Insulated Garage Doors Provide Many Practical Benefits


An insulated garage door is a good investment for a typical home because it has a durable and thick coating within the frame. This insulating material that surrounds the door can absorb heavy impacts and shield loud sounds.

How an Insulated Garage Door Benefits Families

Although muggy climates don’t get extremely cold weather, insulated garage doors in Las Vegas can still provide benefits in other situations. Because the insulation material boosts durability, the door won’t wobble if high winds impact the area around a house. As the wind smashes into the door, the sounds won’t disturb anyone since the insulation has the ability to shield noise.

Durable Characteristics

When an insulated garage door is constructed, many unique components are used to make the final product stronger. A typical door that’s designed with insulation is usually made out of aluminum or steel. There is a solid-core insulation material located between the frame. Depending on the manufacturer, the insulation may be mounted next to one panel or dual panels. This advanced design configuration helps an insulated garage door withstand light impacts that are caused by nature, automobiles, equipment, and kids.

A Sound Dampener

A garage door that doesn’t have insulation produces a lot of noise as the mechanical components operate. The loudest sounds happen when the rollers travel on the track while the hinges lift the garage door. When an insulated door is installed, high noises don’t emit throughout a garage because the padded material within the frame dampens sound waves. If the insulation is constructed out of highly strong, commercial-grade material, it will shield sounds that generate outdoors as well.

Be on the Lookout for These Types of Damage to Your Garage Door Tracks


Your garage door’s tracks provide the path that the wheels of the door use in order to lift and lower the garage when you want it to open or close. Different types of damage can occur on the tracks, causing the door to stop working, develop noise or shake while it moves.

Three Common Problems With Garage Door Tracks

Each side of your garage door has a wheel that moves along a metal track. The tracks line the door’s frame and extend up and across the ceiling of your garage. A problem with the tracks can cause your garage door to jam, shake or completely stop working. If you do notice a problem with your garage door’s tracks, a Las Vegas garage door repair service can inspect and repair or replace them.

Dust and Debris

If you do not regularly use your garage door, the tracks may accumulate dust. On a windy day, dirt and debris can blow into your garage and coat the tracks. The layer of dust or dirt becomes sticky on the wheels as it combines with the lubricant. This can cause the door to shake or vibrate as it moves. The door may also slow down or move unevenly.


A sudden change in temperature or humidity levels may cause the garage door’s tracks to warp. A twist or bend can develop from extreme heat or extreme cold. Even a slight expansion or contraction of the metal is enough to cause the door to jam. If the track experiences repeated episodes of warping, it may have to be completely replaced. Insulating your garage may help to minimize this type of damage.


A flying pebble from the lawnmower, an impact from a ball or another type of accident may cause a dent to develop on the tracks. When the tracks have a dent, the wheel may not be able to slide. This could cause the door to stop at the location of the dent and reverse its direction. In some cases, dents can be evened and repaired. A deep dent may necessitate a track replacement.

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3 Tips for Prolonging Your Garage Door’s Lifespan (Infographic)

Garage doors and garage door openers get a lot of use every day! Think about how many times you open and close it in one day. In order to prolong the life of your garage door system, there are a few suggestions you should consider. Taking into account the following tips could help extend the life of your garage door system and prevent major repair issues in the future.

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How to Keep Your Garage Door Well Maintained

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When you own a garage door, properly maintaining it will ensure that the door has a lengthy life and provides you with a return on investment.

Preventative Maintenance for Your Garage Door

A garage door signifies a rather sizable investment. Not only do these doors provide shelter for your vehicles and other possessions, but they also offer a substantial improvement to the overall appearance of your home. Whether due to cold winter weather or other problems, a garage door can become damaged or simply lessen in quality over the time. Thankfully, these issues can be prevented by practicing proper maintenance techniques.

Cleaning and Lubricating the Garage Door

The outer portion of your garage door should be properly cleaned at least once per year. This can be accomplished with a basic cleaner solution and soft sponge. Once finished, make sure that you heavily rinse the door. If you have a door that consists of wood, you’re going to want to clean it with a soft and dry cloth. You should also lubricate all bearings, springs, and hinges on the door. Motor oil works really well with metal rollers, though not with nylon rollers. The tracks of the garage door should also be cleaned with brake cleaner.

