What to Do When You Are Having a New Garage Built Next to Your Home


When you are having your garage remodeled, renovated or rebuilt, there will be a lot of activity around your home. These tips will help you to stay safe throughout the installation process.

How to Prepare for a New Garage Installation or Renovation

When you are getting ready for a garage installation in Las Vegas, your home and property will be a busy place. The technicians and builders will need space to work and places to put their equipment and tools. These tips will help you to stay safe and out of the way while the project is ongoing.

Relocate Your Belongings

When you are having a garage installation or renovation, you will need to relocate the items that you usually keep in the garage. You might need to rent a storage area for a month and put your equipment there. If you have space in your backyard, you could put the items there under the protection of a tarp. Make sure that the place where you put the things from the garage is secure so that your items are not tampered with and so children cannot access unsafe items.

Move Your Car

While your garage is under construction, you will not be able to park in it. The equipment used by the installers may also be in the way of using your driveway. Make sure that you have a convenient and safe place to park your car. If you are used to leaving your purse, briefcase, electronics or even your car keys inside of the car, be sure to take them into the house with you and keep your car locked.

Hang a Dust Curtain

Even a small garage repair or construction project can generate a lot of dust. A complete garage installation could create quite a bit of airborne particles that could cause you to sneeze or cough. Hang up some plastic sheeting around the side entrance of your house near the garage. You could also place a doormat so that people can wipe their feet off when traveling between the construction zone and the house.

How to Choose a Stylish Color When Buying a New Garage Door


Different colors of garage doors can make a big impact on how your home looks and even on its energy efficiency. Keep the impact of the color in mind when you are shopping for a replacement garage door for your home.

Three Great Colors for Your New Garage Door

When you are shopping for a new garage door in Las Vegas, you will have many choices to make. In addition to considering the material that the door is made from and whether or not to select a garage door with windows, you will also have to choose a color. Garage doors are available in many different colors to coordinate with the exterior of your home.


White is the classic and most basic color for a garage door. Nearly every style of garage door is available in white. A white garage door is a good choice for homes with just about any color of paint or siding. If your home is currently tan, and you are thinking of painting it a different color in a few years, having a white garage door means that the new paint color of your house will not clash with the garage. White also reflects most of the sun’s heat, which will help to keep the inside of your garage cooler in the summer.


A beige, tan or camel color looks great with a house that has a wooden or brown exterior. These neutral shades also complement brighter home exteriors such as brick red and colonial blue. A tan garage door will not show dirt as much as white. These lighter colors also reflect a lot of the sun’s rays.

Deep Red

If your home is a neutral color and you would like a pop of color, a deep red garage door may be a good choice. This color hides dirt and dust well. Many people find that a red door is a welcoming sign for guests. Before choosing a vivid color such as this, make sure that there are no regulations from your homeowner’s association about the color or style of replacement garage doors.

Enhance Resale Value with a Finished Garage


With a few tweaks, your garage could be an essential part of your home. By enhancing the garage walls, the flooring, and the door, you could greatly improve your house’s resale value.

3 Ways That Your Garage Can Increase Your Home’s Value

When thinking about the value of your home, it’s easy to forget the garage. However, garages can greatly increase the resale value of your home when they’re well maintained. Here are a few tips to help you create the perfect finished garage.

Enhance the Walls

If you want to transform your garage into a viable living space, one of the first steps is to cover up unappealing garage walls. Your garage may have exposed insulation or visible wood beams. Use a combination of insulation and drywall to create new walls. Then paint them a cheerful color, or cover them with wallpaper. Adding finished walls is a create way to enhance any garage.

Add Flooring

Most garages have concrete flooring. Concrete is a sensible choice for people who store cars in their garage, but over time it cracks and fades. If you intend to store cars in the garage but would like to upgrade your flooring, consider using a specially designed coating to cover the concrete. These coatings instantly make concrete look more attractive, and they are long lasting and durable.

A New Garage Door

A high-quality garage door is a good idea for anyone who plans to use their garage for leisure purposes. They can add an extra layer of insulation, which will keep the garage warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. High-end steel garage doors are an excellent choice, as they can be built with several layers of insulation and are available in a variety of styles. Wood garage doors are another good choice for people looking to add value to their home. They have a distinctive aesthetic that adds character to any home. If you’re not sure which type of garage doors are right for your home, you can consult with a professional offering garage doors in Las Vegas to learn more about the available options.

How to Know When to Repair vs. Replace Your Garage Door


Garage doors have many moving parts, and an occasional repair may be needed in order to keep the door functional. It is important for homeowners to know when it is a good idea to have the door repaired and when it is best to replace the door.

Deciding When to Repair or Replace Your Garage Door

Garage doors get used every day, usually multiple times per day as you come and go from your home. Over time, the mechanical or electrical parts of the door may need Las Vegas garage door repair service. It is important to know when to have the door repaired versus whether or not a replacement is a better option for your home.

