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Reasons to Keep Your Vehicle in a Garage

Car Going in Garage
Though not immediately noticeable after a rainstorm or high winds, the elements can do a lot of damage to the exterior of a vehicle over a lengthy period of time. These elements can cause everything from rust damage to a buildup of dirt and acid. This will degrade the quality of paint on your vehicle. Storing your vehicle in a garage while you’re at home will protect from most of this damage. Temperature extremes of both hot and cold can also do damage to the exterior and interior of a vehicle. For instance, freezing temperatures cause additional wear and tear on an engine.

Chances of Theft or Vandalism is Reduced

When you spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you don’t want that huge investment to be damaged or taken away entirely from vandalism or theft. While keeping a vehicle in a garage doesn’t eliminate the threat of these issues occurring, it does drastically reduce the chances that your vehicle will be stolen or vandalized while in your garage.

Vehicle Components Are Kept Safe and in Good Condition

All components of a vehicle will eventually start to degrade. The time it takes for this to happen is reduced when a vehicle is kept outside instead of in a garage. Your air conditioning will work quicker when the vehicle is kept in a moderately cool garage instead of outside in the broiling sun during the summer. On colder days, the coolant will stay warmer. Since a garage keeps the vehicle warm, the fluids within are kept in a relatively stable condition, which ensures that the engine runs better. In instances where your garage door isn’t working properly, consider seeking services for garage repair in Las Vegas to remedy the issue.

Garage Sale Tips

garage sale tips

You know what they say: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” Whether you are looking to make some decent pocket change or rid yourself, and your home, of some excess clutter be sure and read the following nine tips to ensure a successful, money-making sale.

Preparing Your Garage Sale

#1. Set a date, or dates, for your sale

#2. Purge: Go through your home, one room and garage at a time, and decide what to sell. If you read last month’s blog: “Spring into Garage Organization,” then you should one step of the game already. The items that make it into your garage sale pile should be in good to excellent condition. They should be something you’d willingly spend your own money on.

#3. Advertise: A lack of advertising can have negative effects on your sale. The best ways to advertise your sale are through social media, websites, and garage sale finder apps. You should also advertise your sale with brightly colored signs that are legible to read. Make sure to post your hours and address, along with directional arrows, so bargain hunters know when and where to go.

Setting Up Your Sale

#4. Organize: The way you display your items speaks volumes. Organize your sale like you would see in a store. Hand clothing on racks, separated by size and gender. Set out tables and place items in categories, such as: kitchen gadgets/utensils, sports and camping equipment, toys, tools, seasonal décor, appliances, and electronics. Supply a power source so that customers can test any working items.

#5. Price Everything: As an experienced bargain hunter, a sale without clearly marked prices is one of my biggest pet peeves, and is often the reason behind me walking from a sale. Price all for sale items as you set them out – no exceptions. “Name Your Own Price” sales generally don’t fare as well as traditional garage sales.

Maximize Your Sale

#6. Multi-household Sale: To get the most out of your sale, consider having a neighborhood sale, or inviting a friend or family member to come over and sell his/her wares right alongside you. There is nothing bargain hunters like more than a multi-household sale.

#7. Be Approachable: Always greet your customers with a friendly smile and a “Good Morning.” Offer your assistance when able to, but don’t follow your customers around or be pushy, as this can make people uncomfortable. Some good conversation starters include asking them:

  • “Are there a lot of garage sales out there today?”
  • “Can you believe how lucky we are with the weather today?”
  • “Are you looking for anything special?”

#8. Involve the Kids: Give your children a taste of private enterprise by entrusting them with their own lemonade or water stand – within your eyesight. They’re sure to get a kick out of it! Are they selling cookie or popcorn for girl/boy scouts? Set them up for success by allowing them to sell those products at your sale.

#9. Guard Your Money and Valuables: Don’t ever leave your money or valuable items unattended – not even for a second. Carry your money on you in either a fanny pack or carpenter’s belt at all times. As for valuables, keep those in a locked box or case when not showing to an interested party.

The Pros of Having a Garage

the pros of having a garage

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The pros of having a garage are numerous. Living in Las Vegas, I’m sure you know how it is to step out of your house on a 90+ degree day, just to go start your car. And if you have leather…forget about it! After running the engine for five minutes or so, the car is usually cool enough for you to stomach getting into, let alone driving to your destination.

For those of you that maintain your car on a do it yourself basis, you probably know what the inconvenience of working on it outside is like, especially when you have to slide under it and you get burnt due to the hot sidewalk. A garage can change all that as well as provide you with the following benefits:

The Storage Potential

A garage opens up an enormous amount of additional storage space. If you own it; you can store it. Besides storing the obvious (your car) a garage provides ample space for storing landscaping equipment, tools, bikes, annual decorations and everything in between. When you run out of floor space, make sure to look up at the walls and ceiling for more storage space.

The Property Value

Adding a garage is a reasonably good investment according to remodeling magazine’s 2015 “Cost vs. Value Report.” If you invest $52,382, which is the national average, on this addition you can expect to recoup 64.8 percent or $33,938 of your investment at resale – or refinance. Already have a garage that you want to replace the door on?

Midrange garage door replacements, which on average cost $1,595, can net you 88.4 percent or $1,410 of your initial investment at time of resale. This a 5.9 percent higher rate than an upgrade garage door replacement. Whichever of the three options you choose, you can feel confident knowing that you’re making a good decision, economically speaking.

The Potential

Who said a garage had to be boring? Garages are like a blank canvas. Their usability options are endless. With the space they provide you can turn them into workshops, gyms, home offices, day cares and the list goes on. Want to liven them up? Try painting the walls a cheerful color. And don’t forget the floors. Many options for garage flooring exist today including epoxy flooring.