Inspecting the Door and Replacing Certain Parts

Regular inspection of your garage door is essential towards keeping it in tip-top shape. These inspections should take place every three to four months. If your door uses torsion springs, they are located just above the garage door. If it uses lengthy extension springs, they are placed above the door’s roller tracks. Check all hinges, rollers, cables, tracks, and brackets. If any part has been worn down, replace it as soon as possible to avoid a costly repair.

Tightening the Hardware

Garage doors move up and down practically every day. This near-constant movement causes a lot of vibration. In turn, this vibration can cause certain parts within the door to become overly loose. Whenever you inspect your door, make sure that you tighten all bolts and roller brackets. This is best done with a socket wrench. If your garage door ever does become damaged, there are a wide variety of businesses that specialize in garage repair in Las Vegas.

Minor Impacts Can Damage a Garage Door


Besides a dent, a light impact can damage a garage door’s mechanical components. These components must be repaired in a timely manner because they help a garage door operate safely, effectively, and efficiently.

How a Light Impact Harms a Garage Door

When a ball smashes into a garage door, the energy that occurs during the collision can affect how key components operate. If you want to maintain a high level of safety around your garage, you must thoroughly inspect the system following a collision to ensure that everything functions properly. The level of damage that a garage door can experience is influenced by the intensity of an impact. If you understand what happens during a collision, you’ll know what areas to inspect after an accident occurs.

The Collision Process

As a ball propels into the housing on a garage door, the energy generates a dent in the door and interferes with other components within the general area. If an impact happens close to the edge of a garage door, the track system is usually damaged during the collision. This issue should be repaired quickly because this component controls how efficiently the door opens and closes. If repairs are delayed, other vital components that function with the tracks will also sustain damage.

The Proper Repair Method

Track systems shouldn’t be repaired without professional garage door repair Henderson technician since the cables and springs must be readjusted accurately. If one part is realigned incorrectly, a garage door will gain more operational problems.

When an impact changes a garage door’s tension level, a professional must tackle all maintenance and repair tasks for safety reasons. Injuries usually happen after springs and other components loosen after something smashes into a garage door.

What to Do When a Garage Door Opener Activates But the Door Won’t Move


Learn about the reasons why and what you should do if you activate the garage door opener, but the garage door does not open or close like it is supposed to do.

Three Common Drive Belt Problems With Automatic Garage Door Openers

When you push the button on your garage door opener’s remote and nothing happens, you might assume it is a problem with the battery. But when the same problem happens with the switch on the wall, this is a cause for concern. If the garage door opener activates but the door stays put, there is most likely a problem with the opener’s motor or drive belt. These problems require repairs for the garage door opener Las Vegas.


Determine whether your drive belt is made of rubber or a chain. If the drive belt is made out of rubber, it could be cracked. Over time, the drive belt experiences wear and tear that break down the rubber, resulting in a crack. Exposure to extreme heat or extreme cold can also cause the rubber to crack. A cracked rubber drive belt requires professional repairs.


If your garage door opener has a chain-style drive belt, the chain could be rusted. Rust develops because of loss of lubricant, exposure to humidity, chemical residue or scratching of the rust-resistant coating. A rusted chain becomes stiff and may even lock into position. Your garage door opener repair technician can replace the chain.

Improper Tension

If the drive belt is in good condition, it may not have the proper level of tension. If the drive belt is too tight, it will not allow the door to move along the tracks. A drive belt that is too loose may not be receiving enough power from the motor to open or close the garage door. It is best to have a professional adjust the drive belt’s tension. Excessive tightening of the drive belt could cause additional problems with the opener’s motor or could even break the belt, necessitating a replacement.

Prevent Insect-related Accidents in a Garage


If you don’t want to spend money on repairs after accidentally steering your car into a vital garage door component, several preventive steps must followed regularly to prevent insect invasions.

Easy Ways to Keep Wasps Out of a Garage

Many things can quickly attract wasps to key locations around a typical garage. In order to prevent accidents that commonly occur when these bugs fly around in a motor vehicle, key preventative procedures must be implemented on a daily basis throughout the spring and summer.

