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Five Types of Garage Doors You Can Add To Your Home In Las Vegas

Las Vegas garage doors

Enhancing the look of your home does not only include the house itself and the landscape, but it also includes your garage. The garage experiences the most traffic in your house, and having the right door type will not only give you the convenience you desire, but it will also add value to your home. Since the garage is one of the most used entries to the house, it is crucial to consider the type of door to have. Residential homes in Las Vegas mostly use rolling, one piece, and sectional styles. Depending on your preference and budget, most door installations are quite affordable. Below are five types of garage doors you can add to your home in Las Vegas.

Swing Hand Door

This is a traditional door that functions just like your typical door. The entrance is joined to the garage by its hinges. This type of door is not appropriate for homes that have narrow driveways since it requires a bit more space at the front of the garage when the door is open.

Roller Door

This one is made of metal and rolls upwards when opened. Although it’s not as appealing as other types of doors, it is a practical one to buy. It functions using a remote control that opens the automatic roller opening without the need of getting out of the car. It is suitable for short driveways since it does not need a lot of space.

Overhead Door

This is probably the most common garage door type especially for residential homes. It comes in sections that move around the bend of tracks to lift the door over the opening. It is designed to open with a mechanism at the top that pulls up the door then moves it to a horizontal position.

Retractable Door

This door requires a lot of garage space. The garage door moves outwards and then pulls back into the ceiling of the garage. It is easy to install and is the simplest garage door to operate with an electric opener.

Sectional Door

This one is somehow parallel to the retractable door when it comes to use and function. The entryway moves up and then folds back into the ceiling. The sectional opening is made up of steel and therefore makes the garage more secure. It is easy to install and takes a few days to assemble.

Before buying a garage door, make sure that you measure the space between the overhead framing or ceiling and the top of the garage door opening. Most standard tracks need a headroom of around 14 inches. Luckily, you can also get tracks that are made for garages with cathedral ceilings or unusually high walls.

Garage Flooring Options

garage flooring las vegas

Your garage may be a utility space, but it doesn’t have to be an unattractive one. With so many garage flooring options to choose from, there is no reason your work space can’t be just as nice as the rest of your home. Consider these options if it’s time for a new garage floor in Las Vegas.


If you want to tile your garage floor, you can choose from flexible snap-together tiles or more rigid tiles made of a stiffer plastic. Stiffer tiles are better able to withstand pressure from floor jacks and heavy equipment but softer tiles are nicer to stand on for long periods of time. Both allow you to replace tiles as needed when one is stained or damaged. You can install one color tile or use multiple colors to make a custom pattern.

Roll-Out Mats

Made of thick rubber, roll-out mats are the fastest and easiest way to make over your garage floor. Simply unroll the mat and cut off any excess material at the edges of your floor. Be aware, however, that motorcycle kick stands and sharp objects can gouge these mats and tires and chemicals can cause stains. The only way to fix these issues is to replace the entire mat.


Though it seems like an unusual choice for a garage, carpet designed to go in garages is available and offers many perks. Carpet provides a softer surface to lie on when you need to get under your car and the tiles come in a variety of colors so you can mix and match. These carpet tiles also resist oil and other stains and can be replaced one tile at a time if necessary. They also offer easy peel-and-stick installation.


A quick coat of paint can cover some stains and allows you to make your garage floor any color you can imagine. It’s important, however, that you seal any cracks in the floor before painting as they will be highlighted by the paint. Paint is a fairly inexpensive way to get the job done but may need redone as often as every three years with hard use.


Applied like paint, epoxy creates a tough, durable and satin resistant finish on garage floors. Epoxy, however, require two chemicals to be applied to the floor. You’ll need to work quickly, as the second chemical must be applied before the first one sets.

Concrete Sealer

An inexpensive way to protect your garage floor is to simply cover it with concrete sealer. The sealer will create a glossy finish and provide a coating that prevents oil and chemicals from staining the concrete. This clear finish will not, however, hide any existing defects in your garage floor.

Concrete Stain

Concrete stain will also protect your floor and allows you to mimic the look of natural stone or create other effects on your garage floor. Like sealer, stain bonds with the concrete making it very difficult to chip or damage and it will protect the concrete from chemicals. It, too, however, may allow existing stains and imperfections to show.

Understanding Everyday Garage-Door Repairs

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Your garage door may reliably open each time you press the opener, but this mechanical wonder will break down over time. In fact, there are several common repairs that are inherent to roll-up doors. With a two-car garage door weighing about 200 pounds, these doors need perfectly aligned tracks and a strong opener to keep them moving without fail. Take a deeper look at everyday repairs that might affect your door’s operation.

