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Common Garage Door Controller Issues


Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Working?

Chances are that you use a garage door opener when you drive into or out of your garage. Garage door openers are a tremendous convenience, especially when you live in an area like Las Vegas where high temperatures year-round can make getting out of a temperature-controlled environment like the inside of your car or the inside of your garage very uncomfortable. Your remote entry device is actually a small radio transmitter, and if it begins to malfunction, a technician that does garage repair in Las Vegas can fix it for you.

How Does Your Garage Door Controller Work?

Your garage door has a radio receiver that typically operates on a frequency between 300 and 400 megahertz. The controller itself contains a radio transmitter attached to an antenna that transmits a radio signal that’s keyed to a randomly generated number. The receiver in the garage door will only be activated if the correct random number is generated. This prevents your garage door from responding to transmissions that were not initiated by you. The generation of these random numbers is controlled by a transistorized computer chip. Once the garage door receives the signal, an electric motor is activated that engages the track and pulley system that opens or closes it. Garage doors are also equipped with photo eye sensors that prevent them from closing when an object is within the door’s parameters.

Batteries and Photo Sensors

Garage door controllers are battery operated, and so is the receiver on your garage door. The most common reason for garage door controller malfunctions is actually dead batteries. If your batteries are okay, and you can open your garage door, but you can’t close it, the problem may lie with misaligned or dirty photo eye sensors. While you can safely clean your photo eye sensors with a microfiber cloth, it’s best to leave alignment to a trained technician.

Check the Position of Your Antenna

Faulty transmission can be another source of trouble. Make sure that nothing is blocking the antenna that contains the radio receiver your garage door relies upon in order to operate. If the antenna is damaged in any way, you will need to call a technician to come and replace it.

The Price of a Garage Door Opener and How to Find the Right One


What Does It Cost to Install a Garage Door Opener?

The average labor cost in 2017 for a garage door opener installation on a standard garage door was $150. This takes roughly two hours to finish. This is an estimate of the labor only so you would need to find a garage door opener online or get the installation company to offer one to you. Labor prices can range from $120-$300 depending on where you’re from in Vegas. Here are some more things you can look out for in regards to installing a garage door opener in Vegas.

Should I Install the Opener by Myself?

Performing a Las Vegas garage door repair yourself is definitely an option. Some garage door openers can be extremely easy to put together and will include step by step instructions. You can contact customer support for different brands and they’ll help you through the issue and help program remotes, keypads and limits. When your garage door reaches higher than seven feet, you’ll have to use an eight-foot rail extension kit. These types of extension kits are offered by various brands and include a drive belt or longer rails. Such a kit will let you install an opener on garage doors in excess of seven feet tall.

The Parts Needed for Installing a Garage Door Opener

Some new garage door openers in Vegas will have everything needed for installation, but certain extra things are needed or recommended. The initial item you’ll need is a light bulb for your garage door opener.

With steel back insulated garage doors, you’ll want to ensure you’re applying an opener reinforcement bracket to connect your door opener pickup arm with the door. This will make sure the connection with an insulated door is adequate. Steel back insulated garage doors use three sections of metal placed inside the door to cover up any insulation.

Modern Features To Look For In A Garage Door Opener


Modern Features To Consider When Choosing A Garage Door Opener

When you’re getting ready to buy a new garage door Las Vegas, another component that you will need to purchase if you want your garage door to operate properly is a garage door opener. Among the many different types of openers at your disposal, these devices can come with an array of features, many of which can add to your overall convenience.

Standard Features All Openers Should Have

All openers will come with some form of a door remote, which can be placed on the wall as a keypad or on a small device that can be attached to your keychain. Most openers will come with security lights that automatically turn on whenever the door is opened. Another standard feature with most door openers is a manual release that allows you to raise or lower the door yourself if ever necessary.

Modern Features to Look Out For

There are myriad features that may not have been present on the opener that you were using with your old garage door. For instance, some openers can be connected to a home-automation system that provides you with the means of controlling the opener remotely with your smartphone. Some controls can also be built directly into your vehicle for easy access. Additional features that you should consider include locks, battery backups, and motion-sensing lights.

