of the building. Over time, the door can begin to wear down and deteriorate due to exposure to environmental elements. If you want to protect the parts and materials, there are a few necessary steps to take as a homeowner.

Lubricate the Parts

The internal parts of your garage door can develop rust and deteriorate on humid days, making it essential to keep the rollers and track lubricated. You’ll want to grease the parts monthly to keep everything running smoothly and avoid damage that can occur. Replacing the weatherstripping will also prevent leaves, grime, and debris from entering the garage each day. Look for weatherstripping that is cracked or is falling apart and hire a professional who performs garage repair in Las Vegas to replace the material.

Install Insulation

Insulation is an important part of any building, including your home’s garage. You’ll need to add insulation to prevent direct sunlight from having a harmful impact on your garage door and increasing the temperature of the interior setting. You may also want to use covers on the sensors to ensure that they continue to work well and aren’t damaged by direct sunlight in the spring and summer seasons.

Install a Surge Protector

During storms or inclement weather, garage doors can often lose their power if it’s exposed to water. You’ll want to install a surge protector to ensure that everything continues to work well. A surge protector will offer peace of mind and will allow the safety reversing sensors, AC power line, and garage door control panel to operate well and will reduce the risk of damage. Investing in a surge protector can allow you to avoid having to replace the main parts of the garage when there’s a storm.