Protecting Your Perimeter

Perimeter Alert SystemsIt’s a well known fact that unsecured garages can be taken advantage of by criminals to break into your home. While there are many steps you can take to secure you garage, as we covered in a previous post, there are also ways to protect the perimeter of your home so you can detect a person or vehicle approaching before they reach your house.

Liftmaster Perimeter Alert Systems work by setting up motion sensors in various spots around you home. When a sensor detects movement, you are alerted with light and sound from you system base. The sensors can work from up to a 1/2 mile from your home. The detect any movement within 30 feet and provide 120 degree coverage from side to side.

The best part about the Liftmaster Perimeter Alert System is how affordable it is. Our expert technicians can install the system for you to insure you have the best perimeter coverage possible and are never caught off guard when someone approaches your home.

These systems are perfect for working families that have teens who come home alone after school, elderly residents, and anyone that just wants extra piece of mind to keep their home safe. The extra time provided knowing someone is approaching can allow you to secure locks on your doors and windows and contact the authorities if necessary.

The system is also helpful in simply letting you know when expected guests arrive so you can finish any last minute preparations quickly or unlock doors to let them in.

If you are interested in learning more about the Liftmaster Perimeter Alert System, please call Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas today. We can give you a free estimate for installation and go over any features you may have questions about.

Painting Your Garage Floor

paint-your-garage-floorThe one area in most garages that gets overlooked is the garage floor. Most of us have had that one vehicle that leaks oil or transmission fluid and leaves an ever-lasting puddle of fluid on your garage floor. Eventually we end up just throwing down a piece of cardboard or pile of kitty litter to catch the oil when we can’t afford to fix the car. But when you remove the cardboard or kitty litter, you are still left with a nasty dark stain in the middle of your garage.

Other stains happen in the garage as well like cans of paint being knocked over, mud and dirt from the tires of your vehicle, that spilled cup of coffee when you are trying to open your car door with too many things in your hand. Let’s face it your garage floor takes some abuse.

Fortunately there is a solution to preventing stains and making your garage floor easier to clean. Epoxy paint is perfect for providing a stain-resistant floor and can give your garage that great auto showroom look and feel. Epoxy is tough, long-lasting and comes in different colors to help you customize the appearance of your garage. They often come with anti-skid additives as well to help give you grip on those snowy or rainy days.

Painting the floor of your garage is as easy as painting the walls of your house, but be aware, it does require more preparation. You will need to sweep the floor and clean the current stains the best you can before applying epoxy. It will take more than one coat as well, so plan on it being a multi-day process. I suggest doing some online research to understand the full process.

Even though it takes a little effort, painting your garage floor will make your life easier in the long run. It will make your garage floor look great and easy to clean. But if you don’t feel up to the task, there are plenty of professional companies that will be happy to help.

Insulating Your Garage

One area of the home many people neglect to insulate is their garage. There is a widespread perception that the garage is an extension of the outside as opposed to an extension of the home. Therefore garages tend to be drafty areas that are cold in the winter and hot in the summer. These temperature differences can wreak havoc on a home’s energy efficiency. But by insulating your garage you will help your home remain comfortable and save money on bills as well.

The first place you will want to insulate are the surrounding walls to your garage. Many older homes, and even some new ones, were not built with insulation in the walls. They basically relied on siding, sheathing, and a layer of particle board to keep the elements out.

Next, add weather stripping around the entire frame of the door that connects the home to the garage. Even if your garage walls are insulated, you are still going to open and close your garage which will allow cold and heat in. An easy way to check if you have properly sealed the door is to turn the lights on in the garage and see if any light comes through while you are standing inside the home.

The garage door itself may be the biggest culprit of energy loss. Check the insulation rating of your garage door which is known as the R-value. If your door has a low R-value rating, you may want to consider replacing the door altogether, especially if you live in an area with extreme high or low temperatures. Another option is to purchase a garage door insulation kit, which they sell at many home improvement stores.

Don’t forget to also insulate the outlets and light switches in the garage. These are often overlooked as areas where air can easily seep through. It’s worth noting that you car generates carbon monoxide, so insulating the areas where air gets through will help keep out carbon monoxide as well.

If you have windows in your garage, its a good idea to add weather stripping or caulk around the windows. You may even want consider adding double pane glass if possible to maximize your weather protection.

Lastly, be sure to caulk around the connection between the walls and the concrete floor. Heat and cold can cause concrete to swell and crack over time which will let air in. Foam sealant or silicone-based caulk is probably best for this project.

If you have any question regarding insulating your garage or how to check the R-value of your current garage door, give the experts at Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas a call today!