Possible Safety Features Included With Openers

There are several safety features that have become standard with modern door openers, the primary of which is an electric sensor that will detect when something is under the door so that the door doesn’t close when it shouldn’t. If ever the door meets an object, it will immediately go into reverse. During your selection for a garage door and door opener, make sure that you choose a company that offers same-day installation, which will allow you to start using the garage door on the same day that you buy it. No matter which opener you decide to purchase, all reputable repair companies will be able to install the device along with your new garage door.

A Safer Home And More Secure Garage Doors Through Automation


Four Advanced Opener Features To Help Keep Your Home Safe

The garage installations Las Vegas homeowners have available to them often involve garage door openers. Traditional openers could open or close with the touch of a remote button or on a timer, but in this age of the smart home, the features are much more sophisticated and a great help in securing homes.

Remote Open And Close

The classic opener lets you open or close your garage doors using a remote within eyeshot of your home. With remote open and close, you can do it from anywhere than you have Internet access either through Wi-Fi, cellular or whatever. Better yet, you don’t even need a remote. You can use a mobile app on your smartphone or tablet or log in to a web-based interface.

Notifications And Alerts

You can also receive notifications and alerts on your smartphone or through any other device that supports SMS or a similar technology. Imagine being at the end of the street when you get a notice that your doors aren’t closed. Picture being at work and getting an alert that your doors have just opened even though no one’s supposed to be there.

Privilege-Based Access

A lot like the access control many businesses use, modern openers also offer privilege-based access. This makes it difficult for someone to use your brand of app to access your door because they’re not sending the appropriate encoded key. You can also use this to give a trusted service person access.

Intelligent Personal Assistant Integration

Intelligent personal assistances abound these days: Microsoft Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and so forth. Many openers now have built-in support, which means that you’re able to control it with your voice wherever you have access to the IPA. It also means that the smart opener is expanded with whatever features the IPA provides.

What You Need to Do If You Accidentally Get Locked Out of Your Garage


If you cannot get into the garage because the door opener is not receiving the signal, is shut off,or has been locked, you can use these strategies to regain access to your door.

What to Do If You’re Locked Out of Your Garage

If you are repeatedly pressing the button of your garage door remote and nothing is happening, you could be accidentally locked out of the garage. The door opener will not activate if the door is locked, the radio signal is jammed or other reasons. If you cannot manually release the door from inside or if the opener has a mechanical or electrical problem, it is always best to promptly contact an experienced technician to service the garage door opener Las Vegas.

Try the Manual Release

When your garage door will not open by using its remote control, try the manual release. It is possible that a power outage has occurred and prevented the electric opener from opening the door. Most garage door openers have a manual release device that can be accessed from inside of your garage. Older door styles may have an exterior handle at the bottom or on the face of the door that triggers a manual release.

Get a Wi-Fi Enabled Opener

In some cases, the radio frequency system of a garage door opener may stop working. If this is a problem for you, consider a new garage door opener system that works with a Wi-Fi enabled door. This type of a door opening system can be controlled with an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can also use it to monitor or disable the use of your door when you are away from home.

Lock Repairs and Replacements

When you lock the garage door manually, the door’s opener will not work. If you cannot access the garage because you used the manual lock for the garage door, a locksmith may be able to replace or repair it for you. A locksmith could also provide you with a replacement key if you lost or broke any of the keys to your garage.

How to Keep Your Home Safe After Your Garage Remote Is Stolen


This blog post will teach homeowners how to best protect their home if they find that a burglar stole their garage door opener. The tips in this blog post range from disabling your garage door remote to using your control panel to secure your home after a burglary.

What to Do After Your Garage Door Remote Is Stolen

Garage security has become increasingly important as burglars have discovered that stealing someone’s garage door opener is a great way to gain access to a home. Unfortunately, criminals have many opportunities to steal garage remotes and break through a secure garage door.