Small Repairs

Small repairs such as lubricating the door’s motor or replacing a glass window do not cost much and enhance the door’s functionality. Such small repairs can help to extend the door’s lifespan and prevent more costly problems from developing at a later time. These small repairs are just a typical part of maintaining a garage door.

Major Garage Door Repairs

Sometimes, a garage door needs a major repair. If an entire panel of the door is damaged by an accident or the door opener fails, this type of repair cannot wait. If the garage door is close to the end of its lifespan, you might consider a door replacement. If the door is still relatively new, the manufacturer’s warranty may cover these repairs. Homeowner’s insurance might also cover accidental damage to a garage door, such as if a tree falls onto the door. When the door is still just a few years old, repairing it is usually the best choice.

Cost-effectiveness of Garage Door Repairs

If you made a big investment in your garage door, repairing it is usually a good choice. In most cases, garage door repairs are a cost-effective measure if the repair costs about one-third of the price of a door replacement. If the door is near the end of its life expectancy, repairs are cost-effective if they are about 20 percent of replacement cost.

Garage Door Installation and Repair in Las Vegas


Authorized garage door repair technicians in Las Vegas can examine all hardware issues and ensure a smooth operation whether you have a manual or automatic garage door. Make use of easy scheduling and timely service to keep your garage door in good shape.

Garage Door Repairs for All Makes and Models

Whether traditional or modern, beautiful garage doors can enhance the appearance of your home. If you want to make the most of the beauty and convenience they provide to improve curb appeal, garage repair in Las Vegas can help you take care of any complications you are experiencing.

Preventative Maintenance for Garage Doors

Your garage door has the largest moving parts of any appliance or product in your home, and it is important the door works flawlessly as your garage is used multiple times during the day. Scheduling a seasonal repair with a Las Vegas garage door repair company can extend the life of your garage door. A full inspection by a trained technician can include analyzing, listening, tightening hardware, testing balance, replacing rollers, lubricating moving parts and checking cables. You can reduce your frustration and improve curb appeal by having a great garage door.

Quick and Efficient Garage Door Services

Being a heavy object and encompassing many different parts, many things can go wrong with a garage door. Installing and ensuring it works properly is a difficult task, and sometimes, DIY fixes can be dangerous. You don’t have to risk your safety or spend money on tools you will rarely use when garage door technicians in Las Vegas are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and can handle any size job. Explore the full range of garage door options available to you in Las Vegas. Choose a garage door that suits the style of your home.

How Long Do You Think Your Garage Will Last Until It Needs Replacement


Learn about the factors that should be considered in the typical lifespan of a garage door and what you can do to make sure that the door remains fully functional for as long as possible.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

Garage doors and garage door openers get a lot of use. They also face constant exposure to the elements. If a garage is not insulated, heated and air conditioned, they can be exposed to extreme weather 24 hours per day, all year long. In addition to regular maintenance and the occasional garage door repair in Henderson, keep these things in mind when considering the lifespan of your garage door.

Manufacturer’s Rating

Garage door manufacturers apply an expected lifespan rating on their products. When you have a new garage door installed, check its paperwork. The owner’s manual should offer a life expectancy. In some cases, the rating is based upon cycles. For example, a garage door may be rated for 50,000 uses. One use is a lifting and closing of the door. Minimizing extra cycles of the garage door can help to extend the door’s lifespan.

Regular Maintenance

Check your garage door owner’s manual and learn about its recommended maintenance schedule. Regular maintenance should include tightening the door’s hardware, sealing bare wood or metal, lubricating moving parts and checking the battery of the door’s sensor. The garage door opener also needs regular maintenance, which may include waxing the tracks, lubricating the motor and removing dust and grime from the springs.

Temperature Regulation

Temperature regulation is also important to the life expectancy of your garage door. If possible, insulate your garage. An insulated garage experiences less thermal exchange with the outdoors. A more consistent temperature reduces the expansion and contraction of the metal components of the door and its hardware. Consistent temperatures also help to maintain proper lubrication of the door’s moving parts. You can also choose a garage door that has insulation in its core. This insulation helps to protect the door’s exterior surfaces and further increases the thermal resistance of the garage, maintaining consistent indoor temperatures.

The Advantages of a Modular Garage Door Opener


Any homeowners installing a new garage door or needing to replace their current opener may want to consider a modular system for the various ways it can enhance their garages.

The Modular Alternative to Conventional Garage Door Openers

Modular garage door openers are a recent industry trend and an increasingly popular alternative to a traditional garage door opener in Las Vegas. Modular openers can require a larger initial investment and more consideration during the buying process, but that time and cost can often pay for itself in terms of features, usability and total cost of ownership.

Modular vs. Conventional Garage Door Openers

A basic garage door opener has one job: open a garage door automatically on command or on a schedule. The most popular openers on the market aren’t so basic, however. Many of them include ancillary features, including interior lighting, that enhance a garage environment. The advantage of a modular system is that you can select which features you want for your garage. If you change your mind later or a need crops up, adding a component to the system is simple and cost-effective.

