Features to Look For In a Garage Door


Features You Should Consider When Buying a Garage Door

A garage door is one of the more important elements of a home due to the fact that it can add value to the property while also providing you with a place to store your cars when not in use. If you are in need of a new garage door, there are a wide variety of features that you should consider during the purchasing process. These features can be the difference between a passable garage door and one that you love.

Insulation and Low Maintenance

One of the most important considerations when searching for garage doors in Las Vegas is with the insulation provided by the door, which is particularly important when you are using the garage as an extra room or the home office. Many of the best doors on the market today are equipped with a substantial amount of insulation. Search for doors that come with an insulated polyurethane or polystyrene core. If you don’t want to maintain the door regularly, consider a door that is comprised of a composite material, which is a type of material that won’t rot, crack, or warp.

Style Consistency and Glazing Options

When choosing a new garage door, you want to select a model that has style consistency with the rest of your home. For instance, a more traditional style usually pairs well with a wood door or any door that has an ornate design. A contemporary style with your home pairs well with garage doors that are comprised of clean lines and simple designs. As for the glazing options, you may want to consider glass doors that come with glazed panels if you want some natural light to filter into your garage.

Customization Options

A small selection of garage doors come with numerous customization options that allow you to alter the door to fit your desires. Most manufacturers of garage doors will provide an option that allows you to customize every facet of the door, which includes the type of paint applied to the door as well as any decorative accents that you want.

The Direction of Wind in Torsion Springs


Determining Wind Direction for Torsion Springs

Replacement of torsion springs is among the most common garage door spring repairs performed by companies that specialize in garage doors. Each spring used in this manner has a particular wind direction: right-wound, left-wound or both. Using a right-wound spring where left-wound is needed will interfere with and perhaps prevent the operation of the door.

How to Determine Wind Direction

Note that if you have an owner’s manual available, you can find this information within. However, you can also determine it yourself by inspecting the spring even if that spring is damaged. The cue is the order of the springs from left to right. The right-wound spring will be located to the left of the cone—perhaps unintuitively—and the left-wound to the right. Furthermore, these springs should have colored markings near the end. Black indicates left-wound, and red indicates right-wound.

Why Wind Matters

In order to make a door open, each spring must turn in a particular way. Likewise, to make a door close, they must turn in the opposite direction. If a wrong-wound spring is installed on either side or both, the door won’t function. In most cases, it will be locked into whatever its current position is.

Determining Wire Size

When measuring a torsion spring, length alone isn’t enough information. You must also now the wire size. This is much easier to achieve that it may at first seem. Simply count the coils. You can then divide the total length by the coil count and compare that value to most wire charts.

Measuring a Broken Spring

There are tricks to measure broken and rusted springs, such as the paper-scrap measuring method. This involves using three scraps of paper and the gaps between the coils to determine total length. Another option is to contact the manufacturer or your local garage door repair company.


Traditional Remotes Make Way for Garage Door Apps


How Garage Door Apps Are Replacing Remote Garage Openers

Common garage repairs in Las Vegas often involve garage door openers and the remotes used to control them. Many homeowners have moved away from the traditional remote control unit and are using their smartphone instead. A number of manufacturers offer dedicated apps now, and there are mobile apps that can work with your equipment regardless of the brand, model or other characteristics.

Infrared Is an Option

Some homeowners believe that a phone-based solution isn’t an option because their garage door opener only supports infrared and not Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But infrared actually isn’t a deal-breaker. In fact, many smartphones have infrared technology built in to control televisions and other home theater equipment. If yours doesn’t, you can add it with an IR blaster that connects via microUSB. Many even offer pass-through so that you can charge the phone without removing the attachment.

It’s Even Easier with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Your options are broader if your opener supports Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth or some other wireless communication standard. Most smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices support all of these as well. If both devices support the same wireless communication protocol, the solution is as simple as finding an app that pairs them.

Proprietary and Universal Apps

If available, a proprietary app is generally preferable. After all, it is made specifically for that opener and will provide user interface elements for brand- and model-specific features. Nevertheless, universal apps generally work just as well and are often highly customizable.

Remote Communication Also an Option

Using your smartphone also gives you the option to close your garage door from afar. If you’re halfway down the street or already at work when you realize your mistake, not a problem. Such features are generally associated with smart openers, a smart home device. However, other options like the dedicated IR blaster can be connected to your LAN to control your garage door from anywhere.

