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How You Can Benefit From a Contemporary Garage Door

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Everything You Should Know About Contemporary Garage Doors

While you are searching for garage doors in Henderson, you may consider getting a contemporary design. This style is becoming increasingly popular among new homeowners. If your home has been crafted in a modern architectural style, you may want to consider placing a contemporary garage door alongside it.

What Is the Contemporary Architectural Style?

The contemporary architectural style largely began in the 1970s and is known for using clean and simple lines along with functional details. This style can feature both straight and curvy lines and typically uses neutral colors to emphasize these lines, the primary of which include black and white. The texture used with these doors is almost always simplistic with a flat panel design. Ornate flourishes are uncommon with the contemporary architectural style.

Common Designs on Contemporary Doors

Contemporary doors can come in a wide variety of different designs and looks to them, which provides you with the opportunity to make your door a unique one compared to other garage doors in your neighborhood. Almost all of these doors will come with horizontal lines. Many will also include a series of windows, which can be positioned in numerous locations around the door. Clear tempered glass is common for any of the doors that are equipped with windows.

Primary Materials Used With Contemporary Garage Doors

While contemporary garage doors can be made from any material, the materials that are most commonly used are steel and aluminum. Since many of these doors consist of neutral colors of black or white, metal materials work well with this style. Aluminum and steel can also come with a grainy texture that provides the door with a wood-like appearance. Whether you select a contemporary garage door or a more traditional design, make sure that you choose a good install company to ensure that the door is placed properly into your garage.

The Wide Textures to use for Garage Doors


Bringing Quality Materials Together for Quality Garage Doors

We start with quality materials before we can better understand the potentials in garage door repair Henderson. A garage door may serve an endless list of utility functions, but they’re also pleasing to the eyes. The work starts with the quality materials the market offers us. Let’s take into account the space that already exists for Henderson garage doors. Some homeowners will find stone to work well with wood or that metal is more suitable to the “cutting-edge” mold of new architecture. Let’s take a closer look at the raw materials that make a difference to bring more art out of a garage door repair for any place and application.

Synthetics and Plastics

Synthetics are used for their lightweight and pliability. They can be molded to look like natural resources without having to invest in much garage door maintenance. These plastics don’t add weight to the door but instead bend and move with the structure of the garage in place. Plastics are easy to clean, and each panel can be replaced with ease. The entire color spectrum of the rainbow is an option with synthetics, and these materials work with all types of doors.

Woods and Composites

Wood is a raw material that can be left exposed or sealed with a weatherproof compound. Added layers change the color of wood to match the decor of a Henderson home installation or to take those expressions further. Dark browns, blacks, and even blues are available as paint or stains for wood. The panels for wood are important as they can be cut to bring out a natural grain or to create thin panels, whose artistic display comes from seeing a large collection of stakes at every inch of the garage door. Natural wood is a great insulator. Unlike metals and plastics, it won’t absorb heat and cold as easily. Thick cuts are even more weather resistant.

Glass and ceramics

Glass is a cutting-edge look. It can be found in the windows raw or as plexiglass, which can replace all of the panels of a garage door. This would cause the garage to be opened visually, but it would also be bulletproof.

Cleaning Your Garage Could Make It Easier to Maintain

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Tips for Cleaning Your Garage

For some homeowners, the garage is a place to store boxes of Christmas lights, power tools and other objects. However, making sure that the garage is clean and organized could reduce the chances of expensive repairs in the future. Let’s look at a few ways that you can organize your garage and how it can be helpful.

Get Rid of Organic Material

The first task that you should undertake when cleaning out a garage is to get rid of firewood, leaves and other organic materials. Leaves and wood chips can be eliminated by sweeping them out to the driveway or into the backyard. Your woodpile itself can either be carried to a new location outside or donated to someone who wants to deal with moving it. Eliminating organic material can make it less likely that pests will want to make your garage their new home.

Get Ready to Seal the Garage From the Elements

Once the garage has been cleaned and organized, it is time to seal it from the outside world. Ideally, you will hire a professional to install insulation in the garage door. If the door has been damaged, a garage repair Las Vegas company can help repair it. The use of a floor sealant can also reduce the chances of water damage. By keeping water out, you reduce or eliminate any possibility that mold or other spores can grow and thrive in that space.

Have the Garage Inspected Regularly

After organizing and cleaning the garage, it is a good idea to have it inspected on a regular basis. This can help you diagnose and take care of problems before they become expensive or cause issues in other parts of your home. In many cases, garage door repair companies will guarantee their work, which gives you peace of mind if future fixes are needed.

The Main Differences Between Sectional and Rolling Garage Doors

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How to Choose Between Rolling and Sectional Garage Doors

When you are in the midst of shopping for garage doors in Las Vegas, you’ll find two main overhead options. They are sectional garage doors and rolling doors. While these designs are similar in many respects, they also have distinct differences that you should be aware of before you make a final decision on which garage door you’ll select for your new home.

