How to Protect Your Garage Door in a Storm


Protecting Your Garage from Storm Damage

The garage door is extremely durable and is built to last when you need to park your garage inside or have items to access. During the winter season, harsh weather conditions can cause damage to the feature due to excess force and environmental elements. If you want to protect the large door, there are a few essential steps to take as a homeowner.

Use a Bracing Kit

A bracing kit is necessary to install to increase the support that is used on the materials of the door. The kit is easy to put on yourself and requires a track on the door that is 14-gauge weight. The track needs to be secured with long, durable screws used to ensure that the track won’t easily become loose during high winds. Two or three braces can be used on two-car garages. Check all of the hardware to ensure that everything is tightened. If you own an old wood door, it may be time to replace the product because it likely won’t hold up in a Category 4 storm.

Remove Rust

Rust commonly occurs on garage doors when the materials are exposed to moisture due to rain or ice. Remain vigilant in checking the rails, wheels, and springs. Remove signs of oxidation and use a step later to examine all of the parts. You can also hire a professional who repairs garage doors in Las Vegas to remove any rust that has formed. The parts will need to be sanded down, or white vinegar can be applied to remove rust on areas that are affected.

To prevent rust from developing, consider painting the exterior door panels with protective paint or latex-based external-grade paint.

Install a Surge Protector

A surge protector is necessary to protect the garage door opener from losing power if it’s exposed to water in the middle of a storm. Many surge protectors are built for newer models of garage door openers to ensure that the door control panel, safety reversing sensors, and AC power line continue to work well. You won’t have to worry about replacing the parts if everything is protected and secured during the winter season.

How Your Garage Doors Can Make a Great First Impression


How Your Garage Doors Can Make a Great First Impression

When you renovate your home, you tend to put most of your attention on designing the interior of your residence. Many people tend to forget that the majority of first impressions get made from your home’s exterior. Curb appeal acts as an important idea when it comes times to sell your house. However, curb appeal as an idea should appeal to you as a homeowner, even if you don’t want to sell your home at the moment.

How to Get a Beautiful Garage Door

To make your home beautiful and welcoming, you will have to worry about a lot more than landscaping. You will also need to concern yourself with maintenance. Nothing can make a more significant impact on your home’s exterior than attractive garage doors.

A torn up, worn out garage door can cancel out any expensive landscaping you got done. Due to the location and size of your garage doors, they act as the first thing that most people will see from your home. The experts in garage repair in Las Vegas can help you install a garage door that will get you that great first impression.

Selecting a Garage Door

Your local garage technicians will offer great products, a wide array of options and accessories such as insulated doors, and an excellent selection of garage doors that will fit all styles of houses. Whether you own a contemporary, traditional, or a carriage home, you can find a garage door that will best suit the exterior of your residence.

Tips for Selecting the Look of Your Garage Door

Your garage door should match with the colors of your home. They don’t have to match precisely, but the garage door and your home should share some of the same tones.

If the part of your home that most people see first is your garage, make that the focal point with color and tasteful decorative elements. While you want your garage to have curb appeal, you don’t want your home to get noticed for the wrong reasons. Therefore, avoid garish color schemes for your garage doors.

How to Take Action If Animals Are Ruining Your Home’s Garage Door

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Types of Damage from Animals Urinating on Your Garage Door

Many domestic and wild animals are known to spray urine as a way of marking their territory. Pet and feral dogs and cats, coyotes, foxes and other animals tend to exhibit this behavior. Animals regularly spraying your garage door could cause corrosion and other problems. If you notice that this is happening, it is important to arrange for a prompt garage door repair in Henderson.

Erosion of the Finish

A wood garage door that has been sealed or painted could have its paint or sealant eroded from the chemicals in animal urine. A laminated finish could also become etched and eroded from regular exposures to the ammonia that is in urine. If the damage is still minor, a technician may be able to reseal the garage door panels in order to prevent further erosion of the finish.

Corrosion of Metal

Many people have a garage door that is made of steel or aluminum panels. The chemicals that are present in the urine of animals are strong enough to cause those metals to corrode. This is most likely to happen if animals in the area have been spraying the garage door for an extended period of time, such as a few months. If the metal becomes corroded, part of the panel may need to be replaced by the technician.

Disintegration of the Seal

Along the bottom and sides of a garage door, there is a rubber seal. This seal cushions the impact of the garage door as it hits the garage’s floor. It also acts to stop dirt, dust and debris from entering the garage. Chemicals in animal urine could cause the seal to disintegrate. Technicians may need to replace the damaged seal.

