Three Fun and Unique Ways You Can Customize New Wood Garage Doors


Customize Wood Garage Doors for a Unique Look

Many homeowners think that they only have a few options when it comes to new garage doors. If you assume that you need to pick doors made from metal that only come in a few standard colors and sizes, think again. You can now choose from more unique doors that include wood doors you can customize for your garage. Companies let you pick from different materials and make other decisions too.

Wood Types

The first choice that you need to make is on the type of wood that you want to use. Oak and cherry are two of the more popular options, but you can also select mahogany, pine or another type of wood. Most homeowners choose wood based on the natural color of that wood and have a coat of clear sealant added to the surface. No matter what type of wood you select, you can have that wood painted or stained to the finish that you want and then clear coated.


When shopping for a new garage door Las Vegas, homeowners sometimes worry that they’ll have a hard time finding unique garage doors that fit the unusual shapes of their garages. Even if you have a larger or smaller opening, one with an arched top or any other unique elements, you can still get a door in the same shape that you need. Arched garage doors have a slight curve across the top that adds an interesting look to the garage.


With customized doors, you also have the option of picking the number, type and size of windows needed. The more windows the door has, the more natural light it will let inside, which is helpful when working on your car or packing away boxes. No matter what features you want in a new door, you can find new garage doors that you can customize to fit your needs and preferences.

Causes of Garage Door Track Damage and When to Call Experts for Help


What Causes Damage to a Garage Door Track?

Nearly every garage door in the world has a track that features metal pieces or pieces from another material that let the door smoothly slide open and closed. Damage to that track can make the door stick as it tries to lift and lower, which is frustrating when you’re in a hurry. Finding out the common causes of garage track damage can help you avoid damaging the new track that experts install.

Car Accidents

When you try to back out or pull in too quickly and before the door finishes moving, it’s easy to scrape your car against that door. Though you may think that you’re safe because you don’t notice any damage, there is a chance that you bent the track. Scraping against the door can make it shift and go off the track while also bending the track.

Too Much Weight on the Door

When decorating for the holidays, you might feel tempted to hang wreaths and other heavy decorations on your garage door, especially if you don’t open that door very often. Las Vegas garage door experts warn against this because the weight will keep the door from following the track. Not only can the door slip off the track, but those decorations can fall off and dent or ding the track on the way down.


Though Las Vegas doesn’t get as much annual rainfall as other cities do, any rain that does fall can damage your garage track. That moisture can fall through any cracks around the door and cause rust on the track. You may find that the water puddles inside the track, which can make the rusting so bad that it actually eats through the track. The expert help that you get from a Las Vegas garage company will remove the damage to the garage door track done by some of these typical reasons.

Three Things to Do Before Making Your Garage a Guest Room or Office


What to Do Before Making Serious Changes to Your Garage

Though some people use their garages daily to keep their vehicles out of the sun and rain, others find themselves using their garages primarily for storage. If you are one of those homeowners, you should give some thought to transforming your garage into a home office or event guest room. Make sure you do some key things in this process though.

Consult Your HOA

If you live in a community with a homeowners’ association, always consult the HOA before paying for an inspection or getting some quotes. They have the final say on what you can and cannot do with your home, though you may have the chance to file an appeal after the organization turns down your request. Depending on the contract that you filed before moving in, you may have the option to renovate the garage but only if you use contractors from an approved list.

Get an Inspection

Getting an inspection is the best way to find out if your garage will even function as a home office or guest room. Talk with the same garage repair Las Vegas company that repaired your door in the past for help. This company will tell you exactly what the garage needs as-is, including whether you need to replace a spring, change your door or pay for a new track to open and close the door.


As you meet with contractors, ask about possibly soundproofing the garage too. This reduces the noises that you hear when working inside and when guests spend the night. It will also cut back on the noises that leave the garage and make it to the street. When you take all the right steps, you’ll have an easier time turning your garage into a space that both you and your guests can use.

How to Deal with a Broken Garage Door


How to Deal with a Broken Garage Door

If you find yourself with a broken or bent garage door, you can do a few things to mitigate the issue before it gets worse. This article will give you a few steps to follow, as well as tell you when you should call the experts in Henderson garage door repair.

Assess Your Garage Door Damage

The first thing you will need to do is figure out what happened. Most likely, the bottom of the garage door will have the most damage. You can probably use your garage door opener to lift the door, even with the damage. Attempt to open the door with the opener.

Before you lower the door again, check the different parts of the door opening mechanism. Do the lifting cables align with the drums? Did the rollers stay attached to the hinges? While you’re checking this system, you don’t want to touch any of these parts, as they all operate under high tension and can cause serious injury.

