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Common Issues That Cause Serious Garage Door Damage Over Time


Proper maintenance is important to keep your garage door working for years to come. Hiring a professional to perform maintenance services can help you avoid common issues that may lead to serious damage later on.

Small Issues That Lead to Larger Garage Door Problems Later

Maintaining your garage door is extremely important. The purpose of a garage door is to protect what’s in your garage from the outside elements. If it breaks down, your belongings are vulnerable. Like any other mechanical equipment, however, parts on your door can wear out over time. Even a new garage door in Las Vegas can fall victim to these issues. It’s important to take care of these problems before they get worse.

Breaking Lifting Cables

Automatic garage doors have lifting cables. As their name suggests, they help lift the garage door when you hit the open button on the remote control. Over time, the cables become brittle and start to fray. It doesn’t take much longer for them to snap. This is not only bad for your garage door but is also dangerous because a snapped wire can send your garage door crashing down.

Bad Rollers

Unless you buy a new garage door from a trusted company, the rollers that come with it probably aren’t of high quality. Bad rollers cause more drag, which wears out the lifting cables faster than normal. After buying a new garage door, pay a professional to put premium rollers on your door. They can ensure that your door opens smoothly for years to come.

Worn Out Hinges

The hinges on your garage door can wear out over time. In fact, the first sign of worn out hinges is when a normally quiet garage door becomes noisy. One way to slow down the wear on your hinges is to hire a professional to oil them properly from time to time. Although the oil keeps your hinges working longer, you will eventually need to buy a new garage door.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door


Looking for a few common signs that your garage door is failing can make it easy to determine when it should be replaced. If you’re concerned about your door, consider these tips for making the right decision.

Common Signs That Your Garage Door Needs to be Replaced

The garage door is one of the most important parts of buildings that protects your personal belongings and keeps them secure. Over time, the door can begin to break down due to wear and age. Here are a few common signs to look for if you think it might need to be replaced.

Frequent Repairs

Old garage doors are known to have different problems that develop consistently, which can cause you to spend a significant amount of money to keep it running throughout the year. It may also begin to develop unusual noises when it opens or closes, which can hint at underlying problems. A garage door that malfunctions frequently can also cause it to be a safety risk to residents who live on the property.

Old Design

Outdated garage doors in Las Vegas can affect the home’s curb appeal and can cause the property to appear old and neglected. The architectural design of the door likely takes up 40 percent of the design of the house and can cause it to become an eyesore in the neighborhood. You can increase your property value by installing a new garage door, which will make you proud to show off the house to your guests.

Materials Continue to Break

Many of the materials that are installed on garage doors can begin to wear down, fall off, and break over time. Garage doors that need to be replaced often have weatherstrips that are loose or missing bottom seals, which can cause dirt and moisture to get into the garage.

Difficulty Opening or Closing the Door

Garage doors should be replaced when they become increasingly difficult to open and close each day. The parts can begin to wear out, which causes it to become challenging to use when you need to park your car or access the contents of the garage. There may also be extra stress put on the garage door, which is making it hard to use. It may not be capable of opening or closing on its own if it’s an automatic door or it can have a slow response time. You may find yourself waiting up to a minute for it to open or waiting several seconds for it to begin to move once you click the garage door opener.

Top Garage Door Mistakes


When it comes to your garage, it’s easy to make mistakes. While most damage to the garage door comes from vehicle collisions and inclement weather, sometimes humans can act as the reason that your garage door system gets wrecked.

The Most Common Garage Door Mistakes Homeowners Make

Car Collisions and Broken Track Systems

One of the more common errors that homeowners make with their garage is crashing their car into the door. While the vehicle moved too slowly to cause injury to the driver, even the slightest dent can cause significant damage to your garage doors.

For one thing, crashes can cause dents. If you find yourself dealing with this issue, you’ll want to call the experts in Henderson garage repair for panel replacement services. If the crash knocked, cracked, or bent the track out of alignment, then the repairs may go beyond a cosmetic touch up.