Choosing a New Garage Door

When customers are shopping for a new garage door, they are often surprised at the variety of choices they have to choose from. Garage doors come in a wide range of colors, designs, and sizes. The materials garage doors are made from differ greatly as well such as steel, aluminum, wood, glass and vinyl. While discussing all the options you have when purchasing a new garage door is too lengthy to cover here, we will at least break down some of the more basic types of garage doors that you have to choose from.

Classic Steel Garage Doors
classic steel garage doorSteel garage doors are durable, economical, and require very little maintenance. This traditional type of garage door feature short or long panel design and come if different colors. These doors can be enhanced with a wide variety of window options as well.

Carriage House Steel
steel carriage garage doorCarriage House Steel doors are made of steel but have the look of swinging stable doors. Perfect for those looking to add an old-world, rustic charm to the look of their home. The give the appearance of doors that swing open by actually move up and down like most automatic garage doors. There is also a variety of window options to choose from.

Wood Doors
FLUSHFReal wood garage doors are probably the most beautiful of all garage doors because of their natural wood appearance. They are also highly customizable to match the architectural design of any home. Wood doors do have a higher degree of maintenance when it comes to weather proofing, but they also add a high degree of curb appeal to the value of your home.

Designer Fiberglass
fiberglass wood garage doorThese types of doors offer a molded wood-grain fiberglass surface that covers the underlying steel construction. They offer the look and beauty of a real wood door but with much less maintenance. Fiberglass doors generally have a pre-determined stained finish look, but can be customized with window options and choice of garage door hardware.

Contemporary Glass and Aluminum
glass aluminum garage doorIf you are looking for a modern, contemporary style for your home, you may want to consider this type of door. They feature large full view glass panels that can be frosted or clear. In conjunction with their rugged, anodized aluminum framing, these doors are surprisingly low-maintenance and provide a great look for your home.

As we mentioned, these are just a few of the options you will have to consider when purchasing a new garage door. If you are in the Las Vegas area and in the market for a new door, we encourage you to visit our website or call our expert technicians to help you choose the perfect door for your home.

Building your Garage Workspace

garage work spacesMany people like to create a work area in their garage for projects. There are lot of things to consider when building a garage workspace. The ability to organize the area and safety are key factors to keep in mind during the process. Here are a few basic suggestions to help create a productive work area.

First step you want to do is to clear the clutter. Having a garage sale and discarding all of the things you never use are good ways to help clean out your garage. You may want to paint the garage floor with acrylic paint as well to help repel oil stains or spills and help make cleaning up easier.

Next step is to take measurements and mark off the area that you want to establish as your work area. Take note of where you power outlets are or have outlets installed near the spot where you want to work. Take into consideration where your cars will be parked in relation to the area. Lighting will be essential so make sure the area you choose has sufficient lighting.

Adding wall mounted organizational elements should be the next step. Shelving, cabinets, hooks, and pegboards are great ways to help keep your tools and equipment organized. There are many ideas on how to design shelves and cabinets for storage on the internet, so we encourage you to do some research to find what will work best for you.

Which brings us to what most consider the most important part of the workspace, the workbench. Of course you want your workbench to be sturdy and strong, but there are some ways to save space. Building a fold-down work bench is one way to save space, especially for smaller garages. Another great idea to keep your workbench mobile is to build a rolling workbench with lockable casters. This is helpful when the garage has limited power sources.

Of course these are just basic suggestions but hopefully they help you keep in mind what to consider when building a garage workspace. Again, the internet is chock full of great ideas on how to utilize garage space. Happy building!

Garage Door Repair and New Door Installation

same day garage door repairThe functionality of your garage door is often taken for granted until it stops working. It’s a bad feeling when you are ready to leave for work or school in the morning and, all of a sudden, your garage won’t open. Of course you can open your door manually, but having to manually open your garage door is not only an inconvenience, it also can be a security and safety risk as well. That’s why it’s important to have your garage door repaired as quickly as possible.

Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas knows what a burden a broken garage door can be so our goal is to provide repairs as soon as possible. We make every effort to respond within two hours for repairs and the majority of our repairs are actually done within an hour. This includes weekends, nights, and even holidays!

In many instances, garage doors will stop functioning for reasons that are quick and easy to repair. However, there are cases where a whole new garage door installation is required. We can provide new garage door installation with same day service so that you can return to your normal routine and have piece of mind that your doors is operating safely and securely. We have a wide variety of new garage doors to choose from as well.

If your garage door breaks due to a broken garage door spring, worn panels, garage door openers, off-track door, or any other reason, our expert technicians will respond quickly and professionally. Call Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas today to see how we can help you!

Congratulations Matt Ellsbury: Technician of the Year

Precision Overhead Door of Las Vegas Nevada Announces 2013 Technician of the Year- Matt Ellsbury: In addition, Matt also celebrates his 10 Year Anniversary as a PDS Certified Technician.