What Is a Rolling Garage Door?

A rolling garage door is always made from a number of individual metal slat pieces that are placed together during the main assembly to create a coiled design that can be rolled up into the top of the garage when the door is opened. Because of the durability that this type of door provides, it is commonly used with commercial and industrial buildings. The slats can either be aluminum or steel. The coiled design allows the slats to roll up into one another, which helps to save space.

What Is a Sectional Garage Door?

A sectional garage door is constructed with anywhere from 3-8 panels and is designed to slide up and into an overhead space of your garage. With this type of door, you can park directly in front of the garage without worrying about the door hitting your vehicle when it’s being opened. Sectional doors can also have a variety of different configurations, which includes a side-sliding design that allows the door to open from either side.

Primary Differences Between Both Options

Rolling garage doors have only a single design that uses horizontal lines with slight differences in the size of the slats. These doors are also only made from metal. On the other hand, sectional doors can come with many distinct designs and can be made from wood, aluminum, or fiberglass materials. Sectional doors can have a raised panel design or a flushed panel design. Keep in mind that sectional garage doors require more space in the garage for installation than rolling doors.

When to Purchase a Single or Double Garage Door


Selecting Between Single and Double Garage Doors

Whether your garage is small or large, you’ll have the option of choosing between a single or double door. For the most part, the latter is designed specifically for garages that can accommodate two vehicles. While you may be able to determine that a single door would be your best option if you’re garage isn’t large enough for a double door, it’s recommended that you know all of the details pertaining to these primary garage door sizes for future reference.

Benefits of Single Garage Doors

If you have the capacity in your garage for two vehicles, you can select two single doors for the entry of your garage or a double door. The main benefit of two single doors is that they are typically considered to be better to look at. A sectioned design is a more visually appealing look than a flat design wherein there’s no break in the overall design of the door. There are also more design options when choosing two single garage doors. If ever your power goes out, two single garage doors are going to be easier to manually open than a double door.

Benefits of Double Garage Doors

The costs associated with double garage doors are oftentimes cheaper than two single garage doors, which can be advantageous if budget is a primary focus of yours during the purchasing process. By using a double garage door, you will only need to keep track of a single remote to open the door.

Make Sure that You’re Prepared

When you’re considering both of these options for a new garage door in Las Vegas, there are several additional factors that may be of some importance. For one, you need to identify how air flows into your garage. Two single doors will be better able to keep the cold out than a large double door. On the other hand, large double doors allow for better airflow during the warmer summer months. If you have space in your garage for three cars, think about pairing a double door with a single door as opposed to using three single doors. No matter which door you choose, the technician who installs it should be from a trustworthy repair company.

How to Keep Kids Safe Near a Garage Door


Tips to Keep Kids Safe Around Garage Doors

It isn’t uncommon for children to play in finished garages or ride their bikes on the driveway. This puts them in close proximity with a garage door whether it is open or closed. In some cases, it puts them in close proximity to a garage door that is closing. What can parents do to make sure their kids are safe in and around a garage?

Children Should Never Run Under a Closing Door

In the event that a garage door is closing, your child should be taught to stay clear until it has finished doing so. Once the door is closed, your child can either open it again or use a side door to get in or out. Keypads can also be installed on a garage door that can be opened by using a password if a side door is locked and no remote opener is nearby.

Don’t Try to Run Under a Door That Is Opening Either

If a garage door is in the process of opening, it isn’t a good idea to try to run under it. This is because it is possible to misjudge how fast it is rising or misjudge how far it has actually lifted from the ground. Therefore, there is a chance that a smaller child or teen could run into the door and experience a significant injury.

Regular Inspections Can Keep Your Door Working Properly

Ideally, you will have a yearly garage door repair in Las Vegas performed by a professional. This will make it possible to catch minor issues or properly diagnose larger issues that the door may have. A garage door that is working properly is less likely to hurt someone or otherwise cause headaches for homeowners or others who live in a home.

The Right Horsepower for any Garage Door

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Keeping the Power of a Garage Door in Line

Automation means that a garage door opens immediately once you press a button, clap your hands, or simply drive close to your garage door. These creature-comforts are possible with an electronic engine from a garage installation Las Vegas. The good news is that gasoline won’t need to power these motors, and the new garage installation will remain clear of combustibles. Power is dependent on the size of the garage door, the materials it uses, and the type of design it’s molded as. Folding doors, those which often use two panels that bend at the middle to fold into each other, need a stronger motor the higher the door has to fold up. Here, take a look at engine power to ensure the perfect match for performance.

Lightweight Materials

The ⅓ horsepower range is about finding balance and function together when installing garage doors. Synthetics create such a light door that not much power is required. However, homeowners will find it troubling if that door opens too fast and closes in the same way. The reasons come about when the door stops. Jamming every time the door stops to open or close will eventually cause damage that needs to be fixed. Light engine power, like the ⅓ horsepower range, manages light doors at the rate necessary to keep parts intact and to avoid damage.