If your track system gets damaged, your garage door won’t open and close like it should. Don’t ignore the problem because it could get worse over time.

DIY Repairs and Procrastination

Many homeowners think that they can repair things like cables and garage door springs by themselves. Not only could you do further damage to your garage, but you could also get hurt. Your garage door system operates under a system of very high tension. If you break the tension, springs might loosen. That force alone could cause grave injuries. The entire garage door system can only operate like it should if everything is where it belongs. If you’re not a trained professional, never attempt these repairs by yourself.

People may hear strange noises in their garage door system, but procrastinate rather than call a professional. Any inconsistencies in the operation of your garage should always get taken care of as soon as possible. Putting off the repair process could mean paying for more expensive services later.

What It Means To Take Care Of Your Garage

While it’s easy to make mistakes with your garage, it’s also simple to correct them. Taking care of your garage door means following the tips in this blog post and performing best home garage maintenance practices from time to time. If you notice that your garage isn’t operating correctly, call your local garage door service immediately. The health of your garage could depend on it.

Simple Garage Door Troubleshooting Tips for Las Vegas Homeowners

garage door repair in las vegas

Generally speaking, garage doors are a godsend that make life a lot easier for Las Vegas residents young and old. For the most part, you don’t really have to worry about them provided they’ve been properly installed. Regardless, even the best models tend to malfunction at some point. Before you call in the experts, you should do the following to save yourself time and money.

Check the Tracks for Loose or Misaligned Parts

If your garage door isn’t operating correctly, kill the power and try to run it by hand. If you encounter an obstruction, you know that it isn’t the motor. Thanks to metal expansion and extraction due to heat, parts like rollers and brackets can get out of whack in spite of the quality of the components. Tighten up nuts and bolts before you freak out.

Make Sure the Sensors Are Set Up Properly

If there are no obstructions, your next best bet when a malfunction occurs is to look at the sensors at the bottom of the doors. Today’s high and even middle-end doors rely on fairly accurate sensor alignment to work correctly. Sensors should be in line with each other and free of debris. Give your sensors a good rubdown and make sure that they can see each other.

What to Do When Simple Fixes Don’t Cut It

The advice presented here will probably solve about 50% or more of your garage door problems. When those quick fixes don’t work, it’s time to find a good company that specializes in garage door repair in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. They’ll have the know-how and the tools necessary to address the unique challenges that homeowners with garage doors face in the harsh Nevada desert.

Keyless Entry Systems for Every Door You Own


For some, it’s a daily battle, as they frantically search their house for those items they desperately need and use. Retracing their steps and overturning couch cushions, to their dismay, provides no relief.

It’s when they are just about to throw in the towel that they finally spot the object they seek at the bottom of their purse or buried deep in their jacket pocket. What, you may be wondering, were they looking for? And why was it so important?

The same thing you too were probably looking for just this morning – your keys. The item you require daily. Considering that most of us just toss our keys somewhere different every day after a long day at the office, it’s easy to forget where we put them.

There’s a Better Way

With a keyless entry system, you’ll never need to use your keys again, thus making your day less stressful as you won’t need to frantically search the house in the morning looking for your misplaced key.

Whether you’re interested in a system for your garage door, entry door, or even the vehicle you drive the capabilities available in today’s innovative keyless entry systems are simply astounding.

The Capabilities of Keyless Entry Systems

The best part is the ease in which they work. With a companionable smartphone – something that never seems to get misplaced – app, it’s never been easier to access the inside of our garages, homes or cars.

Some of the available keyless entry systems on the market today even utilize facial recognition or biometric technology which allows you to provide entry into your home to whomever you have approved.

There’s even a system, which debuted at CES 2015, that has been designed to allow you to start your car with your smartphone. Seriously what will they think of next?

Protecting Your Perimeter

Perimeter Alert SystemsIt’s a well known fact that unsecured garages can be taken advantage of by criminals to break into your home. While there are many steps you can take to secure you garage, as we covered in a previous post, there are also ways to protect the perimeter of your home so you can detect a person or vehicle approaching before they reach your house.