Large Spring Malfunctions

Above the garage door along the interior wall is a large, horizontal spring. This component literally pulls the door up and down as necessary. It’s under a lot of tension as a spring, however, so it can snap over time. You might hear a loud cracking noise when you activate the opener, and the door won’t open at all. You’ll need a professional to replace that spring as soon as possible.

Backup Battery Issues

Garage-door repairs also include the opener itself. Inside the opener is a large battery meant to provide reserve energy to the system if the main electrical panel goes out. However, the backup battery doesn’t last forever. Professionals can replace it every few years.

Frozen Rollers

The wheels attached to the garage door will move repeatedly through the years as they glide against the track. These items can freeze, however, from rust and other residual buildup. Professionals can clean or replace them as necessary.

Track Alignment

Your garage door rides along a track that’s built in sections. It ultimately has a rough “L” shape, but it can become misaligned. Any misalignment places unwanted pressure on the door, which leads to its decline. Ideally, ask professionals to align and verify the track on a yearly basis to keep it in prime shape.

Sensor Concerns

Sensors that flank the garage door will require repairs at times too. These sensors tell the door when it’s all clear to open or close. If they’re misaligned, the door may not work at all. Professionals can quickly align them with specific troubleshooting actions.

Be mindful of the door’s weight if you try to open it manually. Most modern openers offer you a manual pull-string in order to disengage the door from the mechanical components. Pull the garage door open by hand when the system is offline, but keep children and pets away from the opening. Call today for professional garage repair in Las Vegas.

High-Quality Garage Accessories in Las Vegas

Garage accessories las vegas

Finding high-quality garage accessories in Las Vegas, Nevada area has never been quite so easy, efficient and pleasant before. This is all due to Precision Overhead Garage Door Service. We offer our customers a sizable selection of the finest and most durable garage door accessories available.

The accessories we sell here are diverse and dependable. They’re beneficial for all sorts of garage door applications. If you’re tired of navigating a garage door that seems to be a confusing and dysfunctional mess, we carry quite a few items that can change everything for you.

Some examples of the garage accessories we have in stock include end bearing plates, remote controls, aluminum drums, sealants, lubricants, garage door handles, garage door locks and center bearing brackets. We even have quite a few exciting choices in decorative hardware. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop in Sin City that can take care of all your specific garage accessory requirements, our business is right here for you.

End bearing plates reduce torsion system strain. We offer sturdy zinc plates that can significantly decrease pressure on your garage door system. If you want to be able to use your garage door with confidence and peace of mind, these end bearing plates need to become part of your life soon.

Aluminum drums operate in conjunction with garage door system springs. They’re responsible for balancing garage door weight during shutting and opening. Precision Overhead Garage Door Service carries tough aluminum drums that are capable of handling garage doors of all weights. It doesn’t matter how bulky and large yours is.

People can explore great options in garage door handles and locks here. If you’re passionate about safety and maintaining a property that looks attractive and pleasant, you’ll definitely appreciate our many eye-catching handle and lock choices. These handles and locks aren’t just a sight for sore eyes, either. They’re also extremely sturdy and well-crafted.

We sell a strong assortment of center bearing brackets. These brackets work well for silent and efficient garage door system functioning. If you’re wary of loud and obnoxious garage doors, these brackets may be able to save your sanity. They also help hold torsion systems up. These brackets were made to be able to tolerate severe weather and heavy loads alike.

People looking for first-rate garage door accessories shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Precision Overhead Garage Door Service. Contact us today for further information.

Improve Your Garage With Garage Door Insulation

Insulated Garage Door in Las Vegas
Insulation is a very important aspect the home. Many homes have it installed in their walls, ceilings, basements and attics. However, there’s one important area of the home that many people forget: the garage. Check out the benefits you will gain after having insulation installed in your garage door. The next time you’re looking for Las Vegas garage door repair, consider having them quote you for garage door insulation too.

Energy Efficiency

The first and most important reason to insulate your garage door is to make your home eco-friendlier. Installing the insulation helps reduce heat transfer from the door into the garage itself. If your garage is attached to the rest of your home, this makes it a lot more difficult for your HVAC unit to cool your home. The result is a higher carbon footprint because your air conditioning unit is running more.

Noise Reduction

Insulation does a great job at reducing noise pollution, especially since garage doors typically do very little to reduce the transfer of noise. If you live on a busy street or in a bustling city, this may be the answer you’ve been looking for to make your home a quieter, stress-free place.

