Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener


When to Get a New Garage Door Opener

Older homes often have features and parts that need to be replaced over time due to their age. The garage door is no exception and will eventually need to have a new garage opener to ensure that it operates well. There are a few benefits of purchasing a new opener when the old product is outdated.

Reduce the Noise

Your garage door will make noise when it opens and closes but it shouldn’t be so loud that it wakes up the people in the house. New garage doors are quieter and won’t cause you to become startled when the feature is turned on each day. The cause of the noise on older models is due to the chain drive, which you can consider replacing with a screw drive or belt drive garage door opener.

Avoid Using Keys

Using a key to secure your garage door to reduce the risk of an intruder breaking into the garage can be inconvenient when you’re late for work. With a new garage door opener, you can avoid using keys to ensure and increase the security of your home. You can opt for using a keypad that is installed, which will require a code to get into the building. The code can be shared with your family members or friends when you’re not present and will allow you to avoid losing the key. New keypads even have a fingerprint detection feature for added security and ease of use.

Safety Reversal

New garage doors are known to be safer because they’re built with a safety reversing mechanism that reduces the risk of accidents or injuries on the property when the feature is used. With a professional garage installation in Las Vegas, you could obtain a product that has sensors and will detect if a person or object is in the way of the door as it operates. New doors will immediately stop and reverse when something is in the way to prevent damage.

Pros and Cons of Wood Garage Doors


Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Garage Doors

Garage doors not only allow you to have access to the garage but also contribute to the curb appeal of the exterior of the building. Wood garage doors have been used for many decades and continue to be a popular option. When you need to replace your current door, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to keep in mind when you consider wood garage doors.

Many Design Options

Wood garage doors allow homeowners to have many different choices when it comes to selecting a product that will complement the architecture of the building. You can have a range of color options and styles to choose from to ensure that you boost the curb appeal of the house and enhance its value. Some of the options available for wood garage doors include wood board, cedar shingles and logs.

The builder of the door will design a garage door that is specific to your taste and can include custom features, making it easy to choose a style that is unique and stands out in the neighborhood.

High Level of Upkeep

One of the drawbacks of wood garage doors is that they require a significant amount of maintenance to uphold their beautiful design and appeal. Homeowners must perform annual maintenance on the door, which includes sanding down and repainting the exterior. They are also at risk of rotting when they’re exposed to moisture, which can shorten the lifespan of the materials. This means that wood doors may not be ideal for humid or cold climates.

Issues with Insulation

Homes with wood garage doors can have many different issues with insulation because some of the doors are constructed out of solid wood. Other wooden doors may be filled with insulation. They are also not as readily available as other types of garage doors because they must be custom built, which can require you to wait longer and may not be an option if a new garage door in Las Vegas is needed immediately.

How to Make Your Garage More Energy Efficient


Tips for Making Your Garage Door Energy-Efficient

Many people don’t give much thought to the temperature inside of the garage, but the level of comfort in the space can have an impact on the rest of the home. A garage that isn’t energy-efficient can cause the electric bill to rise in each season. If you want to make your garage door more energy-efficient, there are a few tips that will pay off.

Insulate the Walls

Insulating the walls of the garage will prove to be useful because it will prevent extreme temperatures outside from affecting the internal climate. Use R-value insulation between the joists or hire a professional to blow it into the drywall to reach tight corners or spaces. It can also be added to the ceiling of the garage and will last for several years before it needs to be replaced. Many older homes don’t have insulation in the garage, making it necessary to perform this task to conserve more energy. The garage door can also be further strengthened by replacing it with a new, insulated door.

Reduce Drafts

Drafts that are present in the garage can allow cold or hot air into the space and will affect the internal temperature of the rest of the building. Reduce drafts by caulking holes or cracks that have formed due to connections that have shrunk or swelled. Opt for using a foam sealant to seal the areas where gaps are present in the building. You can also seal the door between the house and garage with the help of a professional who performs Las Vegas garage door repair.