Liftmaster Perimeter Alert Systems work by setting up motion sensors in various spots around you home. When a sensor detects movement, you are alerted with light and sound from you system base. The sensors can work from up to a 1/2 mile from your home. The detect any movement within 30 feet and provide 120 degree coverage from side to side.

The best part about the Liftmaster Perimeter Alert System is how affordable it is. Our expert technicians can install the system for you to insure you have the best perimeter coverage possible and are never caught off guard when someone approaches your home.

These systems are perfect for working families that have teens who come home alone after school, elderly residents, and anyone that just wants extra piece of mind to keep their home safe. The extra time provided knowing someone is approaching can allow you to secure locks on your doors and windows and contact the authorities if necessary.

The system is also helpful in simply letting you know when expected guests arrive so you can finish any last minute preparations quickly or unlock doors to let them in.

If you are interested in learning more about the Liftmaster Perimeter Alert System, please call Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas today. We can give you a free estimate for installation and go over any features you may have questions about.

Improve Your Curb Appeal With a New Garage Door

new garage door installation las vegasThe housing market continues to improve in Nevada and across the country in general. Many homes are being bought outright for cash as the practice of flipping houses is slowly returning. So the question is how to bring higher value to a home you are trying to sell.

Most real estate agents will tell you that first impressions are everything.  Houses with high curb appeal will sell faster than houses without. House hunters will typically make up their mind about a house before they even enter the home.

So what steps can you take to increase you curb appeal? Well a major focus for most homes is the garage door.  Garage doors can occupy up to %30 of the front of a home. So a new custom and stylish garage doors can add a lot of value to a home.

There is a wide variety of garage doors to choose from such as steel carriage house doors, steel carriage with composite overlay, faux finished steel woodgrain, wood composite, wood stained, wood painted, copper,  stainless steel, flush panel wood garage doors.

Deciding on a new garage door should not be taken lightly and requires professional assistance. Not only is the look and design important, durability and proper installation should also be considered. It’s important to have a certified technician to make sure the job is done correctly. Improperly installed garage doors will only end up costing more money and effect other parts of the garage.

The next time you are driving around your neighborhood, take a moment to look at the garage doors of homes and you will start to notice the impact that nice garage door can have on a home’s appeal.

Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas specializes in new garage door installations and garage door repair. If you are considering a new garage door, contact Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas today.


Las Vegas Garage Door Repair

Why do homeowners choose Precision over 1000 times a day to repair their garage door in Las Vegas, NV?

  • Expertise
  • Trust
  • Convenience

When you choose Las Vegas Garage Door, you are choosing peace of mind and the convenience of a professional technician. Our technicians are trained, certified, and field tested by the best in the industry at one of our two, state-of-the-art training facilities prior to servicing your door. This allows us to ensure that you receive the most reliable service every time your garage door is repaired by us.

In order to keep the trust of our customers, we always provide a written estimate that is signed before doing any work. This estimate is where everything is explained completely, so it can be clearly understood. This helps build and keep the trust of our faithful customers. Following the completion of our job we take the time to walk through the exact improvements and repairs that we’ve made.


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Garage Door Repairs and Replacements

Picking a system for your garage door can be overwhelming. With all the choices of brands and installation companies, it can be a confusing process. At Precision Garage Door Las Vegas, we spend the time it takes for you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable about your garage door decision. We are authorized dealers of trusted names like LiftMaster. It is important to have a quality brand installed into your home because you need to know that you can count on the system to work.

If you are looking to install or replace an existing garage door opener and entry system, we can help create ease within the process. Our name is trusted and our professional technicians are prepared to help solve all of your garage door issues you face. Call us now to schedule a time for us to repair or replace your garage door parts!


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Fixing Broken Garage Door Springs


Watch this video and learn all about broken garage door springs. You will not be able to have a full functioning garage door if you have a broken garage door spring. So if you need help repairing a garage door spring, contact us right away!

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