What to Do When Your Electric Garage Door Won’t Open


There’s nothing more frustrating than returning home from a long day at work only to find that your electric garage door refuses to open. Here’s what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Dealing With A Malfunctioning Electric Garage Door

If you keep pressing the button on your garage door opener but the door refuses to budge, you might find yourself getting a little frustrated. It’s annoying to not be able to get into your garage. Here’s what you can do to fix the problem.

Troubleshoot the Remote First

In many instances, it’s not the actual door that’s the problem, but rather the remote. Many homeowners have found themselves red in the face after calling a repairman when the only issue was the fact that their electric garage door’s remote needed new batteries. Try changing the batteries in the remote before you do anything else.

Repair the Door

If you’ve changed the batteries in the remote but the door still refuses to open, then it might be an issue with the electric mechanism that controls the door. No matter what, don’t attempt to force an electric door open manually. This can cause the opening and closing mechanism to become damaged. It can also force the door off the tracks and potentially cause it to collapse. Instead, call a reliable Las Vegas garage door repair service.

Getting into Your Garage

Being unable to get into your garage can be obnoxious, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to remedy the problem quite quickly and get back into your garage.

Why You Should Maintain Your Garage Door


Taking good care of your garage door is the best way to make sure that it gives you the performance you expect. A little routine maintenance can go a long way in preventing problems.

Minimize Repairs With Annual Garage Door Maintenance

With a little annual maintenance, you’ll be able to make sure that your garage door is operating the way it should. This can help minimize stress on the door and can minimize service calls for garage door repairs.

Tighten All Hardware

Your garage door has a lot of moving parts, but it also has a great deal of hardware than can be affected by all the movement. Take some time to inspect your door’s hardware and make sure that everything is secure. Tighten loose roller brackets as well as the bolts that are used to attach the side rails to the support bracket. Never adjust or tighten the spring or tension system, this is best left for a trained professional.

Test Garage Door Balance and Operation

It’s a good idea to test the door balance each year. A properly balanced door can keep the garage door from crushing someone and lessen the work that your garage door opener will have to do. Testing the balance of your garage door is easy. First, find the release handle in your garage and pull it to disengage the garage door from the opener. Now, lower your door about half way and let go of it. The door should balance in the middle. If the door goes back up, the tension in the overhead spring is too tight, if the door goes down, the tension isn’t tight enough.

If the tension needs to be adjusted, it’s time to call in a professional. A company that offers Henderson garage repair will have a trained technician who will be able to safely adjust the tension on your garage door.

Lubricate Moving Parts

A spray lubricant should be applied to your garage door’s overhead spring to keep it lubricated. If you have a garage door opener installed, this is the perfect time to lubricate the chain or screw; use a white lithium grease for this purpose. Keep in mind that not all garage doors require lubrication, read the manual that came with your garage door for specific maintenance tips.

How to Keep Your Home and Garage Safe


Even the best security system won’t keep intruders out unless you make sure your garage is secure. Here are some easy steps to boost the security of your home.

Making Sure Your Garage Door Is Secure

When you’re having a new garage installation in Las Vegas, it’s a good time to think about how you can ensure that your garage is secure. Even if you have great locks on your doors and windows, you can accidentally make your garage an easy point of entry for intruders if you don’t take steps to secure your garage.

Check Your Garage Door Emergency Release Lever

Garage doors come equipped with an emergency release lever. This ensures that a garage door can be opened even if the power is out. While this is an important safety feature, it also can provide a way for an intruder to enter your garage. The release lever is usually attached to a cord that hangs down, and determined intruders may be able to pull it using a hanger or something similar. If you don’t want to disable this lever, which is understandable, you should be sure people can’t get into your home even if they have access to your garage.

Keep the Door to Your Home Locked

One simple way to ensure that people can’t easily get into your home through your garage is to keep the door to your home locked. Additionally, if the lock is flimsy, you might consider an upgrade. People often forget to lock the door to their home because they assume that the lock on the garage door will keep intruders out, but a garage door lock may not be enough.

Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Remote in Your Vehicle

Leaving the remote for your garage door in your car is convenient, but it also means that an intruder could use it to get into your home. Even if you lock your car, an intruder may break into your vehicle if they think it will give them easy access to your home. To avoid this issue, be sure to keep your remote with you.

Why You Should Get a New Garage Door


This blog post will give homeowners a few reasons why they should let garage repair experts install their new garage doors.

Why Homeowners Should Install a New Garage Door

Many homeowners procrastinate about getting new garage doors. Many people may think that as long as their garage door works, then everything is fine. However, you shouldn’t always wait until there is a problem to get a new door installed by experts on installing garage doors in Las Vegas. If you have an old door, call the garage repair experts so that the situation doesn’t get out of hand. This blog will give you some reasons why you may want to think about getting a new garage door.