A Mixed Weight for Horsepower

The ½ horsepower range is most commonly used for Las Vegas garage services. Some of the basic features we find with these engines include laser sensors, overhead springs, pulley systems, and guide tracks. These aren’t found in every door, but the presence of such can be adequately managed with a mixed-weight engine that’s suitable for most Las Vegas installations.

High Power Ranges

The ¾ horsepower engine is suitable for the heaviest doors. You have the option of installing two motors for one task. High horsepower is ideal for industrial use that can be found at fire houses, plane hangers, and loading factories. These doors are large due to the work they enable with large trucks and vehicles. Closing and opening such spaces require an engine that will work at high rates but at a slow and steady pace like the ¾ horsepower engine.

The Dangers of Repairing Your Garage Door Springs

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The Hazards of Repairing Springs on Your Garage Door

When you want to get plenty of use out of your garage door, it’s important that the parts and mechanisms are operating correctly. The springs are one of the main components of the garage door that determines how well it functions each day. If the springs are damaged or need to be repaired, there are a few reasons you should avoid fixing the issue without the help of a professional.

It’s More Complicated Than You Think

Repairing garage door springs is never an easy fix due and require professional training to ensure that they’re handled correctly. There are often many moving parts that can be difficult to manage if you don’t have a lot of experience repairing garage doors. A professional will be able to perform the repairs efficiently and understands how complicated it can be.

Injuries or Accidents

There’s a high risk of injuries and accidents when a homeowner attempts to repair their garage door without the help of a professional that can perform garage door spring repair. Without the right gear and equipment, it can be challenging to prevent issues or complications from occurring. You can protect yourself by hiring a technician that knows how to handle all of the parts correctly, especially if the other spring system is under excess tension.

Save Time and Money

You may want to forego the help of a professional to save money, but you can end up spending more money in the long run due to complications that occur when attempting to perform the repairs yourself. You can save money by getting the job done right the first time by hiring a professional to diagnose the issues and bring the right parts. You also won’t have to spend several hours researching how to perform the repairs and attempting to do it yourself, which can make it a more complicated process than necessary.

Tips on How to Prepare Your Garage for an Earthquake


How to Prepare Your Garage for an Earthquake

Maybe your house is prepared for an earthquake, but what about your garage? Your garage can be the weak link when an earthquake strikes. Here are some tips to help you prepare your garage for this natural disaster and keep you, your car and your home safe.

Build Storage Areas away from Garage Windows

If you’re using your garage for storage space as well as a place to park your car, then keep the storage areas away from the windows. In an earthquake, large furniture and appliances can move. If the edge of a shelf located near a window smashes against it, this will not only cause damage, but pose a security risk that will allow individuals to break into your home.

Add Seismic Support to your Garage Door and Walls

Bracing your garage door and walls with reinforced steel or plywood can improve your garage’s chances of withstanding an earthquake. This is especially true if you have living space above your garage. Without reinforcement, your garage may not be able to withstand the pressure and the whole structure could collapse. If you’re not able to install the additional steel or plywood yourself, Las Vegas garage door repair experts can assist you with the installation and any required upgrades.

Have Manual Garage Door Operation as a Backup

If an earthquake cuts off the electricity, make sure that you can still open your garage door. Install a device that will allow you to manually open your garage door without putting yourself in the dangerous position of heaving the garage door open from the bottom.

When to Replace a Garage Door

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When You Need a to Replace a Garage Door

While they can last for years, you’ll likely eventually to replace a garage door. This renovation is an investment you can rely on for years to come, but you’ll want to recognize when professional services can help. A new garage door is no different from any other household fix, but you need to look for damage before you make a decision.

Wear and Tear Affect Garage Doors

Eventually, a garage door is going to take damage from usage. The wheels are going to rust, and the door won’t close quickly enough. Gradual wear and tear tend to create noises during operation. The issues that occur during the lifetime of the garage door are going to become more visible. Another sign you may need a replacement is the quality of the door panels. When we leave for work every day, we accidentally leave bumps and dents. This damage eventually leads to a need to replace a garage door.

The Door Opener Stops Working

The garage door may seem to have nothing wrong with it, but the opener won’t work when we press it. Sometimes, the problem is within the device, but the underlying issue is usually within the garage. The motor is going to lose its ability to open and close when we want. You’ll want to seek out professional help to understand the underlying cause. When you know why the garage door isn’t working, you’ll notice what you need to look for in your next investment. Electrical components are an essential part of this renovation, but you can improve the decision-making process.

Your Garage Door Doesn’t Seem Sturdy Anymore

You don’t need to notice something go wrong to buy a new garage door. You can decide to invest in renovations when you believe your house needs some improvements before noticeable damage occurs. The garage doesn’t look the same way you remember, and the door panels are easy to damage. Find a new door and focus on sturdy structures. You want something other people won’t be able to open with ease. Garage door repair in Henderson can help you keep the house in proper condition.