If everything looks fine, pull your car out of the garage. Stand about eight feet from your garage door and push your garage door opener again. It is advisable to unplug your opener from the outlet and call your local garage repair technician.

Call a Technician and Your Insurance Company

If you knocked your garage door totally off its hinges, you can’t do much on your own. You will need to call your local garage repair technician and get them to fix the problem.

You will also need to call your insurance agent as soon as possible. Since the insurer of your car won’t cover the damage to your garage door, you will also have to call your home insurance agent. When contacting your insurers, keep your deductibles in mind. In some cases, you might spend less money paying for the repairs yourself.

What Are the Costs?

Labor will act as the biggest cost surrounding your garage door replacement. The cost will greatly depend on the extent of damage and the age of your door. If your garage door is ancient, the technician may need to replace the entire garage door system. Expect to pay more in this situation.

Top Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Running


Top Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Garage Door Running

The door of your garage acts as the biggest single moving part of your home. You use your home garage door multiple times a day in all types of weather conditions. If you plan to keep your garage door working for years to come, you have to take to time to perform simple maintenance tasks while your door is working well. This article will give you three maintenance tips that will keep your garage door working well.

Stop, Look, and Listen

One of the best garage door maintenance tips that you can get is to watch your garage door every time it is in use. Does your garage door move smoothly? Does your garage door jerk around at times? Does your garage door operate in silence? Does the door make scraping or grinding sounds? Do all parts of your garage door system, from the pulleys and springs to the cables, appear symmetrical?

Testing the Balance of Your Garage Door

If your garage door doesn’t have the proper amount of balance, your garage door opener will have to work so much harder to operate your door. Plus, it won’t last nearly as long. Disconnect your garage door opener by pulling on the release handle’s red cord. Move your garage half of the way in an upwards position. If your garage door doesn’t stay up, then your garage door springs have an improper amount of balance. Do not attempt to repair this issue yourself. Instead, leave this garage door spring repair issue to your local garage repair technicians.

Testing the Safety Features of Your Garage Door

You will want to check both the mechanical and photocell safety features of your garage door. Examine the automatic feature by placing an object in the path of the garage door’s trajectory. When your door makes contact with the object, it should go back up in the opposite direction. Test the photoelectric system feature by closing your garage door and putting your foot in the path of the door. Your door should start to go back up.

If your garage doors were made before 1993, they might not have these safety features. If you’re in this predicament, you will need to call your local garage repair technicians to get a new opener.

How to Winterize Your Garage Door


How to Prepare Your Garage Door for the Winter

A garage door has a lot of moving parts that you likely use more than once per day. While these parts should stay in good condition with proper maintenance, there’s a higher risk of damage occurring to your garage door during the cold winter months, which is why it’s important that you winterize your garage door before this season kicks in. Doing so is relatively simple and will also allow you to identify if there are any serious repairs that need to be made before wintertime.

Tighten Up Hardware and Replace Weather Stripping

The opening and closing of a garage door invariably causes the hardware inside to loosen over time, which is why all the bolts and roller brackets inside the door should be tightened before winter. It’s also essential that you replace the weather stripping at the bottom of your garage door, as this rubber strip can become brittle or cracked, causing the winter elements, like snow and ice, to get into your garage. A local garage door professional will be able to help you find the right type of weather stripping for your door.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

When the temperatures drop and the frigid air subsists, the moving parts in your door can stiffen and become susceptible to breaking. If you want your door to operate seamlessly all throughout the winter months, it’s important that the parts inside remain well lubricated. Just coat all of the moving parts with spray lubricant, a task that’s easy to accomplish and should take only 10-15 minutes of your time. Your door will last a lot longer and you won’t try to go to work and suddenly find that the door won’t open properly.

Check the Cables and Rollers

When you’re inspecting your garage door to make sure that it’s in proper working order, it’s essential that you check the cables. You should never touch these high-tension cables yourself, but look for any damage or broken strands towards the bottom of the roller brackets. The rollers should also be inspected for any cracks or chips in the material. If you haven’t replaced them in 5-7 years, now would be a good time to do so. If you find an issue with your garage door during your preparations for the winter, Las Vegas garage door repair services can provide a fix before the problem worsens.

Learn When to Replace the Weather Stripping on Your Garage Door


Signs of Poor Garage Door Weather Stripping

A solid garage door lets you feel confident in knowing it will keep your car safe from burglars – and safe from Mother Nature too. Though these doors come with weather stripping on the bottom and sides, the stripping can crack or peel over time. Even if you don’t notice the weather stripping itself, other clues, including the ones discussed below, will appear in your garage to alert you that it’s time to have a Henderson garage repair service replace this vital component of your garage doors.