Property Value and Security

A new door on your garage will increase its curb appeal. When you have an attractive property, its value will often go up in the eyes of future buyers and appraisers. A new garage door will also make your home more secure. These days, garage repair experts can configure your garage door openers so that it can operate with an app from a smartphone.

If you have an older door, you will definitely want to get a new one installed. That’s because new doors have garage door sensors that will stop and reverse your door if the system senses that a person or object is blocking it. These systems have been required to be placed on all garage doors since the early 1990s.

Customization and Energy Costs

While you’re getting a new garage door, you can take the opportunity to create the look that you want. Some design elements that you will have control over include the windows, colors and other decorative elements, as well as insulation and size of the doors.

When you get a new door installed, a side benefit can come around in the form of lower energy costs. New doors often come with airtight insulation, which protects your home from the damage that can be caused by inclement weather. This insulation also allows you to control the temperature inside of the garage.


New doors will not need repairs for a very long time. As long as you perform basic maintenance such as lubricating certain parts and checking the garage parts once in a while for proper operation, then you can leave the rest to the professionals. You will enjoy the ease that a new garage door will bring you.

8 Ways You Can Care For Your Garage Door


For those with a new garage or wanting to learn more about better garage care, here are eight ways for homeowners maintain the garage in their home.

Eight Ways You Can Care For Your Garage Door

Most homeowners hardly think about their garage door unless there’s a problem. But if you don’t take care of your garage, you will need to pay for expensive repair services. To avoid this, follow these eight tips for proper garage door maintenance.

Garage Door Tips

Tip 1: Every time you use your garage, look and listen to it. Does it jerk when it’s in motion? Does it grind or scrape? Do the pulleys and springs act out of symmetry? If so, call a professional for garage door repair in Henderson.

Tip 2: Your garage door will move over 1,000 times a year. This can cause the hardware to go haywire. Take a socket wrench and tighten the bolts and roller brackets as needed.

Tip 3: Checking for the door’s balance is crucial. Pull the red cord to shut off the garage door opener. Move the door half of the way up. If the door goes back down, the springs aren’t balanced. Leave this job to the garage door professionals.

Tip 4: Get your garage door rollers inspected two times a year and replaced every 7 years. Immediately replace damaged rollers or call the professional experts.

Tip 5: Replace your garage door’s weatherstripping to keep the elements out of your home. You can get replacement weatherstripping at your local hardware store.

Tip 6: Once a year, take 10 minutes to lubricate the parts of your garage door. Lubricate the screw and chain of your garage door opener with white lithium grease. Use a spray to grease the overhead springs in your garage.

Tip 7: The cables in your garage have the capacity for serious injury. Look for a damaged roller bracket or broken strands, then call in an expert to do cable repairs if needed.

Tip 8: Clear the garage door tracks of any debris you may find. However, major track repairs should be professionally done.

The Importance of Maintenance

While you can do some minor maintenance and repair, you should leave most of the garage repair duties to an expert. But regular upkeep can ensure that you won’t have to outsource garage repairs more than necessary.

Vital Garage Door Problems That Must Be Resolved Quickly


Some garage door problems can impact a home in dramatic ways. By resolving these problems quickly, you’ll avoid situations that can lead to high energy costs and theft.

Garage Door Issues That Impact Utility Costs and Security

When a garage door opens automatically while no one is around, any air that has cooled the space will escape. As a result, energy costs will rise until the door is closed manually. Besides the higher bill, a faulty garage door that functions on its own can also cause garage security problems. If this happens consistently, a thief may try to access a garage after carefully monitoring the operating patterns. The best way to avoid these situations is by seeking Henderson garage repair services whenever the most common signs are noticed.

Typical Problems

Most garage operational problems occur when electronic issues develop on the circuit board that powers a garage door opener. However, if a circuit board is in good condition, a mechanical issue is probably affecting how the hardware functions. The most common mechanical problems are a defective wall button and a faulty remote. In some cases, a door will also open without notice when the wiring that powers a wall button is damaged.

Radio Frequency Issues

Although radio frequency problems don’t cause many problems in typical residential areas, a homeowner should still investigate. If someone else has a garage door that’s programmed with the same code, a nearby door will open each time the neighbor uses the equipment. In order to resolve this problem, a garage door technician must modify the code or fix the hardware.

How to Choose the Best Type of Non-Vehicle Door for Your New Garage


In addition to the door that allows cars to come in and out of a garage, the structure also has one or more doors for people to use. Discover which types of doors would be best for your home’s newly installed garage.

Three Great Features for the Non-Vehicle Doors of Your Garage

When you are planning a garage installation in Las Vegas, you may spend a lot of time carefully considering what type of garage door to install so that your vehicles can enter and exit the structure. It is also important to consider the features of the “people doors.” These are the doors that allow you to go in and out of the garage without having to open the big door used by the cars.