Matt originally began his career with Precision Overhead Door of Las Vegas back in September of 2003, and recently celebrated over 10 years of experience as a PDS Certified Garage Door Technician. He is recognized as the 2013 Service Technician of the Year.

Over the years Matt has continues to receive many hours of training, including several weeks of certification training back at the PDS Training Center in Florida, and embraces the new technology. He has not only made well over 8,000 customer service calls over the past 10 years himself, is always willing to help out others, but also put himself through college and in 2010 earned a Bachelor of Applied Sciences Degree. Matt stated recently, β€œI pride myself on being an expert in garage door repair, and I love to meet new people and see what a difference we make on their garage door.”

Tim Veile, the owner of Precision says β€œIt needs to be noted, that not only does Matt take a lot of pride in his work, but also takes a tremendous amount of pride in the company and our reputation. He is willing to set an example to others, but will always go the extra distance for the customer.”

Winterize your garage

winterize your garageResidents in Las Vegas are fortunate to enjoy a fairly temperate climate, however, temps can still get pretty low during the winter. Cold weather can have adverse effects on your garage door so winterizing your garage can help keep your door operating and running smoothly, as well as help keep your home warm.

Most of us store items in our garage that can freeze so keeping the cold out is essential. One of the main features of your garage door that helps keep the cold out is the weather stripping. Over time, weather stripping has a tendency to wear out and tear or crack. Cold air can seep through the cracks so it’s important to replace worn out weather stripping.

Another good idea is to insulate your garage. Garage insulation kits are readily available at most home improvement stores. The kits generally consist of soft material that attaches to the panels of your garage door. Note that most insulation kits come with rating depending on the climate that you live in. Insulation not only helps with keeping heat in but will also help keep your garage cooler in the summer.

There are areas such as around pipes, electrical sockets, windows, vents and other openings that are often uninsulated. By sealing these areas up tight with caulking or expanding foam insulation you can help keep warm air in and cold air out.

For those that live in extremely cold climates, you may just want to replace your door with a weather proof door. The doors are pre-insulated and come with between-section sealing to prevent cold air infiltration. These doors will also help keep your garage cool in the summer.

If you have any questions about winterizing your garage, please call the experts at Precision Garage of Las Vegas.

Custom Garage Doors

custom wood garage doorAs we’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, new garage doors can greatly improve the look of your home and add value to your home. But sometimes stock garage or prefabricated doors just don’t fit the bill, or you may just want to have a completely unique, creative look for your garage door. If this is the case, you may just want to have a custom garage door built.

There are many things to consider when having a custom garage door built such as color, panel design, material to use, and architectural design. Most custom garage are built using top-quality wood or other material so expect a custom door to be more expensive than pre-fab doors. But the good news is that these doors usually come with longer guarantees and will typically last longer and be more durable than regular garage doors.

When it comes to design, most companies can take your original ideas and turn them into reality. If you don’t have ideas for your garage, most custom makers can provide an idea portfolio to help you decide. There is probably more to designing a garage door than you would expect with custom features such as windows, panels, trim, wood type, paint, finish, brackets, etc.

Specifications are key so make sure you hire a professional that has a lot of experience to build your custom door. Nothing could be worse than having a door built and then having it not fit properly. Installation is key as well so hire professionals, such as the techs at Precision Garage Door Las Vegas for the installation.

If you have questions about custom garage doors and having them installed on your home, please do not hesitate to call Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas or visit our contact page.

Why you need a new garage door

New Garage Doors Las VegasWe all like to do upgrades to improve the look and value of our homes but one part of your home you may overlook is the garage door. Garage doors can occupy up to %30 of the face of your home. Here are a few reasons you should consider a new garage door.

Curb Appeal
When you drive down your neighborhood street, take a look at what you consider the nicer homes on the block and pay particular attention to the garage doors. We are willing to bet that the homes you consider the nicest also have new or custom garage doors that match the look and feel of the home. Then ask yourself if your garage door adds to the look of your home. If not, it may be time to consider a new garage door.

Manufacturers must now provide are automatic door reverse (if the door makes contact with an object while closing, the door automatically reverses direction) and an electronic-eye system that sends the door upward if anything breaks the light beam across the door opening. But there are other features on newer doors as well, such as the joints between door sections now come with shaped edges that push fingers out of the cracks as they close.

New garage doors require far less maintenance than their predecessors. Garage doors have about 300 moving parts and the materials used for the parts have improved dramatically over the last 15 years. New garage door opener technology has also vastly improved. It is even possible to control and monitor your garage door with your smartphone or tablet on some models.

If you are in the Las Vegas area and in the market for a new garage door, please contact the professionals at Precision Garage Door of Las Vegas. Over 90% of our garage doors are in-stock; allowing for same day installation. However, if you are looking for a custom wood door, or need an uncommon size, we will order it the same day and schedule an installation date that best fits into your busy schedule Door of Las Vegas