Seal Cracks on the Floor

The floor in the garage can also increase your energy usage when cracks form in the cement due to cold air and gas that pass through. Seal the cracks to reduce the number of drafts that are present and to prevent water from freezing, which can cause the cement to crack even more over time. If the floor isn’t sealed, it can cause the cement to shift and prevent the garage door from closing properly.

Reasons to Purchase an Insulated Garage Door


Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

When you’re in the market for a new garage door, there are many different styles and products to choose from. Adding a new door is an effective way of updating the home and allowing it to stand out in the neighborhood. Garage doors that are insulated are increasing in popularity and offer many benefits when you’re considering different options.

Reduce Your Energy Usage

One of the main benefits of insulated garage doors is that they prevent drafts from being present and seal off the space. The internal temperature of the garage influences the rest of the home, making it necessary to install a product that has insulation in the door. The product is worth the investment because it can allow you to save hundreds of dollars throughout the year and reduce your carbon footprint. Your car is also less likely to suffer from damage when it’s stored in a climate-controlled setting by avoiding extreme temperatures.

Increased Durability

Insulated doors are known to be more durable, which means you won’t need to hire a professional to perform garage repair Las Vegas as often. They’re stronger than standard garage doors because they’re constructed with a metal frame with solid-core insulation that lasts for many years. The product not only weighs less and is also prone to denting less over the years. You can own a new garage door that maintains its appeal and continues to look attractive.

Less Noise

Garage doors that have more insulation make less noise when they’re in use due to the track mechanism that is installed. You won’t have to worry about being inconvenienced if there’s a bedroom that is located above or next to the garage. The quiet sound of the product won’t wake up the residents who are sleeping and can avoid drawing attention to the home when the garage door is opened or closed each day. They are also less likely to shake or vibrate compared to standard doors.

Decision Points When Choosing a New Garage Door


Decisions to Be Made When Buying a Garage Door

If you’ve ever built a house or remodeled a room, you know that a myriad of questions from the color of the paint to the style of the doorknob can overwhelm you. Although you won’t have as many decisions to make when installing a new garage door, you’ll still have several options to choose from that may require some forethought.

Appearance Decisions

The first set of decisions involves the appearance of the garage door. You’ll want to consider the color and style to ensure it compliments the appearance of the rest of your home. You’ll also need to decide if you want a single or double-door look, whether you want a metal or wood door and if you’d like windows in the garage door. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these choices. Spend some time thinking about how you use your garage to decide if you want the natural light afforded by windows or the low maintenance advantages of metal doors.

Functionality Decisions

The second set of decisions has to do with the functionality of garage doors. For instance, do you want an insulated garage door because of your area’s harsh climate and the fact that you will be working in your garage? The type of insulation and the R-values of that insulation will affect warmth and cost. In addition, you’ll need to decide whether you’ll install extension or torsion hardware to operate the door. Torsion hardware centers the weight of the door on the anchor plate, which means it can operate more smoothly and reliably. An extension system functions on two separate tracks; however it takes up less headspace than the torsion system.

Quality and Cost

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you can afford a higher quality garage door, it will last longer and probably present fewer problems. You can review the various cost options to help you find the right new garage door or opt for a garage door repair in Henderson for your existing door.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Garage Door Specialist

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Tips for Finding a Garage Door Professional

Anytime you need a home repair, you want to be sure you do your homework to be sure you’re selecting a qualified, experienced professional. You can take several steps before and during the selection process to ensure that you are picking someone who can get the job done well and at a reasonable price.

Before You Call

Before you call a garage door professional, you can do some legwork. Start by asking friends, family, neighbors and colleagues if they have any recommendations. Word of mouth is often the best way to find a proven professional. If you don’t have luck going down this avenue, you can check online reviews. Although some businesses will post testimonials on their site, you can check third-party sources like Yelp! and Google for posted reviews as well.