The Elements of an Estimate


How to Read Your Estimate

Generally, when you contact a company that does garage door repair in Henderson, you will receive a price quote prior to starting a repair project. The quote gives you an estimate of how much it will cost to have the work done, and you may be able to discuss financing and payment terms as part of the estimate process. As a general rule, quotes are created by taking into account the cost of parts and labor. Let’s take a look at what that means to you as a consumer.

Contractors Have to Acquire Supplies

Just like you need to buy groceries to make dinner, contractors have to buy materials to perform repairs to your garage door. Supplies could include springs, tracks or items needed to repair a garage door opener. It may also be necessary to buy new doors or paint to refinish them. The cost of parts will generally be passed on to you as part of the overall cost of performing a repair.

Employees Need to Be Paid

When you hear a contractor talk about the cost of labor, he or she is referring to paying their employees. If the owner of a company is going to be working on the garage personally, that person will also need to be compensated for the time spent completing a project. Labor costs could be calculated using a flat fee or by charging an hourly rate.

How to Handle Unexpected Developments

It is possible that a contractor will find additional damage to the garage or otherwise need to increase the scope of the project. As a general rule, it is a good idea to take care of any additional problems even if it costs more. It can reduce the odds that more significant repairs will need to be made later. Your contractor can make it easier to diagnose and fix problems quickly and accurately.

How Your Garage Door Can Enhance Your Property Value


Boosting Your Property Value With a Garage Door

Whether your home already has a garage or you are considering renovating your home with a garage addition, there are many reasons as to why a garage can add to the overall property value of your home, especially in regards to the garage door that you choose. These doors can take up as much as 35 percent of the front of your home, which is why it’s important that the house be represented well in this area.

Bolsters Security and Safety

Choosing a door that is built from durable materials and comes with all of the latest features will help you keep your home safe and secure, which is one of the key concerns that prospective buyers will have. Some of the features that are standard in newer doors include sensor eyes that will detect when something is blocking the path of the door and door openers that will keep your door shut if someone is trying to intrude. For the most durability, consider steel doors or wood doors that are comprised of a layer of fiberglass.

Allows You to Save Energy

Garage doors that consist of insulation can substantially increase the value of your home due to the fact that more insulation equals more savings on a monthly energy bill. This is particularly important if your garage area is heated along with the rest of your home. If the door is not outfitted with insulation, this heat will escape from the garage and you will invariably spend more to heat up the entire house.

Helps to Increase Curb Appeal

To most prospective buyers, a home that is equipped with a garage door will automatically look better than one that does not come with a garage. To increase the value of your home with a garage door, make sure to match the door to the color scheme of your windows or the remainder of the exterior. If you’ve decided to search for garage doors in Las Vegas, you will discover that there are plenty to choose from.

Protect Your Home During Summer Vacation by Securing Your Garage Door


Secure Your Garage Door for Summer Vacation

You’re savvy enough about home security that when you head for summer vacation, you hold mail and newspaper deliveries, install timers so lights go off and on to make your interior look occupied, and have a friend or neighbor check on your property once in a while. But you should also secure your garage door, which offers the largest entry point into your home.

Fix Issues Now

If you’re experiencing even slight problems with your garage doors, you don’t want to wait until after you get back from your trip to get them checked out. Those strange noises and occasional hiccups during opening and closing may be symptoms of a more serious problem that may compromise your security while you’re gone. Contact a Henderson garage repair professional to check things out. He can inspect your opener and door mechanisms, make recommendations, and effect repairs before you need to go. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that this entrance to your home is functioning correctly.

Hide the Goods

If you have windows on your garage door, you don’t want to allow burglars to look through them to see what’s inside. So install either opaque or frosted film, which you can buy at a home center store and install yourself. Be sure and take the keys and door remotes from your cars and hide them in a safe place at your home. This will prevent criminals from driving your vehicles away in case they do gain entry.

Disable Access

Because your door opener is a remote device, thieves can obtain equipment that will simulate your remote code to open your garage door. You can prevent this from happening by unplugging your door mechanism while you’re gone. Be sure to also lock the door that connects your garage to your home’s interior.

Get Help

A sure sign that a home is unoccupied are tumbleweeds and other debris piled up against a closed garage door. If you have a gardening service, you can ask them to keep the area in front of your garage clean, if they don’t do that already. If you haven’t hired such a service, ask a neighbor or trusted friend to do the same thing.