Modular Components for Your Garage

Additional interior lighting for a garage is one of the most common opener modules. Other options include CO sensors, which can detect elevated CO in an area that’s a danger zone; Bluetooth speakers, which can transmit audio from a smartphone or an audio system inside the home; and park assist, which provides a high-tech alternative to hanging a tennis ball from your garage ceiling.

Repairing and Replacing Your Garage Hardware

In a modular scenario, your garage door opener serves as a convenience hub for your entire garage rather than just an opener. An advantage of this approach is that the lights, fans, sensors, speakers and other gadgets you add to your garage can be moved, replaced and installed with ease.

All Accessories Branded and Under a Singular Warranty

Another advantage is that all components share the brand with the hub. Compatibility is guaranteed, and components will often share the garage door opener warranty. That means that if a defect in the hub or an individual component damages other parts, you can have the entire system replaced.

Garage Door Maintenance Any Homeowner Can Do

las vegas garage maintenance

The unfortunate side of a lot of professional Henderson garage repair is that it could’ve been avoided with a little TLC from the homeowner. It doesn’t take much more than a visual inspection each month and a little elbow grease, and if you do need a professional, then that early call can save you quite a bit.

Visual Inspection Each Month

Set a date to visually inspect your garage doors each month. You’ll want to do this from inside the garage. Note the doors, handles and seals for any signs of wear. Pay particular attention to springs, cables, pulleys, rollers, tracks and so forth. Ensure that everything is tight, and tighten as needed. If you have looseness you can’t diagnose or something just doesn’t feel right, then call in a professional.

Open and Close the Doors

It’s also a good idea to open and then close the doors or vice versa. Listen to how the movement sounds and look for unusual or particularly heavy vibrations. You don’t necessarily have to do this each month. If you use the doors throughout the week, then just do it then on an occasional basis.

Clean and Oil as Needed

Clean your garage doors and any pertinent hardware as needed. The goal here is to not let grime build up over time. Simply use whatever cleaning method makes the most sense. Sometimes you’ll need running water from a hose, and other times a leaf blower or air compressor will work better. You’ll also want to oil all tracks, chains, and other movement parts on a semi-annual basis and whenever you hear squeaking or other signs of friction.

Semiannual Inspection

Your semiannual inspection should be performed by a professional at least once every several years. The three main tests during this inspection are the balance test, the reversing mechanism test and the force setting test, which should all be discussed in the user manual for your garage doors.

How to Prepare for a New Garage Door Installation

garage door installation las vegas

A new door and opener for a garage installation in Las Vegas takes a few hours to perform. In order to allow the installers to do the installation as efficiently as possible, you can do a few things to prepare. Taking the time to perform these tasks can help to ensure the safety of the installers and speed up the project.

Keep Kids and Pets Away

If you have children or pets, keep them away from the work area. The installers will be using ladders and power equipment in order to do the garage door installation. The garage will be open during most of the work, and unsupervised pets or kids could get out and run into the street. Keep pets secured on a leash or in a crate. Children should be kept away from the work area until the cleanup is completed.

Remove Clutter

Many people use the garage as a storage area for things that do not fit inside of the house, such as seasonal decorations, sports equipment, bicycles and tools. The installers will need a large, clear area in which to do their work. You will need to remove any boxes, equipment and other items out of the way before the work can begin.

Parking Your Car

You will have to park your car and other vehicles elsewhere while your garage door is being installed. This is because the installers need full access to the area in the center of your garage’s ceiling where the opener and its tracks will be installed. They will also be testing the door several times to make sure that it works. The cords of their equipment will also be on the floor of the area. For the safety of the workers and to protect your car, you will need to park on the street until the work is done.

Unique Uses for Your Home Garage

las vegas garage door

While you can certainly use the garage in your home to store your vehicle when not using it, there are many other ways in which you can make use of your garage. If you treat this area as an extra room in your home, the possibilities are endless.

Home Gym

One of the most common uses for a garage is a home gym. If you’re looking to work out on a regular basis, this area can easily be outfitted with all the gym equipment you need for your exercise routine. Extra support might be needed for the garage walls in order to accommodate heavier exercise machines. It’s important to note that you shouldn’t overcrowd the room. Make sure to leave enough space for getting around.

Home Theater or Game Room

A garage is a perfect place to use as a home theater. All you need for this is an HDTV, a DVD, or Blu-Ray player, a sound system and cozy seating. A mini refrigerator can add a lot to the experience. You’ll likely want to set some rugs down to ensure that the area is as comfortable as possible. During the wintertime, a portable heater does well to reduce the cold air let in by the garage door. You can also use this area as a game room. Outfit the garage with a desk, plush chair, gaming system/computer and large monitor and you will be well on your way to gaming in luxury. You might want to also include a small cabinet nearby to hold your games and accessories.

Home Office

If you work at home a lot, a garage can double as a home office. Simply place a desk somewhere inside the room, along with a printer, copier, mini fridge and Wi-Fi. It’s important that you keep your garage door secure at all times, so as to safeguard against any valuables being stolen. if your garage door is ever damaged, garage repair services in Las Vegas will address the issue quickly and efficiently.