After the Initial Selection

Once you think you’ve found a professional, you’ll want to make some observations. The service professional should be interested in your project and work to find out as many details as possible about your garage door problem. You’ll want to see if they provide information upfront, arrive on time, and come in a professional-looking vehicle. If they treat you with respect and offer advice and knowledge that doesn’t always revolve around a sale, you’ve probably found someone who is truly interested in customer service.

Things to Obtain

Before beginning official work, be sure that your garage door professional is licensed, bonded and insured. You’ll also want to understand the estimates for both parts and labor and obtain this information in writing before work commences. Understand the guarantees offered and what the contingencies are for problems before you begin. These are some options that will help ensure you receive great service when you need a new garage door or or garage door spring repair.

How to Protect Your Garage Door From Hurricane Winds

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How to Keep Your Garage Door Secure During a Hurricane

Keeping your home protected and free from damage is paramount when a hurricane is about to strike the area where you live, and the garage door should be the first area you look to when attempting to ascertain how secure or otherwise your home is. You don’t want wind to get inside your home, as this could create dangerous pressure that could damage your house. The garage door is typically among the most vulnerable aspects of a house, as these doors can be crafted from cheaper materials or could be lesser in overall quality if you’ve had it installed in your home for more than ten years. Before a hurricane hits, consider the following guidelines when keeping your garage door secure and protected.

Consider Upgrading Your Garage Door

If your door is over 10 years old or has become damaged for any number of reasons, it may be time to consider replacing and upgrading your door. Some garage doors are outfitted with a wind pressure rating, which means that the door has been equipped with installation parts and materials that allows it to withstand high winds, increasing the chances that it will remain secure in its place. If the material on your door has weakened, you might also wish to consider changing to a door with more durable materials, such as a steel door or an aluminum door with a fiberglass overlay.

Contact a Professional to Inspect the Structural Integrity of Your Door

Before a hurricane arrives, have your garage door checked out in order to identify the current structural integrity of the door. A qualified technician will be able to evaluate your door as well as the track and springs within to see if any repairs or additional hardware is necessary. A weakened door could prove troublesome in keeping your home safe and secure during a hurricane, which is what a professional will be able to spot.

Consider Using a Garage Door Bracing System

Vertical bracing systems are made of durable materials, such as high-grade aluminum or steel, and are able to anchor to the garage floor as well as the wall above the door. Having several of these braces installed should help your door resist maximum winds. If ever your garage door has become damaged, consider making use of Henderson garage repair services to fix the issue.

Things to Avoid Storing in Your Garage


Three Things to Avoid Storing in Your Home

Homeowners often don’t realize what an asset the garage is in their home. Until you have one of your own, you don’t realize how much more of the stuff you have accumulated over the years you can store successfully. Besides the obvious function of storing your vehicles, you can store seasonal items and stuff you don’t use that you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of.

While the garage is a great resource for storage, things can get messy and even dangerous in a hurry if you aren’t careful. My friend is a home insurance agent and he has a litany of disaster stories when it comes to people’s garages and the attic above them. To avoid these types of situations, avoid storing the following items where you store your vehicle.

Canned Food

A lot of people think that storing their non-perishable food in the garage is a good idea. While this seems harmless, it can actually affect the food in a negative way. While this food is considered non-perishable, it still has a shelf life. That shelf life is much longer when the food is stored in a cool, dry place. Your garage can become the exact opposite of this during the summer months when the heat and humidity are extreme.

If you are just storing them for a short period of time, this may not be an issue. If long-term storage of non-perishable food is your goal, it is a much better idea to store the cans in a temperature-controlled area in your house like the pantry.

Propane Tanks

The general rule for propane tanks is that they should never enter any doorway in the home, including the garage door. Propane tanks are generally safe, but the results can be legitimately disastrous if your propane tank leaks. When propane leaks, it gets into the air as well, meaning that the simple lighting of a match or a cigarette could lead to a fire or an explosion. Compound this with the fact that there is a gas tank in your car in the area and you could have a major disaster on your hands. Always store propane on the exterior of your home.