Rusting Metal

Many modern garage doors use stainless steel or aluminum because these metals are lightweight but strong. Manufacturers often add a coating or sealant to the surface that keeps the metal from coming into contact with the elements that cause rust. If your door does not have this coating or if the coating has peeled off and your weather stripping fails, you might notice some garage door rust. A lack of weather stripping can also allow your tools and other metal kept in the garage to rust because of the higher than normal moisture levels allowed in.

Feeling Drafts

If you feel breezes or drafts in your garage that you’ve never before noticed, you should check the state of the weather stripping. This is because the primary job of weather stripping, as the name of the product implies, is preventing certain aspect of the weather from entering the space. When weather stripping begins to deteriorate or fail, the gaps that open up can allow drafts to form. These drafts can themselves leave other clues such as dust or dirt gathering in corners that never used to get dirty quickly.

Puddles of Water

Visible puddles of water or standing water in a garage is another sign that your weather stripping failed. Any strips around the edges that have cracked or broken off will allow water to seep through during rainstorms or sometimes when your sprinkler system runs. That water will typically pool in puddles around the door. Garage repair techs can easily replace the old weather stripping on your doors whenever any of these signs tell you the old weather stripping needs to be replaced.

Tips for Choosing a New Garage Door


Which Door Should You Choose for Your Home Garage?

Choosing the type of door you’re going to attach to your garage is a critical decision for a homeowner. The garage door protects your garage from nosy neighbors, adds to your home’s curb appeal, and keeps the hot, humid Las Vegas weather outside. The type of door you choose could also affect the cooling of your home. When it comes time to pick a garage door, take note of a few advantages that an insulated residential garage door has over one without insulation.

The Buffering Effect of Your Garage

While it may not seem like it, your home garage is more than a place to park the family car and forgotten possessions. Your garage operates as a buffer for your home. For example, in the summer, your garage performs as a buffer against the heat. This buffering effect can significantly lower your cooling bills.

When you go to your local mall, look at the entrance. It probably has a buffer area with one set of doors inside the building and another set on the outside. The space between the buffer gets kept at a temperature that falls between the outdoors and indoors climate. It is this effect that you want to create with your garage.

For you to use these tips, you will need to insulate your garage with the help of experts in garage installation Las Vegas. If your garage door isn’t insulated, heat from the outside will come into your home. Getting an insulated garage door installed is a good way to control the temperature of your home, as well as your cooling bills.

More Reasons You Should Insulate Your Garage

When you insulate your garage door, you keep out much of the noise from the outside. That’s because the layers of insulation and steel keep everything out. Non-insulated doors also tend to make more noise when they open and close.

Due to the layers of steel and insulation that come with insulated doors, they tend to last longer than their non-insulated cousins. Insulated doors resist dents and can handle damage better than non-insulated doors.

Insulated Garage Doors Are the Best Choice

Insulated garage doors make sense, even for Las Vegas homeowners. When you take into account the money you’ll save on your cooling bills, as well as the benefits of a silent door and a longer life; no other decision makes sense.

Why You Should Add a Garage to Your Home


Should I Add a Garage to My Home?

If you’ve been considering making renovations to your home, you’ve likely thought about adding a garage, as its versatility allows it to be a very beneficial investment, both for the value of your home and for the many uses you can get out of a new garage. However, the cost of adding a new room to your home makes this a very large investment, so it’s important that you’re aware of the benefits of adding a garage before you decide to do so.

Offers a Lot of Potential

One of the best aspects of adding a garage to your home is that it has a lot of potential to provide you with returns on your initial investment. If you live in a suburb and eventually want to sell your home, most prospective homeowners won’t even take the time to look at your house if it doesn’t have a garage. A new garage can be built for thousands of dollars, but the value of your house could increase by even more once you’re finished. A garage also has a lot of potential as an extra room. You can use it to store your vehicles, as a workshop, as an office, or even as an additional bedroom where guests can sleep when visiting.

Can Fit Around Many Budgets

No matter the reason you wish to add a garage to your home, you can do so on a wide range of budgets. For instance, a basic garage that fits one car can be built for little money, but there are many options available to you that will allow you to personalize the garage in the event that you have a larger available budget. For instance, if you’re using the garage as a bedroom or office, you may want to add heating to it. You could also build the garage to support two vehicles.

Wide Range of Fantastic Options for Your Garage Door

One of the more interesting facets of building a garage is selecting the door you’re going to have installed. Doors come in a range of different materials, including wood, steel, and aluminum, each of which offer their own unique benefits. Garage doors can be purchased in many different colors, with a wide array of patterns, and with extra features like insulation. It’s easy to choose the right new garage door in Las Vegas.