Discard Specific Items in Trashcans

Wasps like to fly around old food items that aren’t sealed properly in a trashcan. These items include picnic products, pet food, and sweet snacks. They also spend time near garbage that contains fragrant products, such as fruity lotions and strong perfumes. By taking these items out of the trashcans that are stored by the garage door, wasps will less likely fly into your vehicle while it’s parked with the windows down.

Perform an Inspection

Most insects that sting residents in a garage gain access to a car by flying through cracks that are found in a home’s exterior structure. Common examples include broken panels, shattered sliding, and gaps that run along a garage door. If you think that your garage door is vulnerable, a reputable Las Vegas garage door repair technician can quickly pinpoint and seal openings where wasps can easily enter. Cracks that are found in screens and windows can be repaired by a local contractor.

Why the Type of Garage Door Spring Is Important to the Door’s Function


Garage door springs provide an opposing force on the door so that they can easily and quickly open and close. Different types of springs can be installed in order to ensure the proper functioning of the door.

Three Popular Types of Garage Door Springs to Consider

Garage door springs are heavily used each time that your garage door opens and closes. They provide a counter force so that the door can easily glide up and down the tracks. When your garage door springs develop a problem, a company that performs Henderson garage repair services can replace them for you.

Standard Torsion Springs

Standard torsion springs are the most common type of spring that is used on a residential garage door. These items rotate a metal shaft that has drums on each end. The drums are attached to a cable that moves the garage door rollers on the tracks. Garage doors can have one or two of these springs. Installing two increases the safety of the garage door. If one spring breaks, the other one will help to hold the door up and prevent personal injuries and property damage.

Torque Torsion Springs

Specialty torsion springs include units with added torque control. These are helpful on large and heavy garage doors. The torque of the springs provides you with a stationary cone that is housed inside of the shaft. The cone helps to keep the spring secure and reduces its chance of snapping or rusting. These springs have a longer lifetime than standard parts.

Extension Springs

In addition to the torsion spring that is installed onto the garage door, most doors also have a pair of extension springs. These parts stretch and contract when the door opens or closes. The movement of the spring provides a counter balance to the movement of the door. Sectional extension units are the most commonly used in the United States. These products pull on the cables of the opener as the door moves further up or down on the tracks. They connect to an open-eye bolt that is attached to an angle iron on the door’s frame.

Why You Should Make Sure That the Seal on Your Garage Door Is Intact


The seals and weatherstripping on a garage door help to protect the door from impacts. They also help to prevent unwanted air exchange between the garage and the outdoors, which is why it is important to check the seals for damage and replace them as needed.

The Types of Seals and Weatherstripping for Your Garage Door

Garage doors are sealed on all four sides in order to protect the door from impacts and vibrations. The seals also function to stop dirt, dust, wind and air from damaging the items that are stored inside of your garage. During your next garage installation in Las Vegas, make sure that the seals and weatherstripping are included on your new garage door.


Weatherstripping is also known as a weather seal. It is installed on all four sides of your garage door. Its purpose is to keep out the wind and moisture. It also functions to prevent unwanted air exchange with the outdoors. A tightly fitting weather seal can also help to keep insects and other critters out of your garage.

PVC Stop Molding

PVC stop molding is installed onto wooden garage doors. It is nailed right into the wood in order to form a seal on the sides and top of the garage door. The flexible plastic helps to protect the edges of the wood from vibration and impacts. It also seals the edges against moisture and insect damage. When your garage door is closed, the PVC stop molding ensures that the sides and top of the door are flush with the door’s frame.

Bottom Seals

There are several types of bottom seals that you can consider for the bottom of the garage door. One type is a simple bottom rubberized seal that helps the door to sit flush with the concrete floor of the garage. Bottom seal retainers can also be installed onto your garage door. These retainers allow you to swap out different materials such as vinyl, rubber and brush style of seals. These various types of seals are used during different seasons of the year to protect your garage.

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6 Simple Tips for Preventing Garage Break-Ins (Infographic)

When thieves are looking to break into your home, they look for vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, the garage is often an access point for thieves. One major vulnerability is having a damaged garage door that can be easily kicked in or broken into. If you are in need of garage door repair in Las Vegas, contact us today! Now, here are 6 simple tips for preventing garage break-ins.

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