Some burglars will enter parking lots and look for unlocked cars. Unfortunately, many people clip their garage door openers on a visor or near their rearview mirror. Once a criminal finds your remote, all that’s left is to locate your car registration to get your address. Most drivers store their registration in their glove compartments or in their center console. Once a criminal has your garage opener and address, they can easily get into your home.

This blog post will tell you what you can do if you ever find that someone stole your garage door remote.

First Step: Disable Your Garage Door Remote

Your garage remote works by emitting a signal that a receiver housed in the garage door opener’s motor captures. Since 1993, most door openers use what are known as rolling codes. This means that when you use your garage door opener, its transmission code is changed.

You can disable your door opener by pressing a Smart button on the housing of the opener’s motor. Doing this will deprogram your remotes and keypads. Once you do this, no one will be able to open your garage, even if they have your remote.

You will now need to reprogram the keypads and remotes by following the instructions in the garage door’s manual. If this sounds too difficult for you, call us. We can put in a new garage door in Las Vegas. We’ll come to your home right away and start securing a garage door in your home.

An Alternative to Deprogramming Your Garage Door Opener

Some door opener models have your control panel placed near the door that accesses your home. In this instance, you can simply press the LOCK button. When you do this, you disable the keypad and remote signals. But you can still open and close your garage door by pressing the open/close button on the control panel.

If you have a doorbell wall control, unplug the opener from the outlet. To open and close your garage door, pull on the red cord that releases the overhead trolley. You will then open and close your door manually. Relock the door by putting a lock on the side of the door.

Preventing Garage Remote Theft

To protect your garage door remote from theft, make sure that your car doors are always locked. Don’t place the remote where criminals can easily see it. If you’re parking the car in a sketchy area, take the remote with you. You will also want to hide your car registration in a place where a car thief can’t easily find it.

Common Issues With Garage Door Openers


The actual garage door isn’t the only thing that you have to worry about breaking down. Here are some of the most common problems that occur with garage door openers.

Issues That Cause Problems With Your Garage Door Opener

Is your garage door no longer working the way it used to? This doesn’t necessary mean that there’s something wrong with your garage door. It may be something wrong with your garage door opener. Before hiring someone to perform a garage door repair in Henderson, it’s important to determine if the problems you’re experiencing are related to your garage door or your opener. Here are a few things you should look for.

Batteries in Your Wall Switch

One of the first things that you should check when your garage door isn’t opening is the batteries in your wall switch. This minor problem is actually one of the most common causes of

garage door issues. Many wall switches aren’t wired into the house but run on batteries. Once these batteries are drained, your wall switch stops working. Try replacing them to fix the problem.

Faulty Remote Control

Sometimes the remote control is broken. These remote controls are put under a lot of abuse over the years. Many of them are used multiple times a day, every day. The first course of action is to check the batteries inside the remote. If this doesn’t work, you may need a new remote altogether. A professional can help you sync a new remote to your garage door.

Power Issues

If your garage door wall switch is wired into the electrical system of your home, then you might have a power-related problem. Try checking your fuse box to see if something tripped the switch for the garage door opener. Also make sure that you don’t have a blown or worn out switch. These are easy problems to solve that most homeowners simply don’t consider.

Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener


By the end of the article, you will know what signs you should look out for before you call the garage door opener repair professionals.

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

To cut down on the number of deaths and injuries to children and pets, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) created a new set of guidelines for every automatic garage door opener made after 1993.

The 1993 CPSC guidelines state that every garage opener made after 1993 must have a safety reversing mechanism. Every garage door opener has two sensors on either side of the door. If an object, pet, or person runs between the sensor beams, the garage door will automatically stop.

If your garage opener was made before 1993, you will definitely need to have a new one installed. A professional can come fix your garage door opener in Las Vegas.

Don’t Bring in the Noise

Are you the neighbor with the noisy garage door? Noisy garage doors can be aggravating both to you and your neighbors. Take some time to check the noise level of your garage door. Would you say that its noise level is the same as that of your neighbors? Is it even noisier?