Stronger Garage Door

If you’re looking to increase the lifespan of your garage door, look no further than insulation. Garage doors typically offer single-layer protection, which means that the only thing standing between your garage and the outside world is one layer of metal. Insulated doors have two or even three layers. The goal of these extra layers is to stop the transfer of heat and save on cooling cost, but additional strength is a beneficial by-product.

Reasons to Keep Your Vehicle in a Garage

Car Going in Garage
Though not immediately noticeable after a rainstorm or high winds, the elements can do a lot of damage to the exterior of a vehicle over a lengthy period of time. These elements can cause everything from rust damage to a buildup of dirt and acid. This will degrade the quality of paint on your vehicle. Storing your vehicle in a garage while you’re at home will protect from most of this damage. Temperature extremes of both hot and cold can also do damage to the exterior and interior of a vehicle. For instance, freezing temperatures cause additional wear and tear on an engine.

Chances of Theft or Vandalism is Reduced

When you spend thousands of dollars on a vehicle, you don’t want that huge investment to be damaged or taken away entirely from vandalism or theft. While keeping a vehicle in a garage doesn’t eliminate the threat of these issues occurring, it does drastically reduce the chances that your vehicle will be stolen or vandalized while in your garage.

Vehicle Components Are Kept Safe and in Good Condition

All components of a vehicle will eventually start to degrade. The time it takes for this to happen is reduced when a vehicle is kept outside instead of in a garage. Your air conditioning will work quicker when the vehicle is kept in a moderately cool garage instead of outside in the broiling sun during the summer. On colder days, the coolant will stay warmer. Since a garage keeps the vehicle warm, the fluids within are kept in a relatively stable condition, which ensures that the engine runs better. In instances where your garage door isn’t working properly, consider seeking services for garage repair in Las Vegas to remedy the issue.

Garage Door Insulation: Which Type is Right for You?

garage door insulation
Making your home an environmentally friendly place is a good goal. It cuts down on your carbon footprint and saves you money on your energy bills. One way to do this is to have a professional install garage door insulation. However, deciding to do this is just half the battle. There are a lot of insulation types for you to choose from, and below are some of the most popular. Best of all, installing garage door insulation doesn’t take very long. You can have it installed quickly the next time you need garage door repair in Henderson.

Aluminum Foil Insulation

Sometimes referred to as reflective foil insulation, this is a type of radiant barrier. Made of multiple layers of bubble wrap, plastic or foil, this insulation forms a heat barrier. It acts as a barrier against not only heat transfer but also moisture. The end result is a cool, dry garage during the hot spring and summer months.

Fiberglass Insulation Panels

Fiberglass panels are similar in appearance and material as attic insulation. They are usually covered in vinyl to give them a glossy finish. The panels are easy to install because they just attach to your garage door via hooks. Overall, fiberglass is an effective choice for garage insulation.

Spray Foam

Spray foam has always been a great choice for insulation in nearly any area of the home. The best part about spray foam is that it provides almost an airtight seal because it can be sprayed into even the smallest corners. If you’re looking for one of the most effective types of garage door insulation, spray foam is a good place to start.

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Three Benefits of Installing a New Smart Garage Door Opener

Las Vegas garage doorSmart garage door openers are a new technology that allow you to control and monitor the functioning of your garage door opener in Las Vegas from any device that is Wi-Fi-enabled or that has an internet connection. These garage door openers are connected to your home’s internet service, are password-protected and use encryption to keep your family, home and belongings safe.

Uses Less Electricity

Traditional garage door openers are always in standby mode, just waiting for you to push the button to open the door. With a smart garage door opener, you can turn the whole system off when you are away from home. This allows you to lower electricity usage and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.

Enhanced Security and Safety

You can set the garage door opener to a timed schedule that accommodates the times that your daily schedule. For example, if you usually leave home to go to work at 7:30 am, you can have the garage door opener timed to be working from 7:15 through 7:45, and then have it shut off until your usual return time. Doing this helps to ensure that nobody can get into your house through the garage when you are not at home.

Monitor Household Activity

Smart garage door openers allow you to monitor the activity in your garage. If a power outage occurs, you will know that upon your arrival at home, you will need to manually operate the garage door. If you have teenagers of driving age who have a curfew, the smart garage door opener will indicate if the garage door has been opened or closed and at what times. You can even have your system set up so that it shows which remote was used to open the garage door.