Unused Furniture

For a short period of time, it may be okay, but you should never store furniture in your garage for an extended period of time. If it is wood, the constant change in weather patterns could lead to warping. Furniture with upholstery and cushions can become a nice home for pests in your area looking for a warm place to call home.

The most important step towards making sure your garage is a good option for storage is to ensure that it is secure and sealed. If your garage door has gaps between it and the floor when it is closed, contact a location for garage door repair Henderson has to offer. You may be surprised to find that many of the repairs you need are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

How Garages Can Keep You Safe, Organized, and Creative


Garages: More Than Just for Cars

For some people, the garage is where real living takes place. More than just for cars — although it’s that, too — a garage plays a vital role in your family’s household management, offers a space for letting your creativity thrive, and even provides security.

Where Did the Holiday Ornaments Go?

Smaller houses are ideal for downsizers of all ages and situations, but there’s a lot to be said in praise of a big garage when you’re trying to find something. What happened to your child’s soccer trophy? Where did the needle-nose pliers go? A good organizational system in your garage is key. Whether you install wall or freestanding shelves, the garage is the place to do it. Imagine easily locating tools, memorabilia, photo albums, your lawn mower, emergency supplies, and yes, the holiday ornaments.

Sewing Room, Sawing Room

The versatility of a garage is an amazing asset. Once you’ve decided where your car will stay, the rest of the garage is the perfect space to get creative. Imagine being able to spread out your sewing project without competing with family dinner. The garage can become that oasis of creativity and experimentation where you can work on your brand-new jigsaw, your handy tinkering problem, or that magnificent Lego creation of the Death Star. Whatever it is, your garage makes a great craft room where no one cares if the place gets messy, and it won’t be a problem if you drop something.

Home Safe

Most of all, the garage is the first line of defense for your house and your family. Your valuables are precious to you, and your garage helps keep you, your family, and your belongings safe. Admit it — isn’t it satisfying to see that garage door come down like the iron gate on your family fortress? Obviously, it’s important to keep your garage maintained, especially the crucial garage door spring that’s responsible for helping raise and lower your garage door safely. Check at least a few times a year to make sure you don’t need a garage door spring repair to ensure that your home remains your well-guarded castle.

Pros and Cons of Fiberglass Garage Doors


Advantages and Disadvantages of Fiberglass Garage Doors

One of the most important considerations when getting a new garage door is material. Everyone is aware of wood, steel and aluminum, but few people know much about fiberglass. While this material has lost some popularity throughout the years, it’s an interesting material that is uniquely suited for certain environments and preferences. Here are all the pros and cons so that you can decide if this material is right for you.

Advantages of Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass is one of the lightest materials that you can get for your garage door. This means that it puts much less strain on the lifting parts, and it’s easier to manually lift. It’s also one of the most affordable materials, being much cheaper than wood and steel.

One of the best advantages is that fiberglass won’t corrode, making it ideal for those who live by the sea. It also won’t contract or expand from temperature changes.

Since fiberglass is semi-transparent, it will allow more light into your garage. If you don’t want more light, then you can always cover the fiberglass with dark paint. Not only that, but fiberglass is so malleable that it can take on many colors and designs.

Disadvantages of Fiberglass Garage Doors

Since fiberglass is light and semi-transparent, it does a poor job of insulating the garage. It can also get fairly brittle if continually exposed to the cold, making it bad for areas with harsh winters. You’ll find that fiberglass performs better in warm areas, like Las Vegas, where it allows heat to escape the garage.

Fiberglass may also yellow with age. This problem has largely been alleviated with newer formulations, but it may still occur in harsher environments. While you can add new paint to the garage after it yellows, this will only be a temporary fix.

Fiberglass Installation

Since it’s so lightweight, fiberglass is easier to install than other materials. While this is certainly an advantage when getting a new garage door Las Vegas, you should consider all of the pros and cons before making a decision.