Make sure that the people door for your newly installed garage can accommodate sturdy locks. A deadbolt lock provides an added layer of safety for you and your family. It is especially important to have a deadbolt lock installed onto the garage’s people door if you have an attached garage and that door leads into your house. Even if a burglar gets into the garage, locking the deadbolt could stop the burglar from getting into the house.

Energy Efficiency

For an attached garage, energy efficiency is an important consideration. If the garage is not air conditioned, a lot of heat can build up in the space. That heat can leak into your home, taxing the central air conditioning system. Consider an insulated door leading into your house. The insulated door reduces unwanted air exchange between your home’s living spaces and the garage storage area.

Weather Resistance

Detached garages typically have at least one people door for egress. Attached garages may also have an additional people door to the backyard. This door needs to be weatherproof so that it can resist extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, precipitation and wind. A steel-reinforced door is a good choice. These durable doors can also resist a burglar’s attempt to kick the door in and gain entry to the items stored in your garage.

Understanding the Costs of a New Garage Door


Knowing more about the average costs of a garage door will help you decide which type of garage door would best fit into your budget.

Budgeting for a New Garage Door

If you’re looking to purchase a new garage door in Las Vegas, you should be aware of the potential costs associated with each type of door. There are four basic types of garage doors: aluminum, steel, wood and composite wood, and each material comes with a different price tag. Knowing more about the costs associated with these doors will allow you to make an informed purchase when the time comes.

Aluminum Door Costs

Aluminum is resistant to rust and it’s one of the lighter types of doors available for you to purchase. It’s also among the most inexpensive of door types, with an average price of $1,200 to $2,000 for a 16 x 7-foot door. These prices can oscillate depending on the type of aluminum your door is made from. Modern aluminum doors are sturdier and somewhat more expensive than older ones due to their use of heavy-duty extruded frames.

Steel Door Costs

Steel doors are the most common among homeowners due to the large variety of options. There’s a range of colors, price options, and insulation types available to you when selecting a steel door. The price range for a standard 16 x 7-foot door can vary wildly, as these doors run the gamut from single-layer doors with no insulation to three-layer doors with an insulation thickness of 2 inches. The average costs can run you anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. Expect the price to be on the higher end of the scale if you add features to the door.

Wood and Composite Wood Door Costs

Wood is the most aesthetically appealing material available, which also makes it one of the more expensive. Wood doors offer a natural look and have the most flexibility with regards to customization of the base design. This type of door generally requires more maintenance as well. Expect average costs to range from $2,000 to $4,000. Composite wood doors look like real wood, but they’re much less expensive. This material is moisture-resistant, so maintenance is kept to the minimum. Costs can average from $1,000 to $2,000.

Wiping Away Regular Grime From Your Garage Doors


Keeping your garage doors clear of everyday grime doesn’t have to require a lot of effort or even expensive cleaning materials.

Cleaning Scuff Marks From a Garage Door

If you own a home with garage doors in Las Vegas, then you know how fast dust, grime and scuffing can build up. The good news is that some light elbow grease or even a little bit of paint can get rid of the most stubborn stains.

Cleaning Grim Buildup and Scuff Marks

The easiest way to keep grime from building up on your garage doors is to spray them with a hose; once a week should do the trick. If your panels have mold or mildew, you can wipe them lightly with a disposable cloth after hosing. For scuff marks, dampen a cloth with a solution of a little household detergent mixed in warm water and rub the mark lightly using a circular motion. Don’t use a stronger agent, because it can remove paint from wood, vinyl and metal.

Painting Over Stubborn Marks

If you have stubborn marks that aren’t eliminated by gentle scrubbing and dish soap, spot painting can do the trick. You can paint wood, metal and even vinyl. With wood and metal, use a surface-appropriate primer, cover the marks, let the area dry and apply a latex-based paint over the spot. Keep the primed and painted areas as small as possible so that the new paint blends, and try to feather it as you brush. For vinyl garage door panels, use a vinyl touch-up kit.

Polishing Handles and Other Hardware

If you have brass hardware, then the aged look may work for it. For most other hardware, a mixture of water, detergent and ammonia should be enough to clean grime and stave off rust and corrosion. For stubborn stains, consider a cleaner that’s designed to eliminate lime on kitchen and bathroom fixtures.

Cleaning and Replacing Weather Seals

Weather sealing should be replaced as soon as it shows signs of wear, but you can help it last longer by wiping away the grease and other substances that can break it down. Applying a thin film of petroleum jelly can help with rubber that’s cracking slightly, but any signs of cracking indicate that it’s a good time to replace the stripping.