Older garages were made with big, noisy parts while their newer counterparts have belt drives and chains that won’t disturb the neighbors. There is quite a difference between the quieter chains and belt drives and their older cousins.

If you find that your garage door is bringing in more noise than you would like, professionals can come to your home for garage door opener repair services.

No Keypad On The Outside

The older models of a garage door opener could operate in manual mode. If you didn’t have a garage door remote in your car, you had to open the door with a key. You can operate newer models with an outside keypad that is opened with a passcode. Call professionals if your garage doesn’t have a keypad on the outside. This issue can be easily fixed.

Don’t Ignore Garage Door Opener Issues

As a homeowner, you never want to neglect your garage door. Ignoring problems with your garage opener can result in problems ranging from home access to injuries and even death. If you have an old garage door opener, have issues with noise, or have no keypad, call professionals to solve your garage opener problems right away.

The Advantages of a Modular Garage Door Opener


Any homeowners installing a new garage door or needing to replace their current opener may want to consider a modular system for the various ways it can enhance their garages.

The Modular Alternative to Conventional Garage Door Openers

Modular garage door openers are a recent industry trend and an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional garage door opener in Las Vegas. Modular openers can require a larger initial investment and more consideration during the buying process, but that time and cost can often pay for itself in terms of features, usability and total cost of ownership.

Modular vs. Conventional Garage Door Openers

A basic garage door opener has one job: open a garage door automatically on command or on a schedule. The most popular openers on the market aren’t so basic, however. Many of them include ancillary features, including interior lighting, that enhance a garage environment. The advantage of a modular system is that you can select which features you want for your garage. If you change your mind later or a need crops up, adding a component to the system is simple and cost-effective.

Modular Components for Your Garage

Additional interior lighting for a garage is one of the most common opener modules. Other options include CO sensors, which can detect elevated CO in an area that’s a danger zone; Bluetooth speakers, which can transmit audio from a smartphone or an audio system inside the home; and park assist, which provides a high-tech alternative to hanging a tennis ball from your garage ceiling.

Repairing and Replacing Your Garage Hardware

In a modular scenario, your garage door opener serves as a convenience hub for your entire garage rather than just an opener. An advantage of this approach is that the lights, fans, sensors, speakers and other gadgets you add to your garage can be moved, replaced and installed with ease.

All Accessories Branded and Under a Singular Warranty

Another advantage is that all components share the brand with the hub. Compatibility is guaranteed, and components will often share the garage door opener warranty. That means that if a defect in the hub or an individual component damages other parts, you can have the entire system replaced.

Your New Garage Door Opener

Garage door in Las Vegas

A garage door opener in Las Vegas should be powerful enough to lift the garage door to which it is attached and rugged enough to last for years. A high-quality opener should also be backed by a warranty that is at least the industry standard.

How Powerful?

The first thing you should do is find out how heavy your garage door is. Most residential and light commercial garage doors weigh between 200 and 400 pounds, depending on size and materials. As a rule, a door that weighs 200 pounds will require at least a 0.5-horsepower motor. Similarly, doors that weigh 400 pounds or so will require at least a 1-horsepower motor. For the garage doors in between, there are 0.75-horsepower motors.

What Kind of Opener?

The three main kinds of garage door openers are chain-driven, belt-driven and screw-driven. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, chain-driven openers are usually the most powerful; however, they are also the loudest. Conversely, belt-driven openers are quiet and are the best choice for garages that are close to your living space. They cannot lift as much as their chain-driven counterparts, however. Screw-driven openers are specially designed for garage doors that tilt instead of go up in sections. They are quieter than chain-driven openers but not as quiet as those that are belt-driven.

Check the Warranty

In many cases, garage door openers have lifetime warranties on the motor but not on the moving parts. Some offer limited parts coverage. Some might even offer maintenance and service calls as part of the warranty, but this is rare. It is always wise to check all of the “fine print” thoroughly before making a decision on which garage door opener to buy.