Ways to Keep Pests Out of the Garage

shutterstock_243086734 (2)

How to Keep Pests Out of the Garage

The garage is often connected to the house, which can increase the number of pests and critters that enter the home throughout the year. The insects and reptiles can often have easy access to the garage through cracks or holes present. If you want to keep pests out, there are a few critical steps to take to prevent them from entering the building.

Remove Food Temptations

One of the most common reasons that pests are attracted to garages is due to food that is present. You may have items in the garage that are allowing critters to feed, which includes grills that are not properly cleaned or food that is left out for your pets. Keep all of the food that is stored in the garage in sealed containers. You’ll also want to sweep out the garage each week to prevent debris or crumbs from being present.

Install a New Garage Door

Older garage doors often have gaps that are present and aren’t properly sealed, which makes it easy for rodents, insects, and small animals to find their way into the building. You can hire a professional to perform garage installation in Las Vegas, which will allow you to own a garage door that is built with new parts and effectively seals off the space.

Inspect the Roof

Many homeowners are unaware that their roof may be allowing critters to enter the garage. Check for gaps that are present between the walls and the roofing material where sunlight may be present. Older garages that are converted into carports are known for having a lack of sealing. You can caulk the gaps to limit access to the garage. Hiring a handyman will also be useful because the professional can check for cracks and areas that need to be sealed.

How to Match Garage Door Style with Your Home


Choosing a Garage Door Style That Fits with Exterior Design

Choosing a new garage door in Las Vegas is a relatively straightforward task that involves the selection of a door material, color, and design as well as a few additional features. If you want to make sure that the style and color of your door matches with the rest of your home’s exterior design, there are a few things that you should be on the lookout for during the selection process.

Choosing Based on Color

The color you choose for your garage door can pay dividends when trying to boost the value of your home. Although some materials come with more color options than others, you will usually have a wide range of colors to select from. Consider matching the color of the door with the color on the siding or your house or the trim of the window. If you’re going for an elegant and sophisticated look, black, and dark green are two popular colors. Warm colors like brown and red can make your home seem more appealing and inviting.

Selecting Based on Style

There are many door styles that are available to you during the selection process. While the color of a door is important when matching the door with your home’s exterior design, the style of the door can also be important. Consider stained wood and pebbled glass doors for a more modern look. If the exterior of your home is made to appear stylish and beautiful, Victorian and Edwardian doors provide a stylistic look to the home.

What to Avoid

In essence, you can select any garage door style and color that you want. Neutral colors like beige, taupe, and black work with everything but you don’t want to select a color that clashes with the rest of your home. For instance, don’t paint your door black when the rest of your home is painted in brown. Other clashing colors include red and green, red and orange, and blue and black.

Make Your Garage Look Better When Selling Your Home


Staging Your Garage When Selling Your Home

For home buyers who want to protect their vehicles from the Nevada heat, a garage must come with any property they consider, so making your garage stand out could be the key to a quicker sale at a higher price. You can make this area look bigger, newer, and better with the following staging tips.

Eliminate the Clutter

A quick way to make your garage look bigger than its actual size is to eliminate everything from it except for your vehicles. Empty it of gardening equipment, Christmas decorations, power tools, unused furniture, and boxes of stuff that don’t belong there. Ask a neighbor or friend if they can temporarily store your goods while your house goes on sale.

Keep It Clean

All your garage may need is a thorough cleaning to look brighter and newer. Rent a power washer so you can thoroughly take care of the walls and floors. If you’re having trouble removing any stubborn oil stains or dirt, or just don’t have time to do the job properly, consider hiring a professional who can make everything look spic and span without any effort on your part.

Make Repairs

You want your garage door to operate effortlessly and quietly. If it creaks and groans and stops and starts during operation, then potential buyers will assume that it requires expensive repairs. They may also wonder if there are other problems in the home and deduct the cost of fixes from their offers. Call a Las Vegas garage door repairfacility and ask them to send a pro to look at your installation. He’ll be able to assess any problems and make any needed fixes.

Finish It Off

You can make your garage stand out by finishing the interior to look almost like a room in your home. Add drywall to cover the exposed studs and then paint it white or another neutral light color. Finish off the floor with commercial-grade vinyl, which will also hide any cracks or imperfections in the concrete. Add new storage shelves on the walls or a work table at any niches so your garage does double duty.