Three Signs Your Garage Door Springs Needs to be Fixed

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Three Signs Your Garage Door Springs Need to be Replaced

Garage door springs are certainly something you don’t think about until you have a problem with them. Springs do a simple job, but they actually undergo a lot of stress on a day to day basis. This constant tension can build over time and cause the springs to break, which will cause the door to stop going up and down completely.

Of course, this is something you want to avoid completely. It is much cheaper and less time-consuming to hire someone for garage door spring repair than it is to have your garage springs replaced. In order to prevent your garage door springs malfunctioning, you need to look out for signs that they might be about to go. Here are three of the most common indicators that you need to call a garage door repair specialist to take a look at your springs.

You Have Had the Door for More Than Ten Years

Each spring has a shelf life. Experts say each one should complete about 10,000 up and down cycles before they give out. If you use your garage door at the average rate, it will last about ten years. If you have lived in your home longer than ten years without having your garage door springs looked at, they probably should be replaced. The performance of the springs might have declined, and you might not have noticed because it has been gradual.

Test the Door’s Stability

If you think your springs might be having issues, try this test. First, set up your garage door so it can only be opened manually. Once you have done this, open it halfway. The door will stay in place if the springs are still good. Spring problems will cause the door to slide up or down because they are not supporting it properly. Professional attention is definitely needed if you experience this issue.


Call a pro immediately if you hear foreign noises coming from the springs when you are opening or closing the garage door. The noises could mean the springs are worn out and they can no longer support the full weight of the garage door. This is a sign of failing garage door springs, so don’t hesitate if you are experiencing this issue.

Don’t underestimate the value of properly working garage door system. If you have had your garage door for a while, it’s worth having a professional check out the springs.

Why You Should Consider a New Garage Door That Has a Built-in Screen


Three Benefits of a Garage Door With a Screen

Although most people just use the garage as a place to park their vehicles and store lawn and garden equipment, bicycles and tools, the garage could be doing a lot more for you. If you have wanted a bigger gathering space or more room to work on your hobbies, a new garage door in Las Vegas with a screen may be the solution you need. Consider these three benefits of a garage door that has a screening unit attached to it.

Gain a Space for Your Hobbies

The screening system for a garage door clips onto the regular door much like a screen for your front door hangs in the same place and uses the same hardware as your regular front door. You can disengage the screen from the regular garage door and pull it down. The lightweight screen allows you to have airflow for working on hobbies such as painting. The screen keeps out the dust and ventilates the area.

Create a Man Cave or Leisure Room

If you want to have your pals over to watch the big game or you like to play video games with friends, a screen allows you to turn the garage into a man cave. A few ceiling fans will combine with the screened door to promote airflow. When the game is over, pull the cars back in and close your garage door as usual.

Keep Dust and Pests Away

If you work on your cars or do some woodworking in your garage, a screen keeps the dust away and protects your tools and sensitive electronics. The screen also keeps flies and other bugs out of the area. With the screen down, you could enjoy evenings in your garage without getting bugged by insects.

Avoid Scams! Learn to Hire a Garage Door Repair Expert


Four Easy Steps to Avoid Garage Door Repair Scams

There are many reasons that you will want to hire a garage door repair person if your door starts experiencing problems. They are experts at spotting where the trouble lays and remedying it quickly. Additionally, they have the tools and know how to use them so that all jobs are completed safely. The hardest part is finding a garage door repair expert that you can trust.

Choose a Bonded and Insured Company

You do not want just any stranger entering your garage when you need garage door repair in Henderson. Therefore, look for someone who is bonded and insured. This provides protection against any accidental injury that occurs while the repair person is working on the door. It also covers you in the event that something comes up missing after the repair person has been on your property.

Check Reviews

A good company is always willing to share with you references where they have previously worked, and they will give you time to contact these references because they are proud of the work that they have already completed. You need, however, to do your own research, and a great place to start is with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against them.

Ask for an Estimate

The repair person should be willing to tell you about how much your repair is going to cost if you can tell them the basic problem. Once they arrive at your property, then they should be willing to give you a written estimate in person before they begin any work. If they are only willing to give you an hourly estimate, then ask how long they think the job should take. Make sure that you are not going to pay exorbitant fees for supplies that they do not bring with them. Since things seem to always break at the most inconvenient times, make sure to ask about any additional fees for working in the evening or on the weekend.

Pay After the Job is Complete

Some honest companies may ask you to pay for parts before they install them at your property, however, never pay for a job until it is completed. The contractor should be willing to walk you through exactly what they did to fix their job. They should also be willing to give you a warranty ensuring that you never have to pay for that job to be completed again.

How to Determine if Your Garage Door is Outdated

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Signs Your Garage Door is Outdated

Your garage door is not only an important feature that increases the security of your home but also contributes to the look of your home’s exterior. When the door becomes outdated, it can affect the quality and appeal of your residential property. Here are a few signs that your garage door is outdated and that it may be time to replace the product.

Old Exterior Design

Most garage doors are the focal point of the exterior of the home and can become an eyesore once they age. The door is prone to becoming faded or can have paint that begins to peel. An old garage door can affect the overall value of your property and can make it challenging to sell in the future. The door should complement the architecture of your home and enhance the design of the building instead of detracting from it.

If you own a home that is several decades old and still has the original door, then it’s a sign that you may want to upgrade the product.

Frequent Repairs

Older garage doors are prone to breaking down frequently and often need to be repaired every few months. You may be spending a significant amount of money on garage door spring repairs throughout the year due to parts that continue to wear down. Some of the parts may also be difficult for a professional technician to find due to the age of the door, which is a sign that it’s time to replace the garage.

Replacing the door will allow you to have a long-lasting product that is safe to use and doesn’t increase the risk of someone sustaining an injury on your property. You will also save more money by avoiding repairs that are needed.

Missing Parts

Many garage doors also have missing parts that become loose over time due to the number of times that the door opens and closes each day. Modern-day garage doors are constructed with pinch resistant panels and are more insulated, which can protect your interior setting from low or high temperatures.

Using a new garage door that has better features and doesn’t have missing parts will allow it to protect your home and secure it from environmental elements.

What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Wood Garage Door for Your Home

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What You Need to Know About Wood Garage Doors

Is it time to give your home’s exterior a new look? One way to make your home more visually appealing and different from the rest is to install a new garage door. Wooden garage doors come in a variety of prices, so you can find a style to suit your budget and your tastes. Here’s what you need to know when considering a wood door.

Advantages of Wood Garage Doors

Durability. Custom garage doors made from wood are durable. They are dent-proof and less prone to damage than steel and aluminum doors.

Uniqueness. You can choose from a variety of classic and contemporary styles. Wood is the choice if you want carriage house style garage doors.

Customizable. You can choose from a variety of materials including plywood wrapped, insulated, lightweight frames, or heavier frame-and-panel doors.

Disadvantages of Wood Garage Doors

Maintenance. Unlike steel and aluminum which require very little maintenance, you’ll need to paint or stain your wood garage door regularly to keep it looking fresh.

Weather resistance. Wood doors can become cracked, bowed, damaged or rot if they are not water sealed

Cost. Custom doors made of wood cost more to maintain. So, the lifetime cost of having a wood door installed can outweigh that of other types of garage doors.

Garage Door Installation

Installing a wood garage door is a worthwhile investment because it can improve the appearance of your home. Wood doors add value and curb appeal to your garage if you want to sell your home. A garage installation Las Vegascompany can give you more information about types of wood, designs, colors, and finish you can choose from.

The Benefits of a Wooden Garage Door

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Why Homeowners Need a Wooden Garage Door

There are many different garage door materials that a homeowner can choose from such as aluminum or vinyl. However, there may be many benefits from opting for a wood garage door instead. When properly maintained, it can match the look and style that a homeowner is going for while also lasting for several years or decades.

Wood Is a Timeless Material

Wood has been used in home construction for thousands of years. It is unlikely that buyers will not want to purchase a home at any point in the future that has a wooden garage door. In addition to having a universal appeal, it has a unique look that can only be imitated by other materials. When wood is treated, it can offer quality protection against pests, water and fire damage. This means that a homeowner won’t have to spend a lot of time and money maintaining it.

Wood Can Be Painted or Stained

Those who have a wooden garage door have the opportunity to either paint or stain it to meet their needs. In some cases, it may be possible to do nothing to the wood and let its natural beauty stand out. However, most homeowners will want to paint or stain their doors for the protection that it provides. Furthermore, using a cherry or similar type of stain may actually help to bring out the natural features of the wood.

Get Help If a Door Doesn’t Look or Work Right

If a door is not opening or closing properly, it is a good idea to have a Henderson garage repair professional come take a look at it. It may also be worthwhile to have someone come out if a door is dented or shows other signs of damage. Taking care of an issue in the early stages may make it easier to take care of and prevent damage